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  1. I read that as saying that it is a righteous man's responsibility to make sure he is not involved in another's struggle with keeping the law of chastity. (And when I heard it I thought it was repudiation of the girls mustn't wear sleeveless dresses or are somehow responsible for preventing boys from doing bad things.) But I supposed it could also be read to say righteous men must live lives that give their wifes what they need for a full and righteous life --- specifically turning to others in search of something. No, I don't think that it is a man's fault if a wife cheats, any more than it is a wife's fault if a man cheats. I think it is all about women caring more directly and unselfishly for the women they have married.
  2. I read recently that prophets considered temple boats, and temple airplanes at various times when discussing how to get ordinances everywhere. These days, if you can build an endowment house, you can build a temple (and the act of customizing the temple decoration to the area in which is situated, helps integrate it into the community in a way that simply internally renovating an existing building would be hard pressed to do.
  3. The typical practice when a sex offender is known to be in the ward, is to assign one or two members to be with them at all times while at the church. That works to prevent possible harm. Announcements would trigger some people, make lots of people afraid when they need not be because those who are out would typically still be locked up (at least in the US, where the law allows civil conviction in such cases after any criminal sentence has been served) if they were seen as a continuing threat to public safety.
  4. I suspect it prompts some who would do harm to self select themselves out of being in that organization. And that clearly would reduce risk. But since at least pedophiles are known to commit many offenses before the first time they get caught, background checks may not reduce abuse, unless the predator self selects to avoid the organization.
  5. The questions do no such thing. They simply give the opportunity to teach the Lord's way, and to self-reflect, and help people eliminate behavior that does provide risk to minors. The answers to most questions would simply inform, not necessarily exclude.
  6. But if all you do is check the sex offender registry, you don't have enough info to determine whether or not the person is unsuitable --- there are people on them who were homeless and peed in the park, and others who had consensual sex with a girlfriend who was still underage. Futhermore, although I don't know a current statistic, in the past the research found that pedophiles offended as many or more than 50 times before getting caught. So not being on the registry doesn't do much if anything to protect children.
  7. I've never read a scripture or any claim that leader's being set apart means they have the capability and obligation to prevent all harm. Indeed, interviewers may have reason to suspect that someone is not telling the whole truth or that something is off, and still be inspired to allow it to happen (Alma at the destruction of the women, for instance), or to call them. The gift of discernment isn't a lie detector nor is it any kind of guarantee that the person will fully and rightly do even the calling.
  8. It costs a lot of money (to do the fingerprinting and follow the information to the full extent necessary not to malign innocents and make sure you have all the info on each person). (And across country boundaries or in most countries where records are not so very digitalized or kept, even if bad guys are caught and fingerprinted, perhaps even impossible.) It takes weeks to do it right. It makes people feel good, but it doesn't really protect anyone from anything. (I call this creating security theater.) What I would do if I were in charge of the church is enforce the two deep leadership, ask the children of the person being considered for leadership whether their parent is fit to serve, and have anyone being considered for a calling in the church where they dealt directly with youth or children complete a questionnaire (below) before speaking with the bishop about the calling or at least before being called in ward or stake leadership (including RSP and EQP), with EQP/RSP asking the same when talking with ministering prospective ministering people), Do you get angry (if they said "no" that would raise a red flag of credibility). When was the last time you yelled at anyone when you became angry? Circumstances When was the last time you thought of pushing someone intentionally? When was the last time you used force or coercion to get something you wanted? Circumstances? What would you do the next time in the same circumstances? When was the last time you were not fully honest in a relationship? When was the last time you were not financially honest? Have you ever violated the 2 deep leadership requirement at church? Why? And in what circumstances, and when? (The point here is to make sure they know to cancel the activity if they cannot find a parent or someone to preserve 2 deep leadership, because this is the ONE thing that does have capacity to protect young people) What does emotional abuse look like to you? (The point here is to talk about this. And teach what we know about God expects of mortals.) Have you ever emotionally abused your wife, a minor, someone you supervised, someone you thought weaker than you, an employee, or anyone? What does physical abuse look