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  1. hy·poc·ri·sy /həˈpäkrəsē/ Learn to pronounce noun the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs "a certain blind man sat by the wayside, begging... have mercy on me... the crowd tried to silence the man, but he cried so much the more...." I am moved by this... we can sense the man's distress, we can almost hear him shouting... we smile at his refusal to be silent ... the good sense that this man had in having spiritually sensitive people around him... it all hinges on a handful of anonymous women and men to identify Christ. In matters of faith and conviction, it helps to direct your inquiry to those who actually have (faith)... shall the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?" one's own behavior does not conform 4:20, he smirks, and has to pause as everyone in the audience is laughing about Sam Young, laughing about LGBT, laughing about racism against indigenous people, laughing at women, laughing about all those outside who have been deeply hurt by the church. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/general-conference/2019/10/media/6092544519001?lang=eng The opposite of love is not hate it's indifference. the church is filled with prideful hypocrites who laugh and mock those who are abused. Like pharisees praising and applauding Judas, giving Judas money even.... everyone pays the apostles to tell them they are chosen, tell them they are special, while all others are hated by God, and to be laughed at.
  2. Holland spoke Sat morning, it was a march, and yes, Holland's remarks coincided with the march. The start of the talk is interesting - praising someone in the nt for crying out for help... and yet... those crying out for help outside GC were ignored. Hypocrisy.
  3. the crowd tried to silence the man, but he cried all the more... why not quote a little more? ...we can sence the man's distress, we can almost hear him shouting, we smile at his refusal to be silent..... People in distress outside who need help, and found nothing. https://www.sltrib.com/religion/2019/10/05/todays-historic-march-end/ No soap boxes. spiritually insensitive people around him.
  4. The biggest group this year, that has been in the news etc, was Sam Young, protesting child abuse. It was well publicized, the march was happening as Holland was giving his very insensitive remarks.
  5. They say if you bring questions, those questions will be answered... What should those who have lost a testimony in the current and past leaders of the church do? What does it mean to sustain imperfect leaders? What should those who are currently living in abusive relationships do? Not past abuse, but current abuse. How does the church view those of other faiths? How does the church view the spiritual experiences of those of other faiths? Do they differentiate feeling the Holy Spirit within the LDS church vs. others? Does the church see God as working with everyone equally? What types of questions does the church allow? What is a good resource for answering questions? Sam Young and child abuse by church leaders - Holland started off the conference by laughing at the "protesters"? laughing at child abuse by church leaders? Old habits... you think possibly there will be something that will bring you back, and then, you know you really can never go back... strange. not sure what I found in this place for so many years.
  6. I know... These are the corporations that I know of or could find. Add more if you know more! Deseret Management Corporation - http://www.deseretmanagement.com/ Beneficial Financial Group - http://www.beneficialfinancialgroup.com/ Bonneville International - http://www.bonnint.com/ Bonneville Communications - http://www.bonneville.com/ Bonneville Interactive Services Bonneville Satellite - http://www.bonnevillesatellite.com/ 35 Radio Stations 1 Television Station (KSL) Deseret Book - http://deseretbook.com/ Excel Entertainment - http://www.xelent.com/ Deseret Morning News - http://deseretnews.com/dn Hawaii Reserves - http://www.hawaiireserves.com/ Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) - http://www.polynesia.com/ and http://www.polynesia.co.jp/ La'ie Shopping Center La'ie Park La'ie Cemetary Hukilau Beach Park La'ie Water Company La'ie Treatment Works (sewer) Mstar.net - http://www.mstar.net/preportal/index.asp Temple Square Hospitality - http://www.htsc.net/ and http://www.hoteltsc.com/ Weddings (JSMB and Lion House) The Inn at Temple Square - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/ Lion House Pantry - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/ The Roof Restaurant - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/ The Garden Restaurant - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/ Passages Restaurant - http://www.diningattemplesquare.com/ Zions Securities Corporation - http://www.zsc.com/ Farm Management Corporation (commericial farms and agricultural properties) Deseret Land and Livestock 200,000 acres of land in Rich, Morgan and Weber counties (Utah) Sun Ranch (Martin's Cove) Deseret Ranches of Florida (Orlando) (largest ranch in Florida) Deseret Farms of California Rolling Hills (Idaho) West Hills Orchards (Elberta, Utah) Cactus Lane Ranch (Arizona) (more) Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (CPB) Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Deseret Trust Company LDS Family Services Property Reserves Inc. (PRI) Ensign Peak Advisors - http://www.imno.org/articles.asp?qid=123 Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA) - http://www.dmba.com/ Brigham Young University (BYU) - http://home.byu.edu/webapp/home/index.jsp BYU - Idaho - http://www.byui.edu/ BYU - Hawaii - http://www.byuh.edu/index.jsp LDS Business College - http://www.ldsbc.edu/ Subject: It used to be MUCH worse... A must read!! Date: Jul 22 16:47 Author: Deconstructor I thought you might find interesting this transcript of the US Senate Committee case regarding Mormon Senator Reed Smoot. Where did Mormon Church President Smith find time for meditation, let alone revelation? Senate Committee Testimony Transcript: Mr. Tayler (Senate Attorney):What is your business? Mr. Smith (Mormon Prophet and President): My principle business is that of president of the church. Mr. Tayler: In what other business are you engaged? Mr. Smith: I am engaged in NUMEROUS other businesses. Mr. Tayler: What? Mr. Smith: I am PRESIDENT of Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution. Mr. Tayler: Of what other corporations are you an officer? Mr. Smith: I am PRESIDENT of the State Bank of Utah, another institution. Mr. Tayler: What else? Mr. Smith: PRESIDENT of Zion's Savings Bank and Trust Company. Mr. Tayler: What else? Mr. Smith: I am PRESIDENT of the Utah Sugar Company. Mr. Tayler: What else? Mr. Smith: I am PRESIDENT of the Consolidated Wagon and Machine Company. Mr. Tayler: What else? Mr. Smith: There are several other SMALL INSTITUTIONS with which I am associated. Mr. Tayler: Are you associated with the Utah Light and Power Company? Mr. Smith: I am. Mr. Tayler: In what capacity? Mr. Smith: I am a director and PRESIDENT of the company. Mr. Tayler: A director and the president? Mr. Smith: Yes, sir. Mr. Tayler: Had you that in mind when you classified the others as 'small concerns'? Mr. Smith: No sir, I had not that in mind. Mr. Tayler: That is a 'large concern'? Mr. Smith: That is a large concern? Mr. Tayler: Are you an officer of the Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railroad Company? Mr. Smith: I am. Mr. Tayler: What? Mr. Smith: PRESIDENT and director. Mr. Tayler: Of what else are you President? Mr. Smith: I am PRESIDENT of the Salt Air Beach Company. Mr. Tayler: What else, if you can recall. Mr. Smith: I DO NOT RECALL JUST NOW! Mr. Tayler: What relation do you sustain to the Idaho Sugar Company? Mr. Smith: I am a director of that company and also the PRESIDENT of it. Mr. Tayler: Of the Inland Crystal Salt Company? Mr. Smith: Also the SAME POSITION THERE. Mr. Tayler: The Salt Lake Dramatic Association? Mr. Smith: I am PRESIDENT of that and also a DIRECTOR. Mr. Tayler: Are you president of any other corporation there? Mr. Smith: I DO NOT KNOW. PERHAPS YOU CAN TELL ME!! I DO NOT REMEMBER ANY MORE JUST NOW! Mr. Tayler: It would seem that the number has grown so large that it would be an undue tax upon your memory to charge you with naming them all. Mr. Smith: What relation do you sustain to the Salt Lake Knitting Company? Did I already ask you about it? Mr. Smith: No sir, you did not. Mr. Tayler: The Salt Lake Knitting Company? Mr. Smith: I am PRESIDENT of it, and also a director. Mr. Tayler: The Union Pacific Railway Company? Mr. Smith: I am a DIRECTOR. Mr. Tayler: Are you an official of any mining companies? Mr. Smith: Yes, sir. Mr. Tayler: What? Mr. Smith: I am the vice-president of the Bullion, Beck and Champion Mining Company. Mr. Tayler: The Deseret News? Mr. Smith: No, sir. Mr. Tayler: You have no business relations with that? Mr. Smith: NO SIR. Mr. Tayler: Is the Deseret News the 'organ of the Church'? Mr. Smith: Well, I suppose it is in some sense the 'organ of the church'. It is not opposed to the church, at least. Mr. Tayler: It has for years published, has