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  1. Yeah but.... Do exalted humans then become part of the ONE God? I can think of pros and cons for that. Remember the phrase "for that is how Father gained his knowledge" Was Father's Father part of the same ONE God? I get it - it is all semantics really- but just wondering how you would answer that. I tend to see it all as a Family. Are we part of the family of our ancestors in ONE family? Of course we are.... We simultaneously have our own families while still being part of "OUR FAMILY" with cousins second removed and uncles etc... Another reason I love Mormonism- or whatever we call it now- ambiguity. There are so many ways to see everything here.
  2. mfbukowski

    Stake disciplinary council

    They sometimes get pretty... strange. I remember one where the accused was a quite "loose" on sexual morality, had confessed to being with prostitutes, and was not horribly repentant. He was definitely on the Excom. trail, knew it, and didn't especially care. In trying to gauge the depth of his habits, the HC asked what he thought was a relevant question- "Do you have a masturbation problem?" Answer: "No, I don't have a problem with masturbation". I have never seen so many choked guffaws and red faced "coughing" in my whole life. I think that is a good demonstration of why yours is a good approach.... Yes, he got his wish yet some wanted disfellowshipment....
  3. mfbukowski

    Legacy LDS Message Board Members

    I remember one poster who was kind of the leader of the pack named- I think- Sally0115 Or something like that. It was either compuserve or AOL but I think Compuserve now that I think of it I can't remember what name I used- but probably my own or some close variation.
  4. mfbukowski

    Thoughts on this?

    I am a former Bishop, now on the High Council,as if that matters one iota. She is a wacko.
  5. Oh yeah- agreed. If you are part of the family of El and are not part of the program you have broken the unity that IS what makes the Godhead- so it becomes a voluntary split. And this is exactly what Lucifer did of course. He had his own plan And there have been others and will continue to be! We need a new name that communicates that we are THE church of Christ and that the alleged "Christians" are not. Now I know that will not please many hereabouts on both sides of the issue but after so many years of trying to be in the "IN" group maybe it's time to become "Yeshua-ites" or something. Now I understand better when you speak of El and Yeshua and the significance of those names. I like that!! When I first joined the church I got excited about the name "Mormon" saying that but it has not worked to do that. Maybe just "THE Church of Jesus Christ" would do it. Or more bold- "The ONLY Church of Jesus Christ". Oh yeah- that would really stir up some..................... thing. Probably bad PR. But at some point..... You have to let folks know that you are no longer interested in sitting at what they define as the "cool kids" table at lunch It is they who are excluding us- not the other way around.
  6. mfbukowski

    Forget S.E.T.I. - We're the only ones here!

    No that helps the image too. 99% of the paradigms offered are totally the intellectual equivalent of cheap Chinese knock-offs! How many times have you seen a "new" thread hereabouts and thought "OMIGOSH! THAT AGAIN??
  7. Yes for the record, I totally agree It becomes a question of semantics. As usual. I am going just by the strict meaning of the word poly meaning many Theo meaning God. Three persons makeup the godhead and each one of them is a God. There are also other exalted beings that can be termed gods, with or without a capital G. So yes as it says in the scriptures there are Gods many but one only with whom we have to do. As always language doesn't capture reality.
  8. I would find all if those areas strengths and never expect them to be criticisms. The A of F were not " decided upon." As I said before they came from a letter to an editor which was requested and they were written by Joseph as a quick summary of some important points of our faith. They were never decided upon they were just a letter to an editor. And then they were canonized. And frankly in my opinion they were designed to make us look a lot more Protestant that we are. I see them almost as an advertisement to join the church written for Protestants. No criticism but you really do not think like a Mormon yet. Complex and ever-evolving is a good thing. Continual renewal is why God gave us Prophets. We relish new revelation and new communications from God. We really are polytheistic. We really do believe in Heavenly Mother and really do think we can become like Our Parents through the Priesthood no one else has, and temple covenants. Note that none of that at all is in the Articles of faith. Don't get stuck on the articles of Faith because what you're looking for is not there. They are about as simple as one can get and leave out most of everything anyway. They are the opposite of " complex and ever evolving."
  9. Yet again, the articles of Faith do not include anything close to all Mormon Doctrine. They are not a Creed. I find it odd that you refuse to accept that.
  10. The entire LDS exaltation paradigm logically requires after death progression. No one is a "god" when he leaves the earth. We MUST have certainty or Mormonism is worthless and just another denomination It is what makes us exceptional.
  11. mfbukowski

    Stake disciplinary council

    I would like a quote on that. Never heard anything like that.
  12. mfbukowski

    Stake disciplinary council

    Yep. The only people who appear before the stake leaders would be MP holders.
  13. mfbukowski

    "The Benefits of Belief" - Video

    Yes of course you cant You can study how life works, etc, but not "life" in an abstract sense. What experiments can you do on life itself? Kill things?