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  1. Glad to have you. (We're more of a family here than most social media sites, so if you want to tell us something about yourself, many of us would like that.)
  2. For some guy who couldn't identify a partner any other way, it beats not trying everything. As one of the women said, if it were to work, it beats having to tell our children that I meet on an app (paraphrased).
  3. Most parents personally deliver their kiddos to the MTC. I'd suggest that whatever the reason a parent might not be able to do that, they are free to request the tickets. The answer might be no, if financially is the sole criteria. No harm in asking.
  4. When the discipline is over, there is nothing left on the record. When someone is rebaptized after excommunication, the original baptism date appears on the record. Bishops can see notations (not related to discipline, but related to abuse and embezzlement of church funds, IOW need to protect others --- the actions not the reactions).
  5. The article I read said that church members, maybe on offical auspices, were part of a community outreach and support after the tragedy.
  6. Print what you wrote. Give a copy to the bishop and your ministering people and the EQP. Hand it out whenever you experience what you describe.
  7. There already is a law prohibiting the federal government for paying for abortions (the Hyde Amendment from 30 or so years ago). And I absolutely agree with that (though I'm not sure we could hire enough auditors to 100% assure that, and I would support government payment in cases of rape, incest, and life/mental health of the mother (the latter should include when the baby cannot live after birth --- don't recall if those exceptions are ).
  8. Posts here have misinterpreted the Church position. The policy doesn't "allow" abortions, or support abortion, or agree with abortion even in the extreme circumstances. It merely declines to take disciplinary action against a person in specific circumstances. That is fundamentally different, and well supported by tradition and doctrine. Absent revelation from God, that apparently no set of Church leaders has received, about when live begins, and/or about whether a mother must give birth even when the infant is not expected to live, or the mother is expected to die, replacing church leaders views of what clearly doctrinally is between the member and God, for the member's decision, is just not consistent with agency. It is not our leaders job to decide what is a personal decision. It IS absolutely the obligation of members to determine their path, and be sure it is consistent with His will. I find it entertaining (or maybe hypocritical) that it is the party that deplores overburdening government who urges government to control this decision. And I hope that if I were ever in that position, I would have the courage and faith and mental health to be able to carry the child to term. But I do not want my government deciding things we don't know scientifically or doctrinally. I think Roe v. Wade balances that well (and I think the science will come that viability is earlier than 20 weeks (currently the earliest surviving micropremie is 21 weeks plus 5 days, if I remember correctly), but no where near 8 weeks --- viability requires a lot more than a heartbeat).
  9. The Gospel incorporates all truth. And Heavenly Father's plan calls for every one of His children to be redeemed. There are a lot of people trying to live like God (whatever they call Him) wants them too. And there are people of every faith and no faith who are living various principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ even if they do not know they are. So it is also likely that the Holy Ghost is confirming that those principles are truth to a whole lot of people, even if they've never heard of the restored Church of Jesus Christ. What that restored Church has is NOT a lock on truth, but a lock on authority and required ordinances needed to return to Him, and exposure to current revelation by a Prophet of God ----- all of which is profoundly helpful and a blessing of immeasurable worth. So of course others who don't know more, believe that their faith is the one true. That is not bad, though obviously it is factually wrong and thus leads some astray or prevents their progression.
  10. When they say that, they are referring to the fact that Utah was the first state that approved non-discrimination law for LGBT+ in employment and housing (except for religious institutions). It remains one of only a handful now, five years or so later. There has been early research (reported at the time in the BYU Alumni mag --- it was done there, but I haven't been even able to find the article announcing it online with a diligent search) that found that younger males with multiple older brothers were more likely to be gay. If that is accurate, then there are more likely to be gay children in any family with more children. So probably more mormons with ssa, and catholics with ssa, and evangelicals with ssa, and people with partners and no access to birth control with ssa. I don't recall any discussion of transgender issues in the reporting when that law was passed. I think transgender shouldn't be any different than LGB+ in housing and employment. But I haven't yet seen any science that supports a transgender cause, and I have read a lot about the damage peer/parent/society can do to encourage transgender thought in Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. It greatly matters to me that parents or therapists are neither vilified nor lose parental rights/professional licenses because they refuse to go along with changing a persons biological sex.
  11. I vote with your dh (unless your wife has other kinds of trust issues, and you have promised her you wouldn't do it). I jumped once. Scardest I've ever been. Would not do it again. And it was absoultely unforgettably, wonderful.
  12. Without regard to this case, people have every right to be outraged when an entity's first response to a sexual assault claim is to attack the person who makes the allegations, and, and everyone should be horrified at the idea that distributing the dossier was honorable ----- you'll recall that it was NOT the church/church attys who leaked it, they shared it with bishop's attorney who was also bishop's son, who did what attorneys generally would not do: publish it. Even if Denson had a record of fraud, that doesn't mean the assault didn't happen. Indeed Bishop admitted to inappropriate behavior. (It is reasonable that prior bad acts suggest a kind of caution. But that caution has to include knowledge that many sexual assault perps choose broken victims because they are broken and perps can avoid accountability by doing so.)
  13. Remember that Joseph Bishop admitted in the tape that he behaved inappropriately with Ms. Denson (without admitting rape). Whatever else Ms. Denson has or hasn't done, including lately with Mike Norton as a full and willing participant and enabler, it is Norton who should be accepting his own ownership for helping to create and encourage whatever happened that started him off on the tirade.
  14. I'd figure out what last name first initial would result in about even numbers, and invite those A-M (or whatever it is) to attend one class and N-Z to attend the other. And I'd regularly remind them of the designations, without once controlling any individual's choice. (Of course this would depend on whether I got spiritual confirmation, and the rooms were both the same size.)
  15. CBD, to the extent that it is medically prescribed and taken as directed, is not against the word of wisdom. But I wouldn't take it until I'd tried everything that is more traditional without resolving the medical issue. And I wouldn't be taking it until or unless there was sufficient information to establish the therapeutic dose.
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