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  1. A retcon with a healthy dose of gaslighting; well done. Do not accuse posters of lying.
  2. And yet, the 'wrong roads' story, and the apologetics surrounding the quick about-face on this policy, look suspiciously like a classic retcon.
  3. Except, of course, there are exactly zero documented examples of a child bringing a trampoline into the chapel and jumping super high and hitting his or her head on the ceiling. There are, however, numerous documented examples of children being sexually abused by adults in the Church. Moreover, I would hope you would not be so callous as to equate a "bump" on the head with sexual abuse. You aren't, are you?
  4. Don't you know that anything North of $0 is TOO MUCH to pay to protect other people's kids?! I mean, really! The Church is running SHORT of temples these days!!!
  5. It may be written in a neutral tone; its impact was not, however. Are you able to get that?
  6. This is the real value - it's a preventative control. That there are wails of "It's too expensive!" being shouted makes me very nervous for my daughter.
  7. Are you responding to the notion of background checks?
  8. You are a sample size of 1. It's unclear why you believe you are representative of the entire population of people seeking to get married within the LDS community.
  9. Really happy to see this change come about.
  10. Wow! For the self-appointed court jester around here, you sure do lack a sense of humor when it comes to your own actions. And, yeah, by every definition of "butt-hurt" I've ever seen, your tantum is a textbook example.
  11. I wasn't trying to prove it's a uniquely Mormon thing; I was trying to show that all tight-knit religious groups are targets, no matter their location.
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