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  1. And 1972 was the last year of draft for that war as I recall.
  2. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865693681/Grace-is-not-a-Mormon-heresy-LDS-leaders-and-scholars-say-after-doctrinal-climate-change.html I'm like the person in the article, don't recall every hearing or reading about Grace until Stephen Robinson's Believing Christ (1990, stunning), and it gave a powerful message. I'm amazed that I didn't even know about the other contributions until this article. But it leaves out the middle chapters of "In Quiet Desperation" which is the best IRL presentation of the Atonement I am familiar with.
  3. The standard deduction is going way up. I calculated that you'd have to be paying on a 300,000 home and earning more than 80K a year (paying on gross) for this to be an issue for for any member. I'm okay with that.
  4. Parents don't give up their children for adoption. They chose for them the best option and place them with adoptive parents. And the TR question is "Do you have financial or other obligations to a former spouse or children? If yes, are you current in meeting those obligations?" Neither of these have anything to do with adoption. And unwed parents who cannot get married, are urged to prayerfully consider what is best for their child. Some feel that is raising the child themselves, some not. Family services doesn't counsel them what to do, just walks them through the options. Bishops sometimes do counsel adoption when the parents cannot or will not marry.
  5. Provo MTC

    So they are current missionaries, not necessarily employed at the MTC. (Missionaries there take shifts in the online center, but there are a few who are actually assigned to the call center. If you have his full name (or can describe on the back of the letter when he helped you, times and dates) that might help the letter get to where you hope it will go.
  6. Provo MTC

    Missionary name (though the workers there aren't typically current missionaries), c/o Missionary Training Center. Add the department in which they work if you know it.
  7. Sabbath Day emphasis as revelation?

    I remember that too, Duncan.
  8. Stoning people to death

    It would be less consistent with agency to instruct in the method of carrying out His commandments. If you look at all the commandments through out all the scriptures, it isn't very often that He outlines the specific way to do it, and there is some condemnation of how some chose to live them and impose them on others. (referring to Pharisees).
  9. Spiritual self reliance

    Depending on someone else for your needs that you are able to manage yourself with lower expectations and your own efforts is always damaging. But government programs aren't always damaging. I think the change came at the point where the church realized that some of the programs were helping and not automatically hurting, and that it was unrealistic for the church to shoulder the entire burden when there were government programs set up to help. I also think that unemployment insurance, and even Social Security and Social Security disability are NOT the dole in any way. They are insurance programs (however unfunded) that you pay for and have every right to expect will be there (though of course in the US it is a fatal flaw in one's retirement plannning to count on it).
  10. Reaching out to less actives

    I routinely for all children who are not in class, write something up about the lesson on a postcard and send it to them after the class they miss. I make it something that is positive and uplifting, and based on the bible. That way a child doesn't feel singled out as a "less active" . Sometimes I call the parent and ask them if the child has any unmet needs that discourage them from attending that I might help with, but usually that is only if I feel inspired to do it. I also ask my students if they seek the child at school and if they are going out of their way to smile and be nice to them and their friends.
  11. Spiritual self reliance

    The counsel of never turning to the government has been changed since 1978.
  12. How eternally important is success?

    https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865692760/Richard-Bushman-Embracing-a-radiant-Mormonism.html This article shares some light on the issue and how it works IRL.
  13. Institute = the BYU

    Wasn't it in the BYU magazine several months ago?
  14. How eternally important is success?

    Growth doesn't come from success, it comes for failing and picking one's self up. I think it is important in a gospel sense to be useful to one's fellow men. And yes, God has used the success of willing people to lift others and to further His work. And yes, doing our personal best at whatever we determine to do, working hard, and living frugally (which is the only way to develop wealth) are smart things to do that benefit us in our road home. But if our goal is "success" as the world views it, it only accidentally leads back to our Heavenly Parents: Jesus said that it a rich person getting back to God was harder than a camel going through a needle (or some variant on that).
  15. Thank you

    Whether you believe it or not, whether you have a caring family or friends or not, whether you have sufficient for your needs or not, you DO have loving Heavenly Parents and a Savior, Jesus Christ, who know you intimately in every moment of your life, who will never forsake you, but will be with you and help you (to the extent it will not interfere with your agency, nor thwart Their big picture plan for you and others), even carry you in your darkest hours. No that won't prevent you from being hungry or scared, or in pain, or whatever else comes your way. But it can help you feel comforted in the midst of all of that (yes, emotional numbing from various sources sometimes makes it hard to feel that comfort, but when you simply know that it is there and They are aware of you, believe in your, want you to live out your entire planned existence that you once chose before you came to earth. You can trust my knowledge until you get your own.) It sounds like you are considering suicide. Please call 2-1-1 for help.