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  1. Rock_N_Roll

    Jeff Robinson on the LGBT issue at FairMormon

    kllindley said: I actually would love that information. I have still yet to hear such an experience aside from general rumors and claims that it happens all the time. Take for example, a recently viral story about a young high school student who received thousands of dollars of scholarship after publicly stating that his parents kicked him out for being gay. He later admitted in an interview that his parents had been more than happy to have him in their home for several years, knowing he was gay. They asked that he still follow family Rules, including attending their church on Sunday. What he was no longer willing to do this, he moved it with a friend. I don't consider this being kicked out for being gay. I am ashamed to admit that the first scenario you mention applies to myself. Thankfully, my wife and I have changed our attitudes towards our, now married, gay son, and he and his husband are welcome in our home anytime. As far as “kicking them out when they come out as gay” …well, there’s always two sides to every story, but my brother’s family has just such a teen living in his basement. He was asked to leave if he wouldn’t stop acting and/or dressing gay. He’s never had a boyfriend as far as I know.
  2. Rock_N_Roll

    Jeff Robinson on the LGBT issue at FairMormon

    Well, I don't have 25 years of therapy experience, but I can show him a case I know of today, if he likes.
  3. Anyone know what petition they are referring to in this BBC interview?
  4. Excellent book. Pres. Topp was my Stake President. Awesome man!
  5. Anyone watch American Ninja Warrior? This "Mormon Mom" couldn't walk up until about 8 months ago. Now she is competing on American Ninja Warrior. She attributes this to cannabis and chiropractic car. https://www.ksl.com/?sid=45603520&nid=148
  6. Rock_N_Roll

    Mormon Pop Music 2.0?

    As a close friend of both Joel and Kevin (Afterglow), I can say that even though much thought and work went into the creation of their songs, as with most song writers, there were times when a line had more to do with the rhyming scheme of the song and less to do with making sure it was doctrinally correct.
  7. Rock_N_Roll

    1st Pres. and NAACP

    Maybe this has been discussed, but how exactly was it ever determined that a person was “black” enough that they couldn’t have the priesthood? I’ve heard the “not one drop” phrase, but how was that determined before the days of DNA testing? Not everyone knows their ancestry beyond a couple generations. And just how dark would someone have to be to be considered “black”? Barak Obama is only half black, but he is fairly dark skinned. Meghan Markle is lighter skinned, but she is half black as well. I’ve also heard it was only blacks with ancestry from Africa that were banned from the priesthood. What about those with dark skin from Brazil or India or the aborigines from Australia? Were they not considered “cursed”?
  8. Rock_N_Roll

    Fashion Question

    My garment sleeves always show if I wear t-shirts that fit me (large). I could always start buying XL, but then I'd risk wearing clothes that are "too baggy". What to do...
  9. You probably mean Imagine Dragons.
  10. Rock_N_Roll

    Mission calls and Monday nights

    Yes! It seems to be a fad here in Utah County. I've been to at least 4 of these, just for my nieces and nephews, the past few years. And because my calling was with the YM, I heard about and saw these videos and/or parties all the time.
  11. Rock_N_Roll

    The Demise of Scouting

    I do believe the Youth, especially those 16 - 18, have too much on their plates. I wouldn't want to see Mutual discontinued. Maybe every other week? Once, when I was Priest Q. leader, I was asked to go to "Venturing training". We were told to start the Venturing program in our ward and encourage the YM to start working on earning gold and silver medals, etc. The next day the Scout Committee chair brought me a list of boys that hadn't yet earned their Eagle and he suggested that I start pushing them to finish. That very next Sunday, the bishop handed all the boys a Duty to God book and told them to start working on passing off the requirements. Mind you, these are 16 to 18 year old boys who have homework every night, are on sports teams, are trying to graduate from H.S. and Seminary and many of whom have part-time jobs. They just looked at me with glassy eyes that seemed to say "ya-right!".
  12. Rock_N_Roll

    The Demise of Scouting

    We had a great bishop, who thought it was a great idea to let the YW do what the YM had done the year before. But he had to convince the Stake Pres. who apparently has the final say.
  13. Rock_N_Roll

    The Demise of Scouting

    Our YW (in Utah County) went to Yellowstone (in WY) last summer.
  14. Rock_N_Roll

    19th Century Mormonism - Would you do it?

    My first reaction would be to ask “why?”. Which is the reaction I have with any revelation, modern day or not. If the only answer is “cuz God sez so”, then my gut usually tells me it’s not a real revelation and I ignore it. If there are good reasons that make sense to me, I’ll pray about it and let God tell me himself that “He sez so”. But since this is a hypothetical, and I don’t have any of the above information, my gut would say: Polygamy – probably not. Doesn’t make mathematical nor relationship sense. (Ever watch Sister Wives or Escaping Polygamy? Uhh...no) United Order – only if I was assured that everyone else in the community was “all in”. Full length garments – Nope – doesn’t make sense. Completely impractical. Even today's g’s could be made to be more like normal undies. (in fact, I just heard there was a change in this direction for the women’s?). Law of Adoption Sealing – Why? Doesn’t make sense. Political Power of the Church – only if Christ is the head of the political party. In other words, Christ would be King. Priesthood restriction – Nope. You’d have to give me a good reason, because