like to you? (The point here is to have a discussion that includes God doesn't use force or threats or coercion to effect His goals and neither should mortals.) Have you ever physically abused your wife, a minor, or anyone? What does sexual abuse look like to you? Have you ever inappropriately looked at or or thought about sexually, or touched a minor, someone who was incapacitated, an employee or anyone? When was the last time you intentionally viewed porn? Have you ever intentionally or for more than the time it took you to identify something that was as such, viewed porn involving minor? Have you ever done anything to anyone that others might interpret as inappropriate or morally wrong? And for the relevant callings? (those handling money, or auditing) When was the last time you were not fully honest? Have you ever kept money or property that didn't belong to you, or cheat on your taxes? Do you have trouble keeping your bills paid on time? Is your job stable? When was the last time you told your spouse about something you heard from those you minister to? Circumstances. (Because trying to figure something out, or getting spouse to help address it might be appropriate.) those being called to bishoprics/presidencies, including secretaries Have you every had reason to suspect that something you shared with a spouse confidentially was then shared or acted upon by your spouse? (If so, how would you plan to protect confidentiality of the things you will know in the course of your accepting this calling? ) What is your understanding about the need to preserve what members tell you in this role as confidential? (You want them to know that it is no small thing to share the things members say in confidence with others, and that advising the member of how you might need to share and asking permission would be critical to preserving their agency.) If the members in our ward knew everything about you that you and your Heavenly Father know about you, would they sustain a decision to call you into a position that directly interacts with youth or children or finances or requires confidentiality? If, no, would you agree with their assessment, why or why not? I'd guess that most who are predators would decline to be called to anything after reading the questionnaire. (Others would too, not necessarily because they are pedophiles or into underaged kids, or abusive, though, so leaders shouldn't ask thereafter more than, "Is there anything I can do to help you get to a better place? I can help you find appropriate therapy for whatever your issues are and help you pay for it if necessary, and I would like to do that because you deserve to be and feel square with God's expectations." or maybe, "if you are survivor of any kind of abuse, I can help you find and pay for therapy if you want to let me do that"
  9. No. I don't think the use of Mormon is doctrinal. And there could be other reasons for change than one is wrong and one is right. Sometimes things change. Sometimes things matter to one population to get right and hasn't to other populations.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that we don't collectively understand what God wants for His people correctly all the time. I don't think His doctrine changes, but I can see how mortals could misunderstand it or misapply it, or misstate it, or misvalue it or even mis-order it. And certainly what is necessary for us to learn what we need to learn or become what we need to become may be different at different times.
  11. It is not out of the range of possibilities that the idea that one couldn't keep church membership and marry a same sex partner, or be together with family could have been part of the feeling of hopelessness or unworthiness or non-belonging that sometimes end up in suicide. It is also not out of the range of possibilities that when a young person hears LGBT+ activists suggest that it is impossible to be gay and also a faithful and loving church member could fuel that feeling of hopelessness or unworthiness or non-belong that sometimes ends up in suicide. How can we know about what ultimately would have prevented even one suicide? Maybe that is why this conference is all about becoming more of a disciple of Jesus Christ and caring about those who struggle.
  12. Fredonia is the assigned ward. He should ask if they allow remote attendance from the canyon. Wards in remote places these days are doing all sorts of things with internet access. Not as good as in person, but maybe he can find other workers to join him in attending remotely. Or maybe doing a 4 hr drive each sunday will help him learn to appreciate a later in life 10 mile trek for services.
  13. The stuff I'm reading says it is the temperature that is causing the cancers, not the substance.
  14. You left out the one that I'd say covers it. A member of the church should accept every calling made to them, after disclosing any limitations/concerns they may have to the leader who then still thinks Heavenly Father wants them to issue the calling to you, if you also get personal confirmation. If you don't get personal confirmation, then you should still accept it if you can (not the least because maybe it is your not being able to hear the spirit instead of it is not right), but you are not under covenant to do so.
  15. Related subject: yesterday I read an article about a British study showing that air pollution affects suicide rates. Hoping SLC understands that more than just breathing is calling it to fix this environmental issue.
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