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  1. My first reaction to this was; well that's a fine and dandy, but what does the statement, "I am a proud gay Son of God" mean, as a member of the church, and more particularly, a student at BYU?
  2. Wait! You tell us to get the hell out, then when we leave you mock us for leaving???? You're a piece of work Julls... Hey and do us a favor the next time you want to have one of these exclusive misandrous rant fests; give us some sore of signal from the get go.....you know like: "HEY MEN....<insert emoji of middle finger>" Clean. Efficient. Done
  3. Nope Too toxic I'm out (and gone)
  4. Bernard Gui, I fully support your decision to take your leave. This place can be toxic. It's good to detoxify I don't know what got into me, to step back into this hornets nest. Life was good. I was happy What was I thinking. I think I shall once again disappear too.
  5. To my good bros, pogi and Bernard gui.. I give you this refresher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4EDhdAHrOg
  6. I wish you would quit talking about men in this women's thread...
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