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  1. Side note: Is the term "anti-mormon" even acceptable anymore in this new day and age with a prohibition on the use of the term "Mormon" by the Church's members? How many times is Satan winning when the term is used? Just thinking out loud....
  2. ttribe


    What's more likely is you got an adjuster that didn't want to tell you all of your options.
  3. ttribe


    You have the option to do have the shop paid directly or receive the funds.
  4. Yeah...I just edited my post. Sorry about that.
  5. Why is that the logical assumption? Because they COULD be involved? That doesn't necessarily follow. A lot of boards are more distantly involved in day-to-day decisions than you seem to be assuming. Frankly, I find such speculation to be in very poor taste. This is someone's CAREER we are talking about. They got fired. Let's just LET IT GO.
  6. Who is actually making said assertion or speculation, Scott? Because, other than you, I don't seen anyone else in this thread saying such a thing. ETA: Never mind...just found one from HFT just before I posted my question to you.
  7. You ask WAY too much.
  8. No more redundant than your continued insistence on publicly criticizing Blair's job performance and character.
  9. Which he specifically DID NOT say, but you're gonna keep beating that drum because it serves your petty purpose with creating this thread.
  10. ttribe


    With respect, you do not understand the legal definition of fraud or the nature of insurance contracts in the U.S.
  11. There was no insinuation, whatsoever. There were plain statements of fact. It is you who is reading between the lines.
  12. He said no such thing and you know it! He plainly stated that Dan Peterson would be at the MI if the board of trustees so desired and he just as plainly stated that he is not talking about the order in which the original decision was made. It's you who is hyper-focused on this issue, leading to your improper reading between the lines "with impunity."
  13. ttribe


    'Cuz it hurts like hell?!
  14. ttribe

    Hype for April 2019 Conference

    Which ones has the Church set aside and what do you think that means for the current Church?
  15. ttribe

    Evidence for the Book of Abraham

    Given this approach, do you believe your apologetics efforts are effective?