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  1. Somebodyz

    Refusing To Do The 10-Day Social Media Fast

    It was an honour to have them, speak to us. The pioneers went through so much, gave up so much, when asked. We've been asked something so small.
  2. It wasn't Conference, it was 16th Aug. (Sorry for the mistake, I get confused due to health issues. It's the reason for rarely posting.) Thought this board would change it's name, soon after the announcement.
  3. Did wonder after last Conference, if this board would change it's name. Do believe it should do so.
  4. Here in the UK all the church doors, including the Bishops office door, have glass windows and have been that way for well over 20 years. It seems to have taken a long time for some areas to keep up with the change.
  5. One of our old wards had a very angry mother, who wanted the church to do much more for the mentally disabled. Her daughter had such a condition. She had her daughter in all the programs. The members became her babysitter, and tried to accommodate her through her youth. The ward arranged a carer, who now some 30 years later, has full charge of what is a grown child. Her mother fought for her child's place within the church, her whole life. Within our stake there are others who wish the Church would do more for the mentally and physically disabled. I guess they are just such a small number, they are mostly unheard of. The gay community has a bigger support group, in and out of the church, or at least a more vocal one.
  6. Somebodyz

    New Revelations and the Future

    Is holier similar to higher? Weirdly I was sure President Nelson said higher law during Conference, yet seem to be wrong, when reading it later. "Instead, we will implement a newer, holier approach to caring for and ministering to others." President Russell M. Nelson.
  7. Somebodyz

    Were you taught not to go to the police?

    We've had different experiences based on who was Bishop at the time. I was taught, go to the police if the law is broken, but also go to the Bishop. We don't choose which laws we follow. Most Bishops step up. I've seen one Bishop, who let things slide, until they couldn't. The person involved was loved by many in the ward and tricked many when hiding his behaviours. Bishops are human, humans make mistakes, have flaws and weaknesses. Perhaps sometimes they mix up forgiving, and the order it should be done in. Confessing and going to the police is part of that process. The Church isn't to blame.