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  1. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    And it take pages of discussion to reaffirm that is your position ? 😁. Like I said. Peace be with you and your position. I respect it. It’s just not complicated enough for a discussion imo
  2. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    Thanks for your un-testimony. So again, what are you looking for here? Slam-dunk scientific proof of the BOM, of God, of an afterlife? If so, I suggest you just move on. Those answers are not available.
  3. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    So are you trying to get someone who is faithful LDS to state the following or similar, "There is no peer-reviewed, globally accepted, scientific evidence to fully authenticate either the BOM or BoA as anything other than the inventions of a 19th century man named Joseph Smith?" If so, you can attribute that quote to me - and then what? We all just come to the conclusion we all probably already knew - if you want science to prove the veracity of spiritual things, you will likely not find much support. Spirituality in general is not very scientific. I fully respect someone's need to have scientific proof in order to believe something. I only ask that those who feel that way respect my (and others) right to draw conclusions based on spiritual and emotional proofs without belittling. Your lack of belief neither breaks my bones nor picks my pockets, and the same is true of my belief for you.
  4. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    mon plaisir!
  5. Maestrophil

    Non-LDS Experts in Archeology and Egyptology

    I have not heard of any. There, can we close the thread now? πŸ™‚
  6. Maestrophil

    Marriage covenants

    Changed, I am so sorry that you have had to bear the burden of the poor choices and agency of others who should know better. Your pain and confusion are totally justified. Having been trough a cheating spouse in a temple marriage myself, I understand the pain, confusion, and unfairness of it all. I am now remarried (sealed) and my wife and I petitioned to have my old sealing cancelled because neither my wife nor myself wanted me sealed to a second spouse. Church leaders asked us to consider our request carefully, as they don't like to tamper with sealings etc, but when we came back and said we prayerfully considered and still wanted a cancellation, the First Presidency approved the dissolution of my previous sealing. All that to say, The Church won't force anyone into anything. Remember, even when earthly polygamy was practiced in the Church, a man and his wives were called into it - many to their great dread (women AND men dreaded it) and any who took on polygamy without being called were disciplined by the Church - being excommunicated for adultery and apostasy if they did not follow the brethren. (EDITED to add - my point here being, that polygamy is not at all sanctioned in the Latter-day Saint marriage ceremony - A total vow to only have sexually relationships with your husband or wife is entered into, as well as accepting the person as your husband or wife thus affirming that you are to be loyal to them. Polygamy/adultery etc = disfellowshipment/excommunication) I know that does not necessarily make it easier to understand or accept the practice of polygamy, it is a hard principle to accept for even many very faithful members. I pray you will find comfort wherever your journey leads you, and I pray you will be able to reconcile your hurt with your previous love for the gospel in time. Holding on to, and re-discovering the strength of my faith after the crushing blow of infidelity and dissolution of a temple marriage and all that goes with it, is what has allowed me to find joy again. God bless! MP
  7. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    Thanks. I feel we all need to be charitable to each other knowing we are all doing our best to process with the tools and gifts we are given. πŸ™‚
  8. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    That is my point. I personally need more information than just my feelings or the spirit to insure my choice is correct. You may well be much better at knowing conclusively that it is the spirit that is speaking to you on all matters.
  9. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    True - and I do. πŸ™‚
  10. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    To me, my feelings on any given subject are not enough for m to believe or disbelieve. I am not personally good enough at distinguishing the Spirit from my own feelings in some cases, and so accordingly, the feeling of the Spirit must be supported by the words of living and past prophets. The more 'evidence' I see scripturally and in testimony and admonition of prophets, the closer I get to belief'. In the case of President Oaks' gender comments, the supporting evidence I see in terms of other prophets and scriptures supporting gender as a feature of our identities jibes with the Spirit I feel supporting that message. Of course it is easier that my personal feelings are also in alignment with this principle/teaching. Other teachings have been supported by evidence and the spirit - but my feelings did NOT like them. I had to work harder to accept those teachings.
  11. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    Who is this 'we' you refer to. πŸ™‚. I saw no such thing.
  12. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    And this gets to the crux of the entire discussion. I suppose that I, of myself,do not know that it is. BUT - When a prophet of God (or several prophets in this case) says it is, and the spirit testifies to my soul that their words are true, then that is how I know... your mileage may vary. πŸ™‚ That is what is so tiresome for us all on both sides of the belief fence with these discussions IMO - it all comes down to having a testimony of living prophets or not.
  13. Maestrophil

    Elder Oaks

    Did you listen to all of conference? There were specifically talks that talked about those things. Could it be that in isolating President Oaks' talk as a stand-alone message, people might get the wrong idea? I tend to view the entire conference as a message for my life. When all the 'pieces' are connected, the message is beautiful and inspiring to me, even when individual talks may fall flat for me. That said, I did not hear anything that personally bothered me in Pres. Oaks' comments, but I did recognize that anytime someone takes a hard line on gender identity, there will be those who dislike the message. I don't know that there is much the church can do to accommodate people who desire a more lax approach to gender and sexuality aside from completely abandoning a sense of any expectation when it comes to sexuality.
  14. I have spent the last 8 years or so both as a ward YM Pres and then Stake YM Pres. Of my YM that decided to go on missions, there have been almost half come home! And that is not even mentioning the many who claimed to have testimonies, but who opted not to go (my own son included). All of the cases are a little different, but none of them were for physical illness. Almost all of them were from social anxieties and/or trouble separating from social media and gaming. One of them came home over LGBTQ issues - specifically too many confrontational conversations with other missionaries who said things about gay people that were hurtful and offensive to the young missionary and upset him enough to question being on a mission. I know my experience is antidotal, but there it is FWIW. πŸ™‚
  15. Maestrophil

    My first and only Sam Young resignations*

    I don't want to like this quote because I don't want to imply I am happy about it - but I wanted to comment and say I am sorry for your experiences and that they led you to feel the need to leave. 😞