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  1. Just checked on exmormon reddit, and even they’re very skeptical of Denson’s claims. While it’s still uncertain what exactly happened, at this point it appears Denson is a troubled soul crying out for help.
  2. I’m having trouble understanding your logic here. Why would the couple serve champagne at their wedding? Isn’t that usually done at the reception, which are already being performed? Why would the bride choose a dress she couldn’t wear a couple of hours later during the sealing? Why would money be an issue, given the frugality of most LDS weddings, wouldn’t most of them be at the local church or another inexpensive venue? I’m really struggling to see how this isn’t anything but great news.
  3. Perhaps you should alert the brethren as the Church owns multiple press outlets.
  4. From my perspective, man. However, from a believing perspective I think you could easily make a valid case for God.
  5. Try reading the Old Testament, then the New Testament, then the D&C, then attend a modern day church service and then tell me doctrine doesn’t change.
  6. This wasn’t the point I was making. Referring to these essays as “Dehlin’s essays” is equivalent to referring to the church essays as “President Monson’s essays”. Anyways, this really isn’t important to the OP.
  7. Once again, the same criticism could be applied to the Church essays. IMO, it's not a big deal either way, I just feel it's more accurate to refer to them as "Mormon Stories Essays" as Dehlin has stated from the beginning they were not authored by him, but rather an "amateur historian". That being said, as John receives feedback on potential inaccuracies in the essays, it then becomes his responsibility to update accordingly.
  8. Wouldn't it be more accurate to refer to it as the "Mormon Stories Essays"? After all, we don't refer to the Church essays as "Monson's Essays" even though he likely commissioned and approved them. It should be noted that the Mormon Stories website has this to say regarding the essays: Also, when John first introduced the essays on his podcast, he reiterated this point by mentioning they were drafted by an amateur historian and were essentially a work in progress and therefore needed the help of his listeners for feedback on tone, content, and sources. John has now apparently received some feedback, lets see what he does with it.
  9. I wonder how many believing LDS here are disappointed with the Church’s response? While I understand that many are unhappy with the phrase “get your own planet”, it seems like this would have been an excellent opportunity for the Church to clarify the doctrine. In my experience, the belief that we can become gods and create worlds without number is widely held among the general membership and has been taught by Church leaders from the beginning. Unfortunatley, I think your average reader would come to the opposite conclusion based on the Newsroom response.
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