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  1. I guess I should have mentioned that I wasn't speaking of this place. I was speaking of the broader communities in which we live. So that no one reaches out to extremism because the rest of us failed to invite them to something better and believe in them and give them a place of peace/belonging. We all know that faithful gospel living can do that. And just genuine kindness makes an every day difference.
  2. There was a preliminary material released last week. But nothing I've heard says there are no weekly meetings. Everything I've heard says that with a few all around the world things that will be done, local congregations will be developing and providing the support and help and encouragement that youth need to work on their goals and master the skills they need to master to become disciples of Christ and adults. And that means the youth will be figuring how often and where to meet with each other to accomplish all of that. It's just two weeks until we'll all hear about it at Church on the Fifth Sunday (though I'm not sure headquarters has yet totally figured out everything either except the broad overview and the part that will be internationally the same). Don't come unglued before then.
  3. Not a moderator Make sure the title matches the issue . If the issue is related to a specific quote, scripture, doctrine, link it and include at least a short summary. Search the site before you post ----- your issue has likely already been discussed before, maybe even multiple times.
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    Start with your state's bar journal. In today's world, I'd not count on the peer reviewed journals (too few, too slanted toward the establishment and contacts within). I'd publish sound material (with co authors in some cases, having be well edited and reviewed by those you admire who were willing to do so), and emailed to others expert in my field (maybe in a format that allowed them to quote it)? Link it in the practice newsletter, I published monthly. Give training (get CLE credits and don't charge much and do it online on demand and you can make a fair amount and become known as someone who knows stuff. If you are not on the bar referral lists, that is another way to get out there. And many volunteer to give a presentation at a conference on the area of practice.
  5. There are states looking at laws prohibiting asking for social meda passwords. And it is a pretty safe bet that if they are asking for passwords, they've already done some looking for you online. My response would be to ask what they wanted it for, and details of their request. If the request was explained in a way that left me still thinking I wanted to work with/for them, I would offer to use my own password on the spot for them to look at (or offer to return to give them the option of looking through after they made me an offer, that they could make contingent on my opening whatever accounts they wanted on my own device to let them search in my presence.) But I would not be giving them my passwords. And if I did give them a password, I would give them a reasonable time to use it, and then change the passwords (easy enough to do these days if you have set up the password manager that everyone should have nowadays --- lastpass or 1password
  6. https://www.deseret.com/indepth/2019/9/15/20857258/tony-mcaleer-he-was-a-neo-nazi-leader-canada-life-after-hate-white-supremacy When I read this, I hoped that many will also read it, and when they are done will think of how they can include those on the edges in their own healthy communities. Wondered if we could make a list here, and each pass along the suggestions each to their own sphere of influence online and in a discussion at YM/YW or RS or PH activity or a discussion at the park or a civic event? Wouldn't most of us really like to stamp out hate and violence to the extent we can? Doing it one person at a time by reclaiming each cannot be too hard for all of us. Please also report back here things that work and what doesn't so we can all benefit.
  7. Perhaps https://community.babycenter.com/groups/a6733265/latter_day_saints_families_faith_support?ModPagespeed=noscript But why can you only get decorating advice from other church members? If you are simply looking for a community, you won't find a better one than here http://nauvoo.site/forum/
  8. Sacrament is just about renewing baptismal covenants to take His name upon you and always remember Him. Why can't someone who has made those baptismal covenants who has trouble with the church truth claims but has never been asked to stop partaking, continue to take the Sacrament to renew that covenant? (OP, don't expect an answer just wondering why a member would have to think that way so that they invoked that self limitation in those circumstances?)
  9. The limitation isn't the Holy Ghost, it is the mortal capacity of one to feel, hear, and understand Him (or Her, not sure we know the gender at this point). IME, ordinary stress and anxiety and depression, and chronic hunger and trauma around and to you can all interfere with that temporarily. But that doesn't mean that a person is somehow at fault when they don't feel Him. Our personal best (and quick repentance --- which is usually not an issue when those things are the struggle) is ALWAYS and forever good enough for our Heavenly Parents and Savior. There is no doubt in my mind that all of them and the Holy Ghost continue to administer and affect and inspire those who struggle to hear them , or know them, or want to hear them. I have a testimony that Elder Pratt's description of His power in bold below is accurate. The Holy Ghost (Parley P. Pratt, Key to the Science of Theology, pp. 101- 103)
  10. Of course my kids go to dances. And they dance with groups (when adults allow group dancing and with others who want to dance with them (though adults often intervene (stupidly given teen current culture IMHO) when the group that forms is all boys or all girls). Totally different thing.
