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  1. Which is true undoubtedly, but who is in a better position to get it totally wrong?
  2. Well thanks for the compliment but I didn't know I was being a jerk- that aspect was not intended. Feeling kinda sheepish!
  3. If this information is correct, Somebody call the IRS. This guy is toast. His address is in a fictitious city? IF that corporate shell can be pierced, he is personally liable for everything. Any lawyers hereabouts?
  4. It might be worth it to go back and clean up the OP because at this point it is quite confusing for those who are unaware of the names of the people involved and what happened. There are insertions, edits and sidebars with references to events which are unexplained etc. Just an attempt to be constructive- you know I love you! Just a clear explanation of what the thread is about and what the limitations are would be useful. I had no clue I was even off topic- I had a lengthy explanation I guess leading up to the punch line And to the mods- how long will you continue to advertise that the board is broken and you cannot be contacted? That may be true but we would not even notice if you had not emblazoned what appears to be a failure across the top of the board- it is not very wise PR.
  5. I was unaware we had to return moment by moment to the OP to see if the rules had been changed. An interesting policy. I'm out of this thread at least.
  6. Great points! And indeed it is right I think that only the far left and far right see history as "objective" - with the inevitability of Marxist economics and the Ayn Rand objectivists on the other side (Rand is not considered a philosopher anywhere but within "Randism") But yes for me, clearly the gospel is the easier way. You act in a manner consistent with what mankind has learned gives happiness- you follow the rules as is necessary, are kind and open to new ideas and techniques, but you evaluate them carefully and trust your instincts. As a student at UCLA, I often contemplated the words over the proscenium arch in Royce Hall which is the central theater on campus and an event center for all kind of cultural events. Those words perfectly describe a Pragmatic way of seeing the world which is very much in harmony with Alma 32 Mankind has found some maxims which it has found indispensable - the Golden Rule, what we broadly call "family values", the ten commandments, etc which just plain make life easier. And of course science and art are among these "tools" as well as ethics, morality, and spiritual contemplation. In my opinion, all of these are necessary to create a well-rounded human being who is "educated" and can create a happy and fulfilled life for himself. In my nearly 40 years in the church I have never seen the things that guys like Dehlin talk about- back biting, dishonesty, authoritarianism, unreasoned obedience etc. Yes even the leadership is imperfect, but the question becomes one of "do as I say, not as I do"- do the beliefs themselves lead to goodness- not whether or not every Mormon prophet , or every Mormon in history has been perfect in applying the principles. I honestly think it is a Utah thing where the church and the "world" are often indistinguishable. Where everyone and everything is Mormon, all that is good AND bad includes Mormonism. If you have every been to Italy where everyone is Catholic, one cannot judge Catholicism by the actions of all Italians, or even Italian Catholics, which means all Italians.(virtually- yes I know we have a temple in Rome) I don't get it honestly. I have seen extreme aberrations by some in the church here because of the "natural man"- a suicide of an unstable young man, warring families, one of which threatened another with a gun- but these were all taken care of in a way that would be expected in Christ's church- in a manner as lovingly as possible, and with every action done for the good of the family. The gun incident was handled properly I think with involving the police and allowing the person making the threat to be punished as the law dictates all the while counseling him in the gospel, and with lengthy meetings between the feuding families which resulted in a peaceful resolution. The suicide was perhaps unavoidable, the young man had a long history of mental illness and had been hospitalized on numerous occasions. The family remains active. So in short I have not seen what Dehlin sees and to me it is clearly evident that he is not following the easy path of the gospel, but instead treating people poorly, having an overarching ego and seeking after hero worship and power and riches. So yes, to me he is taking the hard path, not the easy one. Those are not tools which the race has found to be indispensable, but those are characteristics which actually drag down mankind and make life miserable- which is certainly proving to be the case with those with whom he comes in contact. Alma essentially says to follow what becomes "sweet" to you. I guess if Dehlin finds his present course "sweet" then clearly has decided to go his own way and not the Lord's. Your post was not removed because it ended with a brief mention of the topic. To all: going forward posters who disrespect the OP's request will be removed instead of their posts. We have ALWAYS had a policy that the OP can control their own thread especially if it is a hot topic. If you haven't been around long enough to know that listen to those who have.
  7. Pretty much agree but I have no problem going after old arguments any more than I have problems going after old science. As I see it, if it's a bad argument it's a bad argument.
  8. I am glad that you find testimonies to be truth whether they are negative or positive It means that truth = opinion in these matters
  9. That’s what we call a testimony. They work both ways because we are emotional creatures Sad that one would choose to make his living from negative testimonies about anything. Very sad.
  10. I think when reading bullet points I feel as if the author thought too little of my ability to read actual sentences and pick out the important points on my own. It's a bit like talking down to me When I write with bullet points that is exactly what I am doing. I am thinking "these guys won't get it unless I put it as directly as possible without nuance. I have to give them a list."
  11. THOSE are the words I was looking for! Perfect.
  12. Passive aggressive, manipulative grandstanding garbage. As you say, that message says it all about who he is as a person. Total jerk who thinks he is a star and therefore can do anything he likes to anyone he feels like it, and then charm his way out of it. Yuck.
  13. Yeah but I am totally baffled because the Scott I know doesn't worry about being PC I mean it must have been so hard for him he had to PRACTICE being PC. Sumpin fishy goin on heah.
  14. Vienna Austria and many other European cities have many businesses closed. We found it surprising considering those countries tend to be secular- but there it was. I have also seen business closed in the southern US. When I was a kid in Joseph Smith's time in western New York, most business were closed. (Early '50's actually- and I mean the NINETEEN Fifties. )
  15. As a scientist think for a minute how thought provoking that really is or is not. Is it even possible? Or is it a linguistic confusion caused by the mere words themselves? And 1500 years of mumbo-jumbo medieval philosophy and the extensions thereof? It's not like it's your fault- you are not a philosopher, so I am asking you scientifically to explain it and see how it fits with Occam's razor and the methods of scientific investigation. How is this alleged immaterial thing "held" in the "mind" of an "intelligence"? You have just manufactured 1) a thing 2) which is immaterial when we know that everything is matter which is 3) somehow "held" as perhaps like a cup holds water? 4) in a "mind" which is I suppose also proposed to be immaterial, of an 5) "intelligence" which 6) "does not manifest" But that's not all!! Then you have the concept of "true nature" (7) as opposed to false nature presumably which raises the question how could one test the truth or falsity of that "nature". And then we have (8) that old favorite "existence" which now makes you wonder if Love exists. Really?? You have never loved someone? And does faith "exist"? I would say that the whole conglomeration represented requires a lot of faith, thereby proving faith's existence. But you know for sure that Thursday is a "Thing". Should we make that number 9? In that little quote you have 9 different metaphysical theories represented interacting with each other How do you propose to justify all 9 of those metaphysical theories in a coherent fashion which explains precisely how they interact? Hey you know I love your stuff and ultimately we are of course on the same side, but I am just pointing out how "thought provoking" that jumble of words/things/concepts/theories really are, so don't be too mad, ok?