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    Welcome back. Just google meetinghouse locator and use your current address to look up you local ward and its hours and show up next week. Give the bishop your current address and date of birth and name and the ward clerk will ask for your records. Unless you officially resigned, you do not need to retake the lessons. Until January when they won't do it anymore, you can go to the Gospel Principles Sunday School class and learn basic doctrine. The current prophet has just asked the sisters to read the book of mormon between now and the end of the year --- so you can start doing that. If you would like to take the lessons again anyway, you can do it with online missionaries, or you can just ask the missionaries in your ward to give them (in some wards, the ward missionaries will give them to you, not the young people who are serving 2 years). If you did formally resign, then you will need to take the missionary lessons and be rebaptized. Remember that worthily taking the Sacrament each week renews your baptismal covenants: you don't need to be rebaptized to be clean again before the Lord. I bet your Heavenly Parents and Savior are really rejoicing in Heaven about your desire to return: They know you fully and intimately in each moment and They will do everything in Their power consistent with your agency to help you. Welcome home. PS You can find President Nelson's first talk and Elder Cook's first talk from most recent October conference announcing big change in the way the church will operate effective in January, and some other talks about ministering that will help you as you ease back in at lds.org . President's Nelson's talk on the name of the Church is probably also a different way of thinking from when you were last in Church and is important to the recent emphasis on Jesus Christ within the Church.
  2. rpn

    Utah Highest Sex Abuse Rate

    Without seeing the research on which this statement is based, it is impossible to know what is happening or what needs to change, if anything. It could be that there is more reporting of child sexual abuse (meaning more belief and more support for victims). If they are saying that there is a higher percentage of sexual abuse crimes, then it could be because Utah is a state where prosecutors charge 18 year olds with 16 or 17 year old girlfriends engaged in consensual with sex abuse crimes, where few if any other states do that regularly, and if such couples take photos of each other, also with sexual performance of children.
  3. rpn

    The use of "Mormon" in academic settings

    Yes, again in reference to the CHURCH, not anyone else.
  4. rpn

    The use of "Mormon" in academic settings

    Garbage. Pres. Nelson was talking about ourselves. When church members are leaders of secular org, they act in the best interests of those secular organization, which will be to not change one thing about those labels (which over time might change, but frankly includes all book of mornmon believers and break offs, not just The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. (BTW, this should relieve the concerns church leaders had over warren jeff's group being also called mormons.)
  5. rpn

    12 New Temples!

    I hope they build it adjacent to a CAT 5 protected building/complex, that is big enough to house temple visitors and provident living services, as well as emergency shelter, fully powered by solar, and has good flood protection and raises bees (okay, so that would be a little over the top for self-reliance but you get the picture).
  6. rpn

    12 New Temples!

    I loved that San Juan Puerto Rico is getting one. With all they've been through, that hope will be good for them.
  7. Oh, I'm not saying that it will parse out that way immediately: they've made mention that it will be hard (and if critics buy up lots of the more likely urls and try to run up the cost, it could even become impossible). I'm just saying that it is clear to me that every faithful member will be looking, planning, trying to do it. And at some point it may become an easy way to see to differentiate.
  8. Yes, it is clear to me that all faithful members will do their best to change everything that can be changed. What is interesting is that if all the social media that is faithful makes the change, it will be easy to tell the critics from the fully faithful places. Dialogue and Discussion about the Restored Church of Jesus Christ (maybe you don't change the url for a while or ever)
  9. Don't know if they are audiobooks (though you can get Alex voice on an IPAD to read everything printed if it is available), but The History of Nearly Everything, Bryson Krakatoa and other books by Simon Winchester Standing on the Promises (a Black Mormon history trilogy covering Nauvoo to 1970's, that has made up dialogue but is otherwise historically footnoted though not including more recently identified information Poor Richard's Almanac What Einstein Told His Cook (kitchen science) Paul Harvey The Rest of the Story What about the bathroom books (not uncle johns, but a bunch that have short versions of literature and info) BTW, nowadays you can also check out such books online from your local library.
  10. In the announcement of the new hymnbook, I think they said they wouldn't be in the universal hymnbook, but that there would be a download library of music individual units could choose to use. I hope that the patriotic songs (at least the ones that support the scriptures) will remain in that group ---- The US needs people who remember the words and who delight to sing in support of their country.
  11. rpn

    Refined in the fire?

    I don't believe for any iota of any second that God aids/ abets/ sets up/ intends for/... abuse. It isn't a trial in the sense that it would be something intended to refine or that He planned to refine. If your question is whether there is any good that could come out of it, I think not if you are referring to the heinous actions themselves. But if you are speaking about what happens as the result of living through the experience, then yes, some can make lemonade out of some some part of the lemon, or more commonly, instead of the lemon. One of my friends got a child, whom she dearly loved and who brought her lots of joy, though she eventually committed suicide because of the rape (and many women must place a child of rape for adoption or abort them because raising the child forces regular reliving of the rape --- not sure how a child born of rape deals with that origin fact). I am of more use to God in service to others because of what I learned as a date rape survivor (and a bunch of other really awful things I've lived).
  12. You are suggesting that one has to give up his (God established) constitutional rights in order to repent. I do not think that to be correct at all. (And I had occasion several years ago to ask priesthood leaders the same and up the chain agreed one did not.) Of course doing what one DOES have to do --- confession and restitution ----- does create evidence that could result in a conviction. And repentance might well require a guilty plea to a crime that one did commit or an agreement that the victim doesn't have to testify so as to not harm the victim further by taking up their time or making them relive something. But repentance does not require confession to the police or waiver of any other constitutional right. Isn't the real problem that disciplinary action is delayed while criminal proceedings happen, when a confession to a bishop by a perp, or when credible statements are made that child abuse has occurred, the person should be disciplined immediately? Of course the challenge is that discipline requires two witnesses. And bishops cannot disclose confessions without the permission of the person giving them. So it is impossible to meet the requirements of discipline when the perp is unwilling to allow their confession to be shared if there s not a victim and someone else with at least corroborating information. .Another problem is that sometimes in divorce/custody situations or other circumstances, people are falsely accused. So maybe one solution would be that the bishop could get a trespass order prohibiting a confessed child abuser from attending services or being at the church for any reason, immediately after hearing the confession. Or better, assign someone to be with him at all times while he/she is on church property thereafter, and release him from all callings and tell the quorum leaders and ward missionary leader and family history leaders he is not to participate in any way at the church or any lds church building.
  13. We consider GC talks to be like scripture: exactly what God wants us to be working on now from the words of the prophets. I think it has been over a year since we've been encouraged to make all sacrament talks based on conference ones. And they are officially part of RS and Priesthood (before we did teachings of prophets, which included older stuff). As for twisting scriptures, there aren't many in the church proportionately who engage enough in bible scholarship to recognize when the scripture doesn't fit, and our curriculum has not kept pace with current bible scholarship, which I wish we would fix. So people continue using scriptures the way they learned them.
  14. https://www.therebelution.com/blog/2006/10/the-room-by-joshua-harris/ Sorry about the link. Are lustful thoughts sinful? Or are they natural man that must be overcome? Seriously, shame for not sharing the gospel? Does the Savior just come in and wipe out the sin because someone is sorry? Doesn't that come only after repentance: not just the sorrow, but also the confession, restitution, and change of heart? How is the atonement effective in each moment, and does the ultimate wait until Judgment? Those are just some of the concerns I had.