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  1. Yes. I do. And in good faith. Is that what you call it when people don't share your assumptions?
  2. Why would the 'cure' for one artificial social construct be another equally artificial social construct?
  3. "Special invitation" , Pres. Nelson

    We don't do either in these parts. I think it's confusing.
  4. As I have noted on this board before, your 'scientific reality' is completely ahistorical. But to each his/her own.
  5. Wow, it would appear that something in my posts has touched a raw nerve. Again, not my intention at all, though based your misreading of my in-good-faith posts and sincere questions up to this point, I see no reason to try to convince you otherwise. Enjoy your life, Erik.
  6. Acts 17:28 Question

    Yes! In fact, he was our Saviour before this broken world even existed. One of my favourite verses on this is Revelation 13:8: 'And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world' (emphasis added).
  7. Thomas S Monson cars

    I think you've hit on an important point. One of my mates recently posted a question on Facebook about the purpose of life. I suggested that my understanding includes learning to know for ourselves from personal experience what creates lasting happiness and what doesn't ... and then learning to love the former. I have found in my life that the knowledge doesn't always engender the love, and this has been the specific reality that has most developed my faith in Christ and His atonement. In many cases, I can change some of my behaviour as an act of discipline or self-will. But I've never been able to change my desires on my own. That, to me, is the 'mighty change of heart' spoken of in the scriptures: when the Saviour alters us so that we love what He loves. I suspect they feel perpetually 'heavy laden'. I sincerely doubt they would wish to give up the one thing that 'gives them rest'.
  8. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    Are you sure it's actually the entire US, or is it possibly just your mission? We got a new mission president recently, and he's a bit nuts. It took a while for the impacts to start showing up, but they're certainly showing up now.
  9. Thomas S Monson cars

    Oddly, I've never considered serving the Lord and fellowman as a kind of punishment one needs to escape from.
  10. I had no intention to provoke you to ire, mate. This was my attempt to let you define your objection/s for yourself without my making undue assumptions. An important step, in my opinion, since you genuinely didn't give the answer that I would have given. Correct me if I'm wrong, but your objection to attending an after-hours work social at a strip club is because you understand the Bible to forbid such?
  11. Thanks, Erik. What reason is that, though? And what if your boss were amongst those who patronise such clubs and started hosting after-work social get-togethers at such venues ... just for those who wanted to join in, of course? Well, I don't know yet what your objection/s to strip clubs may be, but the fact that already you can't entertain the possibility that others might have similar objections to alcohol culture is certainly interesting.
  12. Hi, Erik. What do you think you would have done in the after-hours work situation that I described above?
  13. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    It's a shame. The training on lds.org makes it pretty clear. We are not to create artificial divisions within the work of salvation.
  14. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    To each his own. My mission nearly killed me in the beginning. Then it saved me. Then it made me. I came to know my Saviour in such an intimate, personal way in consequence of what He asked of me. And then I came to love the things of the Lord more than I love anything else. In my calling as ward mission leader, I often spend around 20 hours per week working alongside the full-time missionaries. I never grow tired of the work.
  15. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    I'm not sure what you meant by this, but the goal in our ward is to have the missionaries fully integrated into the work of the ward. The previous mission president and our area president have both encouraged this. The mission president said that our missionaries are here to do whatever we need help with, and we do put them to work. The area president said we should fully integrate the missionaries into all ministering work with non-members, less-active members, recent converts, part-member families, and prospective elders, and so we try to put them to work in that area too. They attend ward council and PEC and receive assignments. They go wherever we go, with us, so that they will know people and their needs and be able to follow up when we can't. (Cos we have work and stuff...) We occasionally have missionaries who seem confused because they primarily see themselves as here to teach investigators -- and they will certainly do that -- but I remind them of what Church leaders have taught us about what they're here for. A huge chunk of what gets done in our ward each week is done by our missionaries. We need them!