  11. Didn't say it was sexual or untoward or inappropriate.
  12. Reply to questions: Baptisms are much more personal that the sacrament, you feel almost naked in the act and it involves touching --- things that would be okay with a brother or other relative, but intimacy that shouldn't be by assignment, and shouldn't be encouraged for teens who are still learning to manage all their mortal reactions. And the kids often know when the others are going but also behave awfully in other circumstances, so it raises questions of why he's trusted in this way. It would be excruciating to be demeaned one day and then have the same person baptizing you at the temple. I do not want any girl ever to think they are not fully equal in dating situations or in the world with any boy. But when one party exercises authority for them, it cannot help but risk at least one girl thinking that if this is what that boy who was worthy to baptize her wants, then who is she to think differently. Or one girl feeling more exposed than they should have to feel in pursuit of good. And the solution would be to have adults or family members baptize the girls. I suppose talking directly about it could help. "You do know that just because the boys do all the ordinances, that doesn't mean you should think that what they say and want is what you need to say and want, I hope?" "I hope you know that if you want an adult or not this specific boy to baptize you, you can speak up and decline. It is okay not to do what everyone else is doing, if that is what you feel." "If someone feels uncomfortable about being baptized by someone, it is okay for them to ask that someone else perform the ordinance, and we should all accept that choice as a worthy valid option, without comment. Consent matters in every context, not just in dating." This isn't about power in the ordinance. It is about every person being able to choose the level of their intimacy with another for themselves, without pressure or expectation from another.
  13. The "groomed" is really strange. But I am deeply concerned by the recent move to let teen boys perform baptisms in the temple of the young women. I think that has huge risk of leading those young women to feel an inbalance of power in dating and decisions. I do not want my boys baptizing the young women in our ward and stake. And I don't want my daughters being baptized by the young men in our stake.
  14. rpn


    It isn't a travelogue or a sermon or a grateful journal, it is about the knowledge you have that God is behind various principles and sometimes how you got that knowledge. And the main thing to remember is that aside from God as conveyed by the Spirit, only the bishop and the Relief Society President (for RS) have authority to teach you about appropriateness at church. So ignore everyone else's feedback or suggestions of how to do it righter or better or more like __________..
  15. Most Christians believe that only those who accept Jesus as they know Him in this life aren't going to burn in hell. That is a teaching that would be hard for anyone loving God or believing in God's goodness to swallow.
  16. While the church may appeal, it will take a whole lot of facebookers telling the app that they are nuts to exclude discussion of contitutional liberties as "not meeting community standards" to help facebook know their customers care about such matters and about thought conversation around the subject. So attempt to send the page link to a friend, and then take the link to where you can say your piece, and make your point.
  17. Most people would absolutely like to share their religious life with their spouse. It is hard to go alone. In the restored Church of Jesus Christ, birth control and number of children are up to couples and the Lord. If a couple decides that includes contraceptives,, they are not violating any commandment (and they are supposed to make these decisions in concert with God). And since I now know you are speaking about yourself, I can't imagine your choosing a partner who tells you what to do ---- just would not be what I'd imagine you'd see as a good fit.
  18. It is really tough to be a faithful member in a mixed faith relationship. Non-members often don't want the encompassing commitment that members are used to and that is part of a members way they live their lives.. And members want to teach their children what they believe is the truth. Such relationships often don't work unless the couple can establish and foster what they share, rather than how they are different.
  19. My take is: Apostles have all the keys (so they can pass them on) but do they have the right to exercise keys of judgment? Stake Presidents obviously must have disciplinary council key of judgment for priesthood holders, but are they within those considered "confesssional" (I'm thinking that only bishops are in that position and the bishop is the one who hands off priesthood holders for the council.) But bishops are the only ones with the right to judge as shepherd and hear confessions on behalf of the Lord. And if you would post the scriptures or handbook info that supports whatever your response is, that would be helpful. (And kudos to the bishop who specifically told his congregation this: members need to remind themselves of this regularly.)
  20. They may be used for the paintings or other finish work.
  21. I wouldn't expect to hear that at church. I have heard it in situations where people are seeking or giving help to someone struggling.
  22. I think rest is the comfort of knowing that when we do our personal best and quickly repent, we are then and forever perfect in Christ (I use "square with God") which means I don't have to do anything except doing my personal best (which gets better as I do it in most areas naturally) and quickly repenting and keep doing what I'm doing, and trusting Him. I recommend "Believing Christ" by Stephen Robinson "Bonds that Make us Free" by C. Terry Warner "When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered" by Wilcox and the lyrics to How Firm a Foundation
  23. That's not how it works in my lived experience. It is that members wrestle with challenging things, with study and faith, and seeking more information, and seek their own confirmation from God when church leaders teach or suggest or counsel things. And sometimes they never get that confirmation, and sometimes it takes a long time.
  24. So where would I find this definition of exaltation in the scriptures or otherwise?
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