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  1. Thanks to your team. I love this app. Have been using it for several weeks now. I agree note-taking will take it to a new level and make it my default scripture app.
  2. CFR that they can't participate as normal church members. My understanding is that as long as they don't have reassignment surgery/procedures, and keep the law of chastity as defined by the church, they are not restricted from membership. They may not be able to participate in their 'desired' roles - in other words, a female trans who considers herself a male, can't hold the priesthood and would have to assume a female role in the temple, as would a biological male.
  3. Again, there are various levels of sexual deformity - yes, it is medically referred to as a deformity. Not common, nor normal. Does that mean we should be unkind? - of course not. Does that mean we should re-define 'normal? - again, not in my opinion. Also, how do we know those who are making the loudest noise about their 'identity' have these conditions? We don't. Unless we subject everyone to a medical exam to determine if they have a true medical intersex condition - I would presume that many who self-identify as having gender issues are not medically so challenged. Luckily, it is not my place to judge - but to be loving and kind to all. But I have no problem with the leader of the church clarifying that the official position of said church is that God has created spirits male and female - and that any androgyny here on Earth will be made whole/correct in the hereafter. I feel so much for the pain, that I can't begin to comprehend or understand, that those with sexualities that fall outside the sanctioned 'norms' experience, and the challenge it would be to reconcile that with the standards presented by the church. I have painful struggles of my own based on my situations and perceptions that are painful and hard for me as well - and I can only imagine those would be amplified if added sexual identity issues to my shelf.
  4. I know of no such cases. And even when both partial sexual gonads are present as in the cases I mentioned (which are quite rare) they are almost always sterile.
  5. This is a hard one because there are so many gradations of what people call intersex. I personally don't count abnormalities of sexual development as pure intersex. I am referring to what used to be called "true hermaphroditism" where both sexual traits are so present that it is practically impossible to determine which one should be favored. The cases of that happening are estimated at 1 in 83,000 births. Now misshapen sex organs, slow development, breasts on a man etc, I don't call those true confused gender - just like a person with an extra finger - it is pretty logical to see what needs to change to bring things back to the 'standard'. A man with extra estrogen, or an underdeveloped penis does not a woman make IMO (Now I understand that psychological gender affiliation is different). http://www.isna.org/faq/frequency The list above shows that incidents of some form of deformity in sexual development can be estimated as high as 1 in 1000, those are not true cases where the gender is in question, just where abnormalities are present. Regardless, even 1 in 1000 is an anomaly that shows that gender 'normalcy' can still be considered a standard - one that God could have set in place to reflect our eternal natures.
  6. My initial thought is that, while there are exceptions to most everything, the overwhelming majority usually defines what is regular or 'normal'. So in answer to your question - they can be open in terms of sympathy and empathy without having to concede that transgenderism is 'normal' or in accordance to God's eternal plans. In other words, humans all have 5 digits on each hand. That could be made as a universal statement that could be defended as true - to say 'most' are born that way does not illustrate how common it is - it is the standard. Of course some are born with less, or none, or more - but those are exceptions due to biological irregularities, which I believe God allows to happen because creation is running on its own agency after having been initiated by Him initially. Similarly, what if God created the process, as a rule, so that biological birth sex represents eternal gender, with the caveat that errors in the process occur due to God not regulating all earthly processes? The cases of chromosomal sex confusion are practically not existent, statistically speaking. It seems like not too big a stretch to me to say that the norm still holds true - and that is without having the direct revelation that Pres. Nelson claims to have. And, as usual, I don't really KNOW at all. 🙂 Edited to add - CV7R was answering at the same time as me, and in a similar way - but better. 😛
  7. There you have it - one believing mid-level leader said it - the thinking is done. 🙂
  8. Totally agree, Pogi - just like with our emotions - we may not control the initial impulse/feeling - but ultimately, we are here to master our whole selves. My definition of sin is anything that keeps me from being like my Heavenly Father - I don't believe He is not in complete mastery of His thoughts and feelings. If He is sad, it is because He allows it in its time. And I would imagine His mastery of thought has become such that not even the seed of negative thought enters His mind. Edited to add - I am not saying that because I feel this, it is true. But it rings true to me.
  9. Bob, I totally agree there is a danger in our culture to try and 'fake it' and there is a resulting pressure to be on point all the time - which is not realistic. I believe that "to everything there is a season" and there are times to be sad. I also was in no way implying that choosing to work on being happy vs giving in to sadness and woe means that one only takes into account optimistic views or lives in a Pollyanna-ish world. But even when acting as a realist, or even in difficult situations, I am in charge of what emotions I give power to. I want to strive to choose happiness as often as I can.
  10. I had an older neighbor when I was a teen. He was always in a good mood. When you asked him how he was doing, his answer was always the same, "terrific!!" My, often grumpy, French mother used to get really frustrated with his cheerful demeanor and one day asked him, "You always seem so happy and it p*&ses me off!" He chuckled, and said that he used to be surly, angry and pushed people away, and one day realized the pain he was causing and made an instant choice to change his perception dn never again have a 'bad day.' I really admired that and he was a great example to me. When I asked him how he maintained the choice so well, his answer to me was "My mother taught me that I always had a choice to be happy or to be miserable, no matter my circumstances, and she didn't;t raise me to be a fool, so I always make the smart choice!" What is hard, is that I think so many in the world, and even the church, seem to see people who choose to be happy as simpletons or frauds. I sure try and emulate my neighbor as much as I can!
  11. That is very interesting to me. In what ways did they say the policy saved lives and prevented abuse? I would love to hear positive outcomes from the policy - especially from members of the LGBTQ community
  12. And there you have it - Sunstone declared it was a mistake - and thus, the truth is known. (I'm saying that tongue in cheek - not trying to be dismissive) 🙂 It seems all the talking we do comes down to this - not necessarily being 'willing' to admit a mistake was made, but rather believing one was made. Your (perfectly acceptable) opinion is that a mistake was made. My (perfectly acceptable) opinion is that I lean towards God having lead the prophets in that direction for His own reasons, even if it is hard for me to understand or celebrate. The problem to me, becomes when both camps feel the 'other' side is wrong by merit of simply disagreeing. I honestly don't think you are wrong. I honestly don't know. But, I don't think members, including the prophet, should be villianised because of the assumption that they may have made a mistake. an accusation of having done something, does not make it so.
  13. I feel you are reading a lot into the Saviors admonition. Isn't part of coming to Christ getting temple ordinances? Should we allow little children to do be endowed, should we allow baptism before 8 if a child or their parents desire it? Or should we work within the bounds the Lord sets through modern prophets to define what timetable we use to come unto Him? The church's policy, no matter how unpopular does not forbid children from learning of Him, worshiping Him each Sunday, and petitioning for, and receiving baptism in the proper time and conditions. There are boundaries for us all in coming to Christ in the institutional church, if you define it by receiving ordinances. It's not a come-one and all come as-you -like-it affair for any of us.
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