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  1. I'm the exact opposite. I love the immersiveness of multimedia. In other news, I officiated one of the endowment sessions this morning, and we had to set up an extra chair. Always love that!
  2. I've seen far too many people come back after years, often decades, away to think that one can be 'sure' after several months. And I genuinely believe that many if not most Saints who wander will return at some point. Better to leave the ordinances in place unless there is need to free the person from them for her/his own spiritual growth. One of the reaons I love being baptised for my kindred dead!
  3. If I left the Church every time I didn't want to keep my covenants, I'd be mouldy from all the rebaptisms ...
  4. This is such a First World question. Many Saints live in nations that don't withhold taxes. People simply get paid, they tithe on their income, and then at some point they receive a tax bill.
  5. I'm not aware of any covenants that require a person to leave the Church during a funk.
  6. I live in a nation that has multiple stakes. But the truth is that they are nearly all located in just a handful of very large cities. As soon as one moves into a mid-size city (of which we have hundreds), the Church has almost no presence. And smaller cities and country towns are virtually untouched. When a branch does exist in such places, it might cover a huge area including many dozens of cities/towns. We currently have one branch in our stake, and it takes me three hours to drive to the branch chapel. The entire drive lies inside the boundaries of one ward and the branch. Almost no one along the travel route would even have a clue that we rent out space for a congregation in one of the regional town centres. We are overwhelmingly untouched.
  7. I'm with you there, mate. We used to have a brother living in Indonesia who was baptised very late in life (around 70) in Australia. He was a raging atheist before his conversion, and he loved to tell people about how God finally got through to him. After he was baptised, he had a burning desire to serve a mission, but his wife had passed, so he didn't qualify. That didn't sit well with him, and then one day he realised he didn't need a badge to serve a mission. So he sold his home, his car, his golf clubs, etc., and moved to one of the more remote islands in Indonesia. His goal was to establish a branch there. It never happened, but he sure did good. He lived simply as a boarder with a family in the village and did whatever he could just to help. He used his money to do things like pay for medical procedures (which required travel to Java). And always he shared the Book of Mormon and his testimony. I've decided that if I'm still single when I retire, I'll try to do somethng similar.
  8. Hopefully it is also a place where the hopeless find hope. I know that's how it works for me! Which is the whole plan. I rejoice in a merciful and wise Father who sent me out of his presence where I can make mistakes and then provided a Saviour so that I can forever hold fast to what I learn from those mistakes and yet be freed from the awful burden and any eternal consequence of having made them. I feel like my whole life consists of learning things I wish I'd known 20 years ago ... and repeating mistakes that haven't quite bitten hard enough yet. Godspeed!
  9. I'm assuming you must mean 'culture' in its broadest sense. You are right that tumble dryers can be bought here. They are very small and vent directly out through the door into whatever space they're located in. Our laundries aren't designed for them, so there's literally nowhere to put one. They're small enough (about the size of a bar fridge) that one would need to divide a small wash load into two or three different batches for drying, and the the drying time would be close to two hours each go because they don't get that hot. Then there's the price of electricity, which is more than double that of the US. So yeah.
  10. Thank you for sharing. When I was working in America, our receptionist was actually a Church member. She tried a number of times to set me up with a divorced sister in her ward. I would ask her why she thought we would be good for each other. Marsha would always say, 'Well, she'd cook and clean for you, and she's pretty to look at'. 'I can cook and clean. I've been doing it for years. And beauty is subjective and fades. So why do you think we'd be good for each other?' And Marsha would always look at me blankly. I honestly believe that her entire 'interface' with her husband probably consisted of cooking and cleaning for him and being pretty to look at. And his entire interface with her probably consisted of depositing his paycheque into their joint account (he was an oil worker so made a good bit of money), eating her food, wearing clean clothes, and telling her that she looked pretty. And to be honest, I'm OK with that if it worked for them. But it's not going to work for me. I absolutely detest having to do my own washing. I'd rather clean 20 toilets than repeat, as I will this evening and tomorrow, the whole pretreat -- wash -- hang out to dry -- bring in -- iron -- fold or hang up -- put away cycle. But I simply cannot imagine waking up every morning next to a complete stranger. God bless you!
  11. I rang a couple of weeks ago to book a room at temple patron accommodation for the night of Good Friday. Every room was already booked out, and I was third on the stand-by list. But thankfully this afternoon I was told that a bed had opened up for me. Good stuff! Some of those in our temple district travel more than 3,000 km to the temple. When they come, they come en masse and often fill the temple the whole week.
  12. I'm not certain about anything I haven't personally experienced, and for most things, I need to experience it more than once. That's why I'm not certain about the afterlife, for example. I've never been there. But I certainly know what I have experienced. Do you know what the first word your eldest child said was? How about what the response was the first time you proposed marriage? Now prove it. Or is your proof 'too "sacred" to tell'?
  13. Perhaps not, but one can certainly be the occasion for violating the law of chastity, and one can also be the enticement. Seduction, manipulation and encouragement are real things. Intentionally or carelessly making choices that open doors of possibility is as well.
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