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  1. The scriptural reference is to hot drinks, and there is evidence that hot drinks are contributing to throat cancer. Though I don't follow the WofW because of science, nor do I expect miracles for my health by adhering to it. I do it because God (not Pres. Nelson) has established those guidelines.
  2. OP I hope you inquire of the MP what this policy is, and if your daughter is understanding it correctly, ask him by what authority he is making that call, and if inspired to do so, kick it up his chain of command. It has always been a travesty when men make men's thoughts women's responsibility. But this is a completely awful version. (Can only hope it is a temporary thing intended to teach about obedience and obligation to get one's own confirmation and protection against bias.)
  3. The biggest challenge in my thought would be what to put in it to make it a truly international hymnbook. Every hymn will have to work in many languages. And do we need more than 150 total hymns --- one year three a sunday? I think I read in one of the announcements that in addition to what was released universally around the world, there would be a digital archive for individual congregations to use as they chose.
  4. Why can "reports" be emailed to those who need them? Meetings are for joint decision making (the decisions and assignments thereafter can be disseminated to individuals who need to know them) and collective training and should be reserved for that.
  5. The way I read the changes to the AP/YW is that the bishop isn't going to be so involved in anything but the youth, supervising RSP,/EQP and YW pres, welfare and judge in Israel things ---- EQP and RSP are now in charge of missionary and temple issues and counseling members (other than welfare and judge in Israel), and probably facilities and other things for the ward. There may still be ward councils, but I doubt they will cover the same stuff or include routinely the same callings. The EQP and RSP will need to have the meetings to supervise everything but AP/YW and welfare issues and judge in Israel. (Hopefully they'll find ways to use video conferencing and joint calendar apps and other technology for some of it as they work to the end goal, instead of having meetings that haven't always been as productive or short or timed well as they could have been. When a presidency starts out, weekly meetings are often necessary for a time, but then it can devolve to a conference call when necessary, and individual coaching when someone needs help to do their calling.) BTW, if your congregation has not adopted the email strategy of bishop[the name of your congregation] at gmail.com, RSP [the name of your congregation} at gmail, etc, I strongly suggest you do. It will help you maintain the privacy of the members, make it so every member knows the email address of the leader they need and allow you to transfer it to your replacement, who will then change the password and continue using it forever.
  6. The real issue of this case isn't whether or not those who gay or transgendered should be fired because of that ---- surely the answer from every good person is a resounding no, except in a very few limited cases that I cannot even imagine in this moment. The fact is that the Congress that passed the Title IX law fought over whether gay and transgender people should be protected from discrimination. Then, and now for more than 25 years, later Congresses have sought to add that protection, and been unable to agree to language to do so. And courts should not make laws that Congress cannot pass. Activists want the SCOTUS to do what Congress hasn't been able/willing to do. I hope that the entire court will write that while they agree that such people should be protected, the court cannot do what Congress doesn't. SCOTUS isn't supposed to make law.
  7. But neither of those leaders were African AMERICAN in a church that for much of those 41 years was largely more AMERICAN than anything else.
  8. Yes, the Church has officially told members to stay in their countries and strengthen the church there. And church schools sometimes recruit in other countries where educational opportunity is limited. And the church has never approved of or encouraged illegal immigration (though it has done lots to support members here even when church leaders are aware that someone might be illegal).
  9. Last month's New Era contained an article outlining the requirements of the word of wisdom. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/new-era/2019/08/the-word-of-wisdom-what-it-is-what-it-isnt In the instructions provided leaders and members today, leaders are instructed not to add to or omit the specific questions.
  10. Not agreeing with doctrine is not the same as supporting or promoting things that are contrary to doctrine. Elsewhere in the conference there was a specific discussion of what is doctrine and it is limited to what all the first presidency and Q12 teach.
  11. It should be illegal to charge a woman with not wearing a shirt when the man right next to her without a shirt was not charged --- equal protection means just that. (And how is it "lewd" to be naked, anyway. Our culture has done a really good job over at least the last fifty years of sexualizing things that we'd all be better off considering as simple fact. )
  12. You left out that each ward only has to clean the church 3 months a year.
  13. Why does it matter? God measures each of us against our selves, and His Law. We are perfect in Christ, at each moment we are doing our personal best, and quickly repent of actual sin. Personal best is uniquely equal for every one.
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