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  1. Since when is this board a forum for the establishment of a self-serving thread where the OP gets to make responses into the ether to comments that are without attribution, without context and without the opportunity for rebuttal from their author(s)? Threads filled with real discussion and debate are shut down for the tiniest of perceived infractions on this board, but this thread - a virtual temple of narcissism for the OP - is allowed to persist in perpetuity?
  2. This is such a tired and harmful myth.
  3. GE's profits were notorious for appearing to be on a linear growth pattern, for a time. I don't believe it is that way any longer, though....
  4. I don't know if it's the only difference, but it's certainly the most important element. Admittedly, it has been quite a while since I did a deep dive into the scriptures given my faith crisis, but it seems to me that the documentation of prescriptive commands from God were relatively few and far between and, for lack of a better word, momentous (e.g. Ten Commandments). On the other hand various faith traditions make claims of Divine inspiration to support all manner of ceremony and strict acts which clearly develop over great lengths of time. Perhaps this is a potential dividing line worth exploring? I realize my initial post was a bit sarcastic, but even for me your response is a little too cynical.
  5. Perhaps someone could explain the difference between taking the sacrament with the right hand and the Pharisees' limitation on the number of steps taken on the Sabbath?
  6. Good grief! Can you imagine if the new owners decided to put a swimming pool in the backyard?! 🤣
  7. It's not about being PC. It's just basic courtesy and politeness. I would think that's self-evident.
  8. Every now and then you still come up with a good one....🤣
  9. Except, of course, it has been pretty well documented that the denials were motivated (at least partially) by fear of additional persecution.
  10. Uhhh, huhhhh. And the Earth is flat, we didn't land on the moon, and 9/11 was an inside job. Next.
  11. I, for one, appreciate this admission from a defender of the faith.
  12. It was funny watching pedants argue...that's just message boards sometimes, though. ETA: For the record, I am an accountant; I know how to elevate the pedantry level in a room in no 2.2 seconds...faster than a McLaren 720S to 60!
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