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  1. How can one trust the Holy Ghost

    Wow! That is a pretty amazing paper!
  2. And how would you possibly know those scriptures were true? The Spirit is primary. That's the same problem with authority. Why do you give the scriptures authority over your life? Because some other authority told you to? I know you and I know that is not your answer, but the point is, the spirit can show you what is true regardless of whether it has "authority" because it is the spirit that MAKES it "authoritative"
  3. Acts 17:28 Question

    Children reach the age of accountability around the age of 8 when they know right from wrong- whenever they understand that, around that age At that point they make their own sins.
  4. Has anyone noticed

    And unfortunately this is the level of understanding of many. And we wonder why we have problems with anti-Mormons.
  5. Yes, I never had "duly authorized" people plant any seeds for me- the spirit called to me and I responded. I would not have seen them as duly authorized at the time anyway- some kids on the street? Are you kidding??
  6. THAT was a genuine LOL. You are incorrigible.
  7. Oh yeah me too. No they are not looking for science even if they think they are. You are both confused by the language. That is straight Wittgenstein. I recommend a hearty dose of "Philosophical Investigations", take two aspirin and call me in the morning. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/54889e73e4b0a2c1f9891289/t/564b61a4e4b04eca59c4d232/1447780772744/Ludwig.Wittgenstein.-.Philosophical.Investigations.pdf
  8. Uh, no. I am certain. Certainty is a state of mind like everything else we know. Certainty is a feeling. You are looking for scientific proof that your wife was the best person for you because you loved her. The most important decisions we make in life have nothing to do with objective evidence and the agreement of others in our personal truth.
  9. No one "rejects the necessity" of anything- they just do not believe it. They never even SEE the necessity I thought it was a fable myself until God whopped me upside the head with a 2 x 4 board. You cannot "reject" joining a church which worships Gandalf until you figure out that Gandalf is your salvation. (Seeing Jesus as a fable as Gandalf is) I think many do not know how weird Mormonism appears to people. No clue. God appears to a guy and gives him gold plates about the Indians being Jewish? Holy Cow!! And now you expect me to pray? What is that? And get some strange feeling that tells you that the Indians are Jewish because I get goosebumps or something? When we send missionaries to Germany we teach them German and German culture, and what communicates to Germans. Why bother? Who needs language when we have the spirit? When we send missionaries to Spain, we teach them Spanish. Why bother? Who needs language when we have the spirit? When we send missionaries to secular people, we should teach them Secular. Why bother? Because we want to speak their language and not insult them for being unable to feel the "right" goosebumps. We have to start, today, imo, with the idea that goosebumps are a valid way to find "their own truth" and THEN figure out when it happens that this is something else entirely. Milk to meat. The problem is that everyone is lactose intolerant (spirit intolerant) so they never get to the meat.
  10. Acts 17:28 Question

    Actually the issue there was about "immaterial matter" in our parlance, or whether or not angelic bodies could occupy the same space. It's actually a pretty good example of medieval reasoning by one of the greatest minds ever, Aquinas. And also an example of how such brilliance becomes irrelevant today. This is precisely the kind of reasoning which leads to the Trinity. I think it's a fun read but your mileage may vary as we say hereabouts, http://www.newadvent.org/summa/1052.htm This is an example of how they thought about substance and some of these issues other than the Trinity- and shows the convoluted logic which was part of the time "The Philosopher" is Aristotle- which also underlines the fact that substance theology is not biblical- it is based on pagan Greek philosophy.
  11. Acts 17:28 Question

    Which are meaningless obviously as is clear in this post. When you have 8 words all synonyms which are undefinable, you've got logical problems. Why is this still going?
  12. And if one does not trust your subjective testimony how is one supposed to know truth? How do you show that yours is truth and his is testimony? You might be right but lose an investigator when there are other ways of presenting the issues. Of course you could insist that you are right and he is wrong, but I don't think that will help much. THAT is the issue here in my opinion. It is nice to know the truth, but we are a missionary church and dealing with this issue is now of prime importance. If we do not have the words to handle the obvious objections we receive daily, we will get nowhere. That is why people think we are strident, dogmatic, and arrogant. Perhaps we do not care what they think? As you know in your profession the words you use to describe the situation are of utmost importance.
  13. Alma 32 Unfortunately baring having a time machine available to go back and witness the Resurrection, the distinction is pretty slight. Not to mention that probably hundreds of eye-witnesses of the crucifixion passed by only thinking about the daily walk to the marketplace and how much flour they needed to buy. Another day at the office. So what is more important- being an eyewitness or planting the seed and having it swell into spiritual enlightenment? The inward testimony and dedication we feel internally or historical alleged "facts" which are never ever totally accurate, since they are always flawed by human perceptions, or facts one can never trust to be "true" How many billions of Christians received spiritual enlightenment who were not witnesses over the last 2000 years as opposed to the few hundred who possibly were witnesses? And how did Nephi himself know? Was he in Jerusalem?
  14. Yep. All she is doing is stating the issue. Unfortunately the whole issue IS "was it rape or not" to use her examples. Absent a trier of "fact", "Reality" is never quite so clear as fundamentalists wish it was. It's sad because I uphold her values and agree with her morals completely but the argument she presents is not even really an argument, it is just a strident and vigorous statement of what she thinks, in other words "her truth", or in other words, she is just underlinig the problem without any solutions offered. This is why we need clear statements of these issues as theists and Christians. Unfortunately the world right now has relativistic philosophy behind it when we can use it just as well in our favor. Our truth is Mormonism- and there is nothing much more anyone can complain about it if they espouse that we all have our own "truth" They are trying to throw cannon balls out of canoes to hit other canoes. Tricky business without a stable base. Oprah my dear, that works just as well for conservatives as liberals, and the net difference on the truth scale is zero.