it not, at the head of its columns, that it is "the organ of the church", or the "official organ of the church"? Mr. Smith: Not that I know of. Mr. Tayler: Do you know who owns it? Mr. Smith: How is that? Mr. Tayler: Do you know who owns it? Mr. Smith: I know who owns the building that it is in. Mr. Tayler: Who owns the building in which it is published? Mr. Smith: The church. Mr. Tayler: The church? Mr. Smith: Yes, sir. Mr. Tayler: Tell us what you know about the owners of that newspaper. Mr. Smith: It has been for a number of years past owned by a company --- AN INCORPORATED COMPANY. Mr. Tayler: What is the name of the company? Mr. Smith: The Deseret News Publishing Company. Mr. Tayler: Do you know who its officers are? Mr. Smith: No, it is not owned by that company. Mr. Tayler: Oh, it is not? Mr. Smith: No; it is not. Mr. Tayler: What do you know ---- Mr. Smith: But I say for years it was owned by a company of that kind. Mr. Tayler: What do you know about its present ownership? Mr. Smith: I presume that the present ownership is IN THE CHURCH. Mr. Tayler: You suppose the present owner is 'the church'? Mr. Smith: Yes, sir; the church. Mr. Tayler: I do not want to have any misconstruction put upon your use of the word 'presume' because you do not know that it is so owned? Mr. Smith: I really do not know so that I could tell you positively. Mr. Tayler: Who would know? Mr. Smith: I PRESUME I could find out. Mr. Tayler: Could you find out before you leave Washington? Mr. Smith: Perhaps so. (SOURCE: Reed Smoot Case transcript, Vol. 1, pp. 81, 82, 83, 86, 87, and 88) A day later, because the ownership of the Deseret News and its articles were keys to the case, Joseph F. Smith testified: Mr. Tayler: In what form does your church have title to the Deseret News property? Mr. Smith: It owns the deed. Mr. Tayler: I am speaking of the newspaper, not the building. Mr. Smith: The press; yes. I would like to state that when I was asked that question before, Mr. Tayler, I was not aware of the fact that I have since learned from my counsel here that during the trusteeship of Lorenzo Snow the Deseret News plant was transferred from the Deseret News Company to Lorenzo Snow, trustee, in trust. I was not aware of the fact, Mr. Chairman, when that question was asked me yesterday, I believe it was. I have since learned that that is the fact and that my counsel who is here made out the papers for the transfer. ..... Mr. Tayler: So that it is now in YOU as trustee in trust? Mr. Smith: NOW I OWN IT AS TRUSTEE IN TRUST. Furthermore, I will say that I have discovered since yesterday that there is published on the second or third page of the Deseret News the statement that it is the "organ of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" (Reed Smoot case, Vol. 1, page 158). As you can see, the Mormon Church has been about business for a very long time
  7. Let's see a list of homeless shelters owned and operated by the church. How about a list of hospitals owned and operated by the church. ... I know of malls that are owned, of great and spacious buildings owned by the church...
  8. Here is a nice cartoon explaining non-binary gender https://thenib.com/gender-isn-t-binary-and-neither-is-anatomy?fbclid=IwAR24LQanogY9k-nztf3HhAqW_9hagtbGNqXx0OoEUFINDyWfNLyMug8Px-4
  9. I think all non-profits, including religious non-profits, should be required to be 100% transparent about all the finances. Anyone who is not transparent with financial information is hiding something. Compare the price and benefits to say, the YMCA, to the price and benefits of the lds Corp and... well...
  10. Video going around: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v9XVZt3jN4&list=WL&index=36&fbclid=IwAR19gM6myjViIgGRnp3EwaTzxhmL7AL9xu6s_eaktXn8NYUkQjBMy_QJnwQ
  11. I believe everyone should be a mandated reporter. To protect the privacy of pedophiles is to perpetuate abuse. Those who hold privacy of adults to be more important than the wellfare of children clearly do not understand Jesus teaching about who the kingdom of heaven truly belongs to. Yawn? I guess until you spend the day with detectives identifying mormon children and priesthood hands in pornography videos, you can't really understand. Until you sit with your own sobbing child in the doctor's office, you cannot understand... laugh loudly at it all, most do.
  12. I support SB 360. You do not believe Bishop child rapists make the church look like a filthy house of hypocrisy? Tell me, what adverbs and adjectives would you use to describe the "men of God" who molest children?
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