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  1. I find it interesting that many have been focused on the time change, along with new curriculum, and have not noted a pretty noteworthy statement by President Nelson. In accordance with us truly honoring the savior whenever we make mention of the church he said to paraphrase, "that we would have the power of God and the blessings of the gospel poured out to an extent that we have not seen." Keep in mind last conference he also said some of the lords mightiest works were ahead, and he said his presidency would have "the end in Mind." Do you think in the not too distant future this promise has to do with more dramatic displays of revelation such as in the days of Joseph Smith or am I overthinking this promise? After all does he mean the power of God poured out to a greater extent then WE have seen, or is he talking about the entire history of the restoration, the beginning up to now. Because if he is promising the power of God to be poured out in greater measure then even in the days of Joseph that is a pretty bold proclamation! What do you think?
  2. Seeking to minister to and serve someone is not a waste of time. She will marry someone else, when she is better. I am fine with that. I received a priesthood blessing blessing in which it was made known to me that it was the Lord's will that I stay the course and the holy ghost would assist me. It will take time and patience because I am dealing with some one that is emotionally broken in many ways.
  3. At the moment Romance is the furthest thing from my mind. I don't care about that. My intuition is that she isn't well spiritually and emotionally. I want to help her, but she has pushed me away so not much I can do. This isn't about marriage. There are more important things then that, or even if she is emotionally indifferent towards me: her emotional health. Her happiness is more important than how she may feel about me.
  4. thanks for the advice. I would say this girl is a bit different. We have communicated for a long time, and although this was in the past, at one point she prayed about whether she should eventually marry me. She also said if the situation was different she might want to marry me but it wasn't convenient. Part of the tension is we are at different places. She is 21, and I am 35. Different countries. Many challenges. At this point why a romantic relationship failed doesn't matter, and given where she is emotionally and spiritually a relationship would not be right. I am sure whatever feelings she had in the past no longer matter. I don't care about that. But she is special to me. I do love her, but that is more a choice, a use of my agency, then a feeling. And I know she is in a dark place. I feel I may have given her emotional overload, unbalanced intimacy given changing dynamics in the relationship. A romantic relationship no longer matters to me. What matters to me is I love her and know she is in a dark and bad place spiritually/emotionally. I wish she had not pushed me away, so that I could help her, because what she is going through is more important than how she feels about me. I know I should move on but I guess I am stupid. You care who you care about, and her happiness is important to me.
  5. Is it me or do people say this a lot as a reason not to righteously exercise our agency in a way that invites but still respects the other persons agency. For instance I have a friend who lives in a different country and now has lost the ability to connect with other people. States "people don't matter to me," and that the only person she cares about is herself. She has completely cut herself off from all social contact with meaningful relationships because she doesn't want to be there for other people. Refers to people trying to help her as noise. People think I am crazy because I say I love her, even though I have never been to her country. Now for the moment I have no choice but to give space, and use caution and patience on how best to help, but I feel the trite answer "people have their agency," is kind of like No duh! Thanks for telling me this. Did you also know that the sun came up today? I also feel that people always assume you are trying to force your will on someone else. An unrighteous use of agency. I feel that often this trite line is just an excuse not to receive direction from heavenly father on what you CAN do! So what do you think do you think we often use this line as an empty comment that really gives nothing of value.
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