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  1. Caffeine is not prohibited by the word of wisdom.
  2. What is a testimony of goodness? What has goodness revealed to you? What if goodness IS God? Do we have more reason to listen to good people than bad people? Is being good therefore Authority in it self?
  3. Leadership is not infallible Poof. The mill is now blown up.
  4. Sure! I finally got around to answer this Well these are just my thoughts and beliefs, and in no way “doctrines” of the church. It is just how I put it together to enrich my experience of this scripture and the temple endowment, both at the same time. Well we know that after the Transfiguration Peter James & John were told not to share their visions with others until after the resurrection. There was something special about what was happening and it included a theophany. They built tabernacles (it was at the time of the feast of Tabernacles). The tabernacles traditionally were temporary structures made of twigs and sticks made specifically for the feast. I am sure there are many here who can tell us more about the festival. I think the tabernacles might be considered as a sort of symbolic "veil'. Why would resurrected beings need shelters? "Tabernacle" is often used also in description of the human bodies in which our spirits now dwell on a temporary basis, just as the story of the children of Israel during the exodus dwelt in temporary shelters. The Ark of the Covenant and all that went with it were a temporary temple. We are now on our mortal journeys dwelling in our own tabernacles of flesh. And so it might be a fitting teaching moment for Jesus to illustrate this symbolically after his resurrection when his "tabernacle" had become permanent, and also showing the temporary nature of the structure in which the apostles were meeting by passing through the wall to enter the meeting. I mean the point was that he had a physical body- why didn't he walk up the stairs and knock on the door like everyone else? I propose that his intent was to demonstrate some features of the physics of a resurrected body which was now presumably a different type of matter than the temporary bodies of the apostles, a matter more refined, but nevertheless still matter. It was a “miracle” I believe, in that he was able to perform due to physics we do not yet understand. I think our contemplation of the wounded hands of Christ in the temple along with Thomas, symbolically, in tracing the contours of that sacred hand, can be extremely powerful. In tracing those hands in our imagination, we begin in a high place, perhaps a knuckle, and then move on to a “valley” of tears, showing the transition from our First Estate into the Fall of Adam and Eve, which of course caused the need for a Savior in the first place. Thomas, in our imagination, is able to touch the depths of those wounds caused by the depths of our sins I am speaking here in parables about the temple here as well. Thomas with all of us is raised from the depths of a wounded world to become sons of God. The mark of those nails as instruments of death are transformed by the atonement of Christ to enable us to become sons and daughters of God. From these transformed signs of death we grow symbolically and live again and grow as if we are a fetus, fed within our mothers, growing bones and muscle and sinew to inherit our new resurrected bodies as sons and daughters of God in a way we have never been able to do before. But also remember that this symbolic reenactment of our journey through the plan of salvation which began with Thomas’ questioning, was done in front of the apostles, with all the apostles. present. Scripture presents, I believe, only a small, small part of what happened on that occasion, and of course only alludes to the very sacred ordinance which I believe endowed them with the power from on-high which would be required to pass on the name of Jesus and his sacrifice to all who came after. They could not guarantee that all would get the doctrine right necessarily- communication was virtually non-existent, and the apostasy had already started- but what a task! Twelve men to preserve the memory of the sacrifice of Christ in the memory of all mankind for thousands of years! Surely they were endowed with power and the power of their testimonies changed the world!
  5. I see you have not changed one bit during your hiatus and remain the one true interpreter of the gospel. Why you are not the prophet I will never understand. That alone proves the church is now in apostasy.
  6. Well except for the hand gesture, it IS commonplace for the one doing the blessing to kneel. And when one gives a blessing it usually is done with both hands on the head of the one being blessed- and that hand gesture would not be considered inappropriate in that situation. On one hand it is easy to see how these things get started, but the reason behind doing it the "proper" way is never explained. Paraphrasing the centurion, "Lord I am not worthy that you come under my roof- speak but the word and my servant will be healed" I guess one could interpret that to nullify all these physical gestures whether considered "orthodox" or not. Also folding the arms for prayer instead of hands palm to palm with fingers extended upward? I mean why is one acceptable and the other not? Sounds like nothing but tradition to me!
  7. As so we should ban words like: Racist Homophobic Fascist Sexist ...and only use the terms which those groups prefer to call themselves? It doesn't change their orientation. After all it's just a word game.
  8. So now you are an absolutist? Today's values are perfect, and those ignorant people in the past were just stupid? Morals never change and we've got the best possible ones now?
  9. Bravo. This was precisely my view when I joined the church 40 years ago, and so it remains. And I believe this also applies to the book of Abraham. In my view it doesn't even need to be historical but an extended parable. Of course at this time we cannot "prove" if it was a historical or not, however, I believe that what Joseph thought he was doing was more translation than revelation. In my opinion this view sweeps away all of the alleged problems with both books.
  10. Of course it happens more than you know. So you want a notification every time someone makes a sexual sin? What exactly is "this stuff"? And who is eligible to have their sins revealed online? Should the church comment publicly on every person's sins?
  11. Agency means God cannot stop evil from happening. Foreknowledge is not predestination
  12. We believe that what others call the "Fall" was in fact part of the plan from the beginning. Without Judas there would not have been an atonement.
  13. I just feel like saying the opposite of every accusation and ending with "neener neener". Equal validity. That's one way to get equality The significance of the statement seems to be irrelevant. Just assert anything if it makes sense or not.
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