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  1. But, Bob, they ARE part of THIS adoption scenario.
  2. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/self-righteous
  3. I see Ahab has climbed up on his rameumptum, once again, and declared his moral superiority over others. Another lovely day on the MDDB.
  4. Careful...taking a thoughtful, more moderate approach to issues of controversy around here will result in both sides being suspicious of you and win you no friends. Ask me how I know....
  5. I recently drove through Hilldale on a road trip; the town is nearly empty. It's quite a strange sight. ETA: My perception is that the YFZ ranch was less about polygamy and more about child abuse, whereas the Short Creek raid was premised almost exclusively on the practice of polygamy.
  6. Would you be interested to know that approximately half of the women who were found in one of Petersen's house when he was arrested have now decided to keep their babies? Perhaps that's because they are no longer being coerced. Just a thought.
  7. Oh my...I'll come back to this. I'm working.
  8. All you did was cite the practice, both anciently and currently. You didn't actually show that the practice had the effects you stated. If that's the substance of your argument, I'll submit the foul evidence and outcomes that are shown by the FLDS, et al.
  9. I, personally, give no weight to her words (partially for the reasons cited by rockpond, below). I find her age relevant and consider it in extremely poor taste for a 60+-yr-old man to be engaging in playground-style mockery of a teenage girl in a public forum.
  10. If you are going to insist on a legalistic, precise wording, quote to address your argument then we aren't going to get anywhere. If you are unable to understand why women would interpret being told they are "pornograpy" to men with how they dress, and being told they have a responsibility for the "moral purity of men" and "get the man they dress for", as implicitly stating that they (women) are accountable for the thoughts of men, then I can't help you.
  11. C'mon, Mark. How am I demeaning women? Perhaps we could hear from @Calm @bluebell @Peacefully @juliann @bsjkki @MustardSeed or any other woman in this thread? If they can point to a post of mine that was demeaning of women, I will gladly accept a lifetime ban from this board.
  12. I'm demeaning women? Where have I ever demeaned women on this board, or any other?
  13. This. This is why you aren't capable of engaging in this discussion. You keep acting like you are the smartest guy in the room, and you just aren't and you have no business telling women how to think and feel about THEIR EXPERIENCE AS WOMEN. That should be self-evident, but it seems to be beyond your comprehension.
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