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    My purpose in being here is to influence others to understand how the philosophy of Pragmatism relates to Mormonism. I found the church through my philosophical understanding of Pragmatism.

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  1. Well she does have a perfect hourglass figure and she sings with a beautiful contralto voice, but I seem to not be able to find her phone number....
  2. There you go! Get the Democrats to remove tax exempt status from religions, then declare all political parties to be religions! Viola!
  3. It just makes your heart race, pops your blood pressure up and is addictive. Other than that.... if you put sugar and creamer with artery clogging saturated fat in it, it's splendid. Speaking of splendid then you have your choice of artificial sweeteners to make it even more splendid! Great stuff!
  4. Or recalling their youth. At that age I'd be flipping out to be with all those girls, and probably not thinking about anything else.
  5. Yeah you've gotta watch those kindergartners with shotguns though.
  6. So if guys go topless at the beach, women should as well? Is there any demarcation whatsoever indicating an unequal status in dress that is politically correct now?
  7. I know exactly what you mean. I can never go back now. Growing old as a very bizarre experience. I think you need to give that first link a second look
  8. I had a Beatles mustache from the time I was 16 until I was called into a position requiring attendance at the PEC meeting. Age 33 I think- 17 years later and 2 years since being baptized. Off it went, and still gone. Sisters would you cut your hair or grow it long for your callings? Just curious to hear some remarks
  9. The problem is clearly the sexy shoes. Don't know how they got away with that.
  10. This is a Pew survey which in this case the pun seems to actually be true. I know I am California obsessed but in many cases, as CA goes, eventually goes the nation, for the best or worst. A lot of the media is concentrated in LA and NYC. I would wager that the 1% of Mormons here shown as leaning Democratic are minorities. As far as Christian Democrats, it seems that our friends the Catholics are at this time keeping the party from sliding over the edge to the "non-religious " category unless I am reading it wrong. Check the link for more info- I just pulled this up quickly https://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/state/california/party-affiliation/democrat-lean-dem/
  11. See? Restrictions to civil rights keep multiplying! Just more evidence of binary gender oppression
  12. Well I don't know where are you live but I do suspect that the perspective looks a lot more likely from California that it does from Utah.
  13. Could it be that the mission president is himself a tad... easily tempted... by this bevy of beauties and he is guarding against his own improper impulses? I guess we aren't going to find out what country this is....
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