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  1. Unless of course you define them automatically as nonsense because you are a positivist, which is itself a position accepted on faith. That that is why it is a dead philosophy. It was pronounced dead by self-contradiction. But folks who don't understand that still believe it. It becomes their God. But that God is dead. Nietzsche pointed that out pretty well. It was the god of objective evidence that died, not the one of hermeneutics.
  2. That process is doomed to failure. the only evidence is that which is found in your heart. Either you see it or you don't. There is no objective evidence never will be never was. All of our theology tells you that. How you miss that as a mystery. You know kind of like maybe we come to Earth to walk by faith? Have you ever heard that one? Again you are a perfect example of positivism barking up the wrong tree.
  3. I usually sit corrected. Much more comfortable.
  4. OH MY GOSH!! Looking forward to my Easter Kielbasa. YUM! .... but don't tell my cardiologist.... some things just make life worthwhile! I was born on the East side of Buffalo NY - a neighborhood where you could live your entire life speaking Polish and never even need English. THIS was my childhood: http://www.forgottenbuffalo.com/historicpoloniadistrict.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Święconka For eating Kielbasa, I promise to eat tofu for three days of atonement.... Ham is just a paltry substitute for the real thing...
  5. Ok then why did you criticize receiving revelation through a seer stone? Your sarcasm even makes your point more obscure, here you apparently assert that you believe in revelation while making fun of it. Non-sequitur.
  6. Yep. And so prophets are not infallible and fully human. You expected something else? Yawn. Add it to the list. Either that bothers you or it doesn't.
  7. I have asked now 4 temple presidents about the second anointing, and their uniform answer is always a pause, a chin scratch, and then something like "Well, I don't know. I can't really say that I know much about that." Look at that statement logically and I think you will conclude with me that it is probably perfectly, literally true. They really can't say they know much about it even if they do. This reminds me of President Hinckley's response on that interview program regarding exaltation. I regard this as a learned strategy to avoid "casting ones pearls before swine", when the questioner brings up something beyond his purview. Frankly though I agree with you and your logic, I don't see much, if anything wrong with it. Were someone to ask me a question like that I might respond with " it's none of your business", being the non-politically correct person I am.
  8. Oh but that's not the best part. The City of Industry is right next to the rendering plant that takes care of the leftovers. Check out the comments especially! And if the wind is right you can smell it 10 miles away! https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/10/23/rendering-plant-odor-smell/
  9. Welcome to everywhere else in the church. Don't forget to add in the time it even takes to get to the temple from Timbuktu We get a three month close-down from a huge temple into a tiny one only 50 miles away. It will be a piece of cake I am sure. (sarcasm) My driving time for 25 miles can be two hours alone in our traffic.
  10. Oh my gosh. Would someone please put out some links so people outside of Utah or who missed the broadcast know what the heck you guys are talking about? Even a summary might be nice...
  11. What then is your favorite technique for receiving Revelation? Or are you totally outside the context to even understand it? Critiquing a technique outside of your expertise seems to me to be rather silly.
  12. Lol. This is actually fairly humorous coming from you. In your opinion what would constitute proof of Revelation? How do you determine what God says to you? it's pretty meaningless to attack one small segment of a process that you do not even believe is valid. It would be like you were going back to a Ptolemaic view of the universe and criticizing a particular epicycle. It may give you comfort to know that Ptolemy was wrong but what value is all your effort? Why waste time even bringing it up? Clearly such argumentation must be giving you some kind of emotional satisfaction But to answer your question historically, reading tea leaves and other techniques, looking at the sea, or fire, seeing shapes in clouds, and in fact using seer stones is a common practice for those who believe in Revelation. All of these are forms of meditation which relax the mind and allow new images or ideas to come in. You ought to try meditation sometime. "Fraud" in a legal sense is defined as being knowingly deceptive. Good luck in prosecuting that case against Joseph.
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