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  1. "Lewis was schooled by private tutors until age 9, when his mother died in 1908 from cancer. .... It was during this time that Lewis abandoned his childhood Christian faith and became an atheist, becoming interested in mythology and the occult.[9] ...Within months of entering Oxford, the British Army shipped him to France to fight in the First World War.[11] His experience of the horror of war confirmed his atheism... Lewis quoted Lucretius (De rerum natura, 5.198–9) as having one of the strongest arguments for atheism:[36] Nequaquam nobis divinitus esse paratam Naturam rerum; tanta stat praedita culpa which he translated poetically as follows: Had God designed the world, it would not be A world so frail and faulty as we see. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._S._Lewis wiki - it is not perfect, but is good for a quick overview.
  2. The free will argument does not really work for victims... If you are going to protect someone's free will, why not protect the victim's free will rather than the abusers? Yes, even the mighty C.S.Lewis became an atheist after experiencing a bit of evil... I have told others "If it works out well for everyone, it will work out well for me too... if it does not work out well for everyone, if people were not taught/supported/loved - if the test was unfair - if the Teacher did not teach - then count me out. I only want to be with G-d if He is actually just and loving. If He is not just and loving - I'll have nothing to do with him.
  3. It seems some are tested quite a bit more than others, and some are given a more secure educational background than others. Willing to receive? It just does not feel like G-d is offering everyone the same resources or opportunities. Some are "chosen" and others are despised. Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.... G-d hates some, and loves others. ... I think I am one of the ones he hates.... take my husband, molests my children.. leaves me without comfort... yea, pretty sure he hates me.
  4. I have been really struggling with trust issues - one bad apple (child molester) has made me doubt all priesthood holders. How was this bad apple put in leadership callings? How was he sustained year after year? No one had the spirit to stop him He lied through every interview he had, went to the temple, and no one ever felt the need to stop him? ... and there was another bad apple too - not quite as bad, but a liar who was never questioned, never stopped... Don't trust in the arm of flesh - is it possible to be a member of the LDs church if you do not trust any of the priesthood holders, if you do not trust the prophet or any human?
  5. Same here - my kids are active members, I am not. For a while I went from boat to boat - I have now decided that if a loving G-d does in fact exist, all groups have enough good in them to nurture their congregations, and all groups have enough imperfection in them to allow members personal exploration and growth. In other words, I now believe it does not matter what religious group you belong to, you can find what you need to find anywhere you go - you could find spiritual guidance by just contemplating a flower if you want. That is fine to go to whatever religious organization works for your family... trying to teach the kids how to both learn from a community, as well as take ownership of their own beliefs and conscience - to teach them the importance of their own personal relationship with God - no middle-man about it.
  6. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/02/080215103210.htm believing is seeing.
  7. changed

    "Faith Crisis" support group?

    Level 4. That is where you faith is the size of a mustard seed, and mountains need to be moved. Which level leads to repentance - I think that is the dark night too. baptism by water - stage 0 / 1 the baptism of the Holy Ghost - throughout and serving and obeying God to the end - Stage 6
  8. changed

    "He lived great, and he died great"

    who shot who first... I guess we will never know...
  9. changed

    "Faith Crisis" support group?

    Is 3→4 a problem?... 4 hating + 3level above them G-d fits in well with 4 also feeling isolated and estranged from G-d. Where in the model does the person who is on their journey stumble the most? Which steps include the person sinning, and trying to find forgiveness for their own sins? The end of it all fits in well with Jesus' disciples being killed like Jesus was... instead of being blessed and living a life of luxury for their service.
  10. I will add that the children in these cases are sometimes so young, that they are not able to go to the police on their own....
  11. changed

    "He lived great, and he died great"

    so.. are we going to talk about the full story of what happened at Carthage, or is that not allowed in this forum?
  12. changed

    "Faith Crisis" support group?

    from: http://www.thebattleofarmageddon.com/stages_of_faith.pdf " “We are attracted to a person who is one stage ahead of us. ..." so... is it the job of those in stage 4, to pull those in stage 3 to stage 4 as well? ... "We are perplexed by people who are two stages ahead of us. And people who get three stages ahead sometimes get killed (Jesus Christ). .." Is G-d at stage 7? G-d is 3 stages ahead of those going through the dark night of the soul... could explain why I went through a period of hating and not trusting or having faith in G-d... why I am still struggling with that one.
  13. changed

    "Faith Crisis" support group?

    I think G-d has pushed me away from the church for a reason, perhaps some solo time is needed. thanks.
  14. changed

    "Faith Crisis" support group?

    Perhaps a scholarly examination is not what is needed to find someone with keys - perhaps it is as simple as paying attention to the quiet, humble, kind-hearted people around you. Official scholarly title or no, those are the ones who actually have keys I think.