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  1. As a recent Harvard University study found, the people who are walking away from religion in America are those who were always 'moderate' in their convictions. Meanwhile, the strongly committed are actually growing in number. Watering down the doctrines of Christ to appeal to an imaginary pool of moderates itching for a less-restrictive faith is a recipe for a church's decline and ultimate demise. Which may be why so many 'helpful' critics, both internal and external, keep recommending this course ...
  2. My appreciation for how perfectly the Book of Mormon text was prepared for our day has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Each of the three anti-Christs in the Book of Mormon preaches a version of this doctrine: no repentance or redemption is needed because you're fine just the way you are. Where I live, we have politicians promising that in power, they'll legislate to stop churches teaching that people need to or even can change. Crazy!
  3. It's not my definition; that's precisely why I quoted from an American dictionary for you. Faithfulness is loyalty. Unfaithfulness is disloyalty. And no, not every failed marriage involves a violation of the marriage covenant, but very often it does. I'm assuming you'd agree the the first husband of my stake president's wife was unfaithful to his marriage vows?
  4. Quoting myself: 'Violating commitments and covenants is, by definition, infidelity'. Quoting the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: People who marry pledge to stick with each other no matter what. Walking away from that pledge when it no longer suits is, by definition, infidelity. I knew the wife of our stake president before they married. After the birth of her first child, her first husband told her that he'd come to realise that he just wasn't attracted to her as a mother -- the pregnancy, the stretch marks, the loose skin, the baby suckling. So he left and found himself a new, more toned, younger wife who didn't want babies. This is the very model of infidelity: he broke his marriage vows. And he did so based on attraction. Yet, oddly, no one seems to have celebrated his choice to be 'true to his real self' in this matter.
  5. Not just passions but desires and appetites. And this is why there can be no 'truce' between any front -- no matter how trendy -- of the Sexual Revolution and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are diametrically opposed in root, branch and flower.
  6. I feel like you're intentionally ignoring what I've written in order to score some kind of rhetorical point. Where did I claim he's had an affair?
  7. From his Facebook post: 'Lois has been a loyal wife, and extraordinary mother, who has had to endure an impossible part of this journey. I deeply regret the excruciating pain this has caused her'.
  8. Violating commitments and covenants is, by definition, infidelity. I'm in no position to speak to the details of this individual case, but are you really going to contend that we haven't reached the point where people celebrate a man who says he isn't attracted to his wife and therefore walks away from his marital covenants ... just so long as he claims he's attracted to men?
  9. Precisely. I find it breathtaking that we've reached the point of dressing up bog-standard infidelity as something noble and life-affirming.
  10. It is. None of this is a novel concept; it's basic botany with a little basic chemistry on the top.
  11. No, it's oxidation. The exact same process that causes a cut apple or avocado to go brown when it's exposed to the air. From Harvard Medical School: The difference between green tea leaves and black tea leaves is therefore exactly the same difference as between a freshly cut banana and one that has sat out on the kitchen bench for 20 minutes. You've repeatedly been taught by Church leaders that tea is prohibited by the Word of Wisdom. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, tea is 'the dried and cut leaves of the tea plant, or a drink made by pouring hot water onto these', and the tea plant is, well, Camellia sinensis.
  12. What I strongly suspect Church leaders find odd is that, in defiance of basic biology, some members have recently taken to thinking that Camellia sinensis can change into a completely different plant depending on what colour its leaves turn when dried.
  13. That's not quite how it worked for us. A sister in our ward who has always and forever worn nothing but pants to church was called as the primary president. Before that, she was the primary song leader. She's been fantastic in both callings. Everyone in the ward loves her.
  14. A new president was called in our stake a few months back. Afterward, the member of the Seventy who conducted this business held an introductory training. In it, he said to the newly called president, 'If you're smart, you'll realise you have two formal counsellors and several informal ones in your presidency. Council with all of them, and you're more likely to avoid mistakes'.
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