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  1. 1 - Call your insurance agent. 2 - Call your home teacher. 3 - Call your HP Group Leader. I am so sorry. I can not do anything anymore because of my back. Getting old is certainly inconvenient.
  2. How about I sell you my formula for turning iron into gold? It works every time. Really. Really.
  3. Why do I have trouble believing you? (No disrespect intended) and you do nothing but disrespect.
  4. Is this your way of jerking a few chains or do you enjoy looking like someone who hasn't got a clue.
  5. I was in the doctors office a couple of days ago and he had a couple of charts showing the skeletal, muscle and nerve systems in the human body and their interaction. It just reinforced my skepticism of macro-evolution. All that happening by fortuitous mutations that just happen to come together at the right time to get everything working properly in sync. Well lets just say it takes a lot more faith than I can muster to believe that.
  6. A non-profit organization uses fund accounting. They may have only one checking account but the money is accounted for in the different funds and must be used for the purpose of the respective funds. Fast offerings go into the Fast Offering Fund and must be used for fast offering purposes. It may be used anywhere in the world but it must be used to help the needy.
  7. And where is that bridge you have for sale?
  8. Where is the part that says they have to be provided a publicly maintained place right in the middle of a private performance area? Isn't that government support of religion.
  9. What is it about; This is not a first amendment issue, that you don't understand? No one is putting any prohibitions on anyone's ability to practice their religion nor is the sale of the surplus property to a church an act of supporting that church. No where is it required that a place must be provided and maintained for these screetchers. The only thing I see wrong here is that you are sitting in the stove and complaining that somebody is burning your backside.
  10. Whichever route you take (medical or adoption) there are tax deductions and credits that may even offset the amount paid in tithing.
  11. 1 - Yes, and what is the problem? The street has no more value to the city, in fact maintenance is a drain on the city. It is up for sale if someone else (street screetchers) wants to continue using it let them buy it. 2 - What did you read in the newspapers that is different than what I have stated above?
  12. TSS take off the blinders. There is no tax dollars going to the Church. The Church is paying for the property and improvements. The property is worthless to the city or anybody else. You are way off on your understanding of the first amendment.
  13. http://www.bbc.com/news/health-25156510 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/02/150212154633.htm And finally think about this http://www.cyjack.com/cognition/Genetic Memory.pdf
  14. Thanks for your well thought out and unbiased reponse.
  15. Some scientists take a new look at the genesis story. Maybe the science isn't so settled. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5350538925001/?#sp=show-clips