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  1. Home/Visiting Teaching to be discontinued

    They've just changed the VTers program to encourage more ministering. I'm thinking the OP is behind the knowledge curve.
  2. Sealings

    Maybe it is lonely being there without belonging to anyone. Maybe that longing is not just a mortal one.
  3. It occurs to me that the specific parent may have wanted to make sure his/her heirs paid tithing on their inheritance and so they paid it first before the distributions. That could explain it.
  4. Doctrinally, the OP idea is ludicrous: we covenant to give all our resources to the Lord. If we die with excess (over what we deem appropriate to give family and causes --- we do have agency to support whatever we feel prompted to support and there is much good in our world when people give charitably) and are trying to be doctrinal about things, we'd give everything that's left, not just 10%.
  5. Science sometimes contradicts the Gospel

    I don't know that any of us can decide what another of us "knows". Your posts seem very angry, especially about faith. I'm sorry.
  6. Pegged for debate night again

    What is different about concealed carry that should require a license? Isn't concealed carry a better way not to scare the others unnecessarily? Licensing makes it easy for someone to slip up and do something illegal that they never meant to when they travel (the guy traveling through NJ that got convicted when he disclosed his weapons at an unrelated traffic stop a couple of years ago). It is just a money making effort (but that money isn't enough to actually cover the full costs of licensing and monitoring): (see how much UT trainers make since UT licenses are accepted in more places). It is simply a way to decrease public's 2d amendment rights, as it doesn't prevent any real problems. No one knows in the moment. (And bad guys carry concealed without any license all the time, and the process is only as good as the law abiding nature of the populace anyway.)
  7. God is real and the Church is True

    I often read on critical websites about how the church fits all the criteria for a cult. I have looked at the list and I just don't understand what church experiences they've had that lead them to answer those questions in the affirmative. But I am pretty sure that it isn't so obvious to those who are critical of the church. But then I don't know anyone personally who claims that their bishops grilled them about masturbation from the time of their baptismal interviews, and made them feel dirty and unworthy and uncomfortable either.
  8. Disciplinary, how many times?

    I would hope it would be as often as the person desired to repent. The scriptures may say twice (in the NT which was a completely different social world), but ultimately wouldn't that be God's to judge. I would hope mortal leaders would leave the final decisions to Him who knows all things.
  9. Sacrament Meeting - Earth Day

    I don't know that we speak often of what doctrine tells us about taking care of the physical world we live in. I'm glad that you are speaking of that. I'd urge you not to use the "earth day" appellation, though as that will turn members who think that caring for our world is a political issue and doesn't matter because the world will be destroyed and renewed anyway. And I would urge to stick with the scriptural and stewardship conference talks. There is plenty in there that support: Not wasting Frugality Not seeking after things or playing to the Jones, and not judging based on fine clothes or jobs etc. Gratitude Appreciation for beauty Renewal That animals have purpose on earth too. The purposes for which this earth was organized.
  10. The enemies of the Church are wrong again

    I'd say that the most we can say is that our current believe timeline is out of sync with this being BofM related. It hasn't been excavated so all this is really preliminary anyway. And those church critics who claim that no BofM ruin is proof that BofM is complete fiction stares in the face that it can take a very long time to find evidence of a big battle (the Viking one discovered last year in England) or a big civilization.
  11. The enemies of the Church are wrong again

    I read that in the first news article I read on the new finding. Don't recall which one, and I think it was dated to 526 ad. Mayan civilization is commonly dated from 250-900 AD and this article mentions that the civilization referred to probably was covered up after 900AD. Clearly not the book of mormon time line for the Nephites. I suppose it could have been for the Lamanites, but there were lots of them gone in the bofm battles too. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2018/02/03/mayan-civilization-was-much-vaster-than-known-thousands-of-newly-discovered-structures-reveal/?utm_term=.8e84dcc40d87
  12. The enemies of the Church are wrong again

    The civilization recently found is dated to the 500's, which would make it after the Book of Mormon was written and probably after it was compiled. Not sure we should be seeing it as a book of mormon civilization.
  13. It wouldn't have to be a hacker. A few months ago, Ms.Radkey said she found out by using the id of a non-believing church member. I can see a disaffect person doing it to set up the church (maybe even a really gullible believer?): after all disaffected members and former members loan their TR or make fake ones for others.
  14. Seems to me that the quote in the article is far more likely have been about all of the heterosexual behavior outside of marriage that our world is currently swamped in (and that has been responsible for much of the selfishness, abortions, marriage collapses and other family breakdown): why are people deciding it is about same gender attraction at all?
  15. It is an established by church handbook right to appeal decisions of bishops and stake presidents in disciplinary proceedings. The relevancy is that it is far more likely that a leader will recognize a wrongful action if there is a recording of it, than if a member simply describes it and the other party denies that or tells the story another way. And bishops and SP absolutely do speak on behalf of the church to their congregations practically. And if we believe they are supposed to act for God, then members must also consider they may be speaking for Him too.