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  1. My father said as he was dying that he had new appreciation for how important his body was: he said that his spirit really wanted to hang on to it.
  2. Lots of members would be celebrating it if it were only accurate/assured. God makes of people what they'll let Him.
  3. rpn

    Questions about Excommunication

    But he's accused of possessing inappropriate photos, not assault in any way, if I understood correctly. Yes, someone who has that criminal record touching people without their explicit consent seems pretty clueless about what reactions to that criminal history might be, at the least.
  4. rpn

    Questions about Excommunication

    My guess is that because music doesn't include expression that might have impact, and because one needn't be a member to hold a music calling, it is thought of differently. My guess is that your interest in that is not really about excommunication etiquette or expectation, but about potentially protecting people who may not know his history. But that is a call that the bishop gets to make. So I'd suggest that you make sure the bishop knows that history (follow up with a letter in writing confirming that you've shared it /keep a copy of it by mailing one back to yourself (which you simply take a photo of your mailing both letters and put that photo with your unopened delivered copy for as long as you want to keep it), at the same time you mail the one to the bishop--- if the bishop doesn't assure enough protection, then your letter may at least help someone get recourse. I get how someone might never agree to be part of his team in any way. (I less get how what he is accused of puts an adult at risk in any way, except perhaps for a assault survivor.)
  5. rpn

    2 hour block

    Many of the changes have been to address the whole world. In small branches and places where the church is an oasis of goodness in a world of chaos and bad stuff, going to church is like fresh air that people crave. And in places where all the materials are not available individually, lesson manuals and that discussion is pretty valuable. I don't see cutting down the time at church is helpful for the places where the community of faith plays a critical role in surviving well in the rest of the week.
  6. I found this entertaining: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/713292/jesus-christ-cannabis-oil-miracle-weed-bible
  7. Well if he repeatedly gets caught, and he says his photo is in all temple security books of known problems (he worked in the SL Temple security detail for several years, himself), and the jurisdictions get his record of being caught (trespass is a misdemeanor), then yes he may eventually serve jail time. But there probably isn't any jurisdiction where the sentence is longer than a year in jail, and since it is a non violent crime and jails are full, pretty unlikely that he'll ever serve that.
  8. You have to do his facebook page. What he was trying to unveil on June 29th was a request for donations to support his temple invasions. I'd guess that he intended to send out notices about the campaign through the contact info he was able to get from those who surrendered their lds account info. But he likely has a universal trespass order for all church property, or at least temples, and he was caught. So he is also seeking money to pay fines (someone said attorney fees too, but that would be a complete waste --- what defense does he have?, and his first offense will probably get him time served (he was processed) and suspended sentence, and a fine. I wonder if people who contribute to his expenses know that they can be arrested for aiding and abetting the trespass, since he makes no bones about intending to use it to film inside the temples.
  9. rpn

    What would you want?

    Mom and Dad, I've been living with bf for 5 years now and you keep interfering with our relationship by offering to set me up with a "good mormon _____". Will you please stop doing that. I claim the privilege of worshipping almighty God according to the dictates of my own conscience, and I hope you'll let me, since that is supposed to be one of the articles of your faith. I want you to love the authentic me, which means that when I visit I shouldn't have to wear or talk like I did when I was a kid. I'm happy to honor the normal family rules (though I won't be staying here any longer unless I can share a room with bf), while I'm in your home, but I want to be able to talk about ideas and things outside of your church things. I want you to accept and love me and my partner, even if we don't share your faith." Worst case is they reject you (and if their first response is not good, I'd still work with it until some time has passed before giving up, as it can take some space and time). And also consider talking more openly with other family members, as your siblings or others might be more open than your parents.
  10. So that must have been what he had planned for June 29th.
  11. The questions were often in the guise of wanting to teach what the Law of Chastity requires. The latest interview guidelines include bishop giving the complete list to the kiddo/parent before the interview. Explicitly saying that parents are the ones to teach, and that kids can invite a parent to be there. If the guidelines are followed, and bishops who ask questions outside the stated ones released if they do it again, then the entire problem is solved, isn't it? How long is media and protect children going to beat on this if the problem has been resolved. If I was concerned about children based on my own experiences, I'd be talking to the SP about bishop training in the new guidelines, and I'd be going over the new guidelines with my bishop. (I'd be giving them a copy of Of Souls, Symbols and Sacraments which outlines the actual doctrine that should prompt members to overcome the natural man and help their spirits control their normal feelings, which we need to do when we came here to get a body and learn to use it in submission to God's will.)
  12. rpn

    polygamy sentencing

    I think their sentence means that the court wanted to uphold rule of law, but didn't see this as a jailable offense.
  13. The reason they are considering Senator Lee is that there is some thought that because he is a current senator, senators who would oppose any nominee might support him. I think that it would just give opposition a reason to oppose him (though I'm not sure how we got to a place that only people who've been sitting on prestigous courts can be Justices: part of the problem IMHO in the law is that judges know little about how things work in the non-legal world, though admittedly that should be more of an issue in a trial court). Thomas Lee, however, would be a good choice. But it isn't going to result in overturning Roe v. Wade, because it just isn't. What it might do is make it possible for states to regulate abortion to early months, except for life of the mother; wait while they think about it, and not for sex/race/down syndrome. Trump wants to break the streak of conservative presidents who nominated a supposedly conservative judge, who thereafter decided differently that what the pres thought a conservative should have decided.
  14. rpn

    Sin vs. Transgression

    Did Joshua commit sin by killing all the people in the Jerico? Did Nephi commit sin by by slaying Laban? If sin is the act of separating yourself from God, then neither of them were sins. Were they transgressions? I don't agree that one needs to repent of transgressions, because there isn't any scriptural support for that. Adam and Eve were merely acting on a choice, and nothing they did separated themselves from God, at all.
  15. rpn

    2FA Available for LDS Account

    Maybe this is because of what [make that that guy who solicited logins for what he is] planning for next week --- if everyone does 2 factor, less likely anyone can use your account without your consent, and actual involvement. But people have been able two make their account 2 step for at least a year when they set up their accounts.