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  1. That is a good point and perspective. Thank you.
  2. I watched this and I literally felt dirty and violated after seeing it. I can not understand what I saw. It made me contemplate on many fronts. 1. Are church members really as dumb, vulnerable, and ready to sin as the Brobergs seemed to be? I have found myself being hard on myself all my life because I might have an irreverent sense of humor, watch movies that are a little edgy, and play guitar in a rock band (complete with long hair and an earring, in my 20s). Yet, the older I get, the more I feel like I must be doing pretty well compared to so many stories I hear of prominent members behaving badly. Now I find myself looking around at church meetings wondering which members have skeletons in the closets and/or current behavior that would be shocking. 2. Just knowing that Berchtold could have ever been let in the temple again - especially without an excommunication, especially while others I know have been exed or disfellowshipped for MUCH less, makes me doubt the entire process of church discipline. Like I said - I have felt gross since watching the documentary for over a week now. YUK Edited to add - the story about the director of the temple movies has me feeling the same way
  3. Maestrophil


    For me, the amount has to hurt me a little - if whatever justification I am using to pay my tithing makes it so that it seems easy to do, I feel like I am not paying enough. One of the great blessings I feel comes from tithing - even though it is often a painful blessing - is that I learn to become more free from my love for money and having lots of comfort. I personally pay on my net, and it is hard, because there are times I feel guilty for not paying on gross. But on the whole, I still feel honest answering the TR questions about tithing paying on my net and adding where I can. But I am not concerned what my neighbor pays. I suppose, as other posters have stared here, I have covenanted to give ALL I have, should it be needed. Tithing is just my training wheels.
  4. Maestrophil

    What is love?

    I doubt it - I think that is what gets so many people flummoxed about spiritual matters - we try and make them fit our Earthly expectations. I am pretty sure they will be dramatically different in ways we don't know or comprehend
  5. Maestrophil

    What is love?

    You sid 'in the most romantic fairytales' so that is how I answered. In the Eternities, I have no idea! πŸ™‚
  6. Maestrophil

    Thom Wayment's NT

    I wish that authors would include a Kindle copy when you buy a hard copy. I purchased a hard copy, but it seems that they are behind on printing, and I will not see mine until the end of the month. I would like to get started, and if I had the Kindle version , I could. Many musicians include MP3 downloads when you buy a CD - it would be cool if this happened with books too. I am looking forward to studying with my family using this new edition!
  7. Just as we have to assume David of the OT was called as a prophet and King, but fell mightily. Plus - assuming does not necessarily make it so. πŸ™‚
  8. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    And it take pages of discussion to reaffirm that is your position ? 😁. Like I said. Peace be with you and your position. I respect it. It’s just not complicated enough for a discussion imo
  9. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    Thanks for your un-testimony. So again, what are you looking for here? Slam-dunk scientific proof of the BOM, of God, of an afterlife? If so, I suggest you just move on. Those answers are not available.
  10. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    So are you trying to get someone who is faithful LDS to state the following or similar, "There is no peer-reviewed, globally accepted, scientific evidence to fully authenticate either the BOM or BoA as anything other than the inventions of a 19th century man named Joseph Smith?" If so, you can attribute that quote to me - and then what? We all just come to the conclusion we all probably already knew - if you want science to prove the veracity of spiritual things, you will likely not find much support. Spirituality in general is not very scientific. I fully respect someone's need to have scientific proof in order to believe something. I only ask that those who feel that way respect my (and others) right to draw conclusions based on spiritual and emotional proofs without belittling. Your lack of belief neither breaks my bones nor picks my pockets, and the same is true of my belief for you.
  11. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    I have not heard of any. There, can we close the thread now? πŸ™‚
  12. Maestrophil

    Marriage covenants

    Changed, I am so sorry that you have had to bear the burden of the poor choices and agency of others who should know better. Your pain and confusion are totally justified. Having been trough a cheating spouse in a temple marriage myself, I understand the pain, confusion, and unfairness of it all. I am now remarried (sealed) and my wife and I petitioned to have my old sealing cancelled because neither my wife nor myself wanted me sealed to a second spouse. Church leaders asked us to consider our request carefully, as they don't like to tamper with sealings etc, but when we came back and said we prayerfully considered and still wanted a cancellation, the First Presidency approved the dissolution of my previous sealing. All that to say, The Church won't force anyone into anything. Remember, even when earthly polygamy was practiced in the Church, a man and his wives were called into it - many to their great dread (women AND men dreaded it) and any who took on polygamy without being called were disciplined by the Church - being excommunicated for adultery and apostasy if they did not follow the brethren. (EDITED to add - my point here being, that polygamy is not at all sanctioned in the Latter-day Saint marriage ceremony - A total vow to only have sexually relationships with your husband or wife is entered into, as well as accepting the person as your husband or wife thus affirming that you are to be loyal to them. Polygamy/adultery etc = disfellowshipment/excommunication) I know that does not necessarily make it easier to understand or accept the practice of polygamy, it is a hard principle to accept for even many very faithful members. I pray you will find comfort wherever your journey leads you, and I pray you will be able to reconcile your hurt with your previous love for the gospel in time. Holding on to, and re-discovering the strength of my faith after the crushing blow of infidelity and dissolution of a temple marriage and all that goes with it, is what has allowed me to find joy again. God bless! MP
  13. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    Thanks. I feel we all need to be charitable to each other knowing we are all doing our best to process with the tools and gifts we are given. πŸ™‚
  14. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    That is my point. I personally need more information than just my feelings or the spirit to insure my choice is correct. You may well be much better at knowing conclusively that it is the spirit that is speaking to you on all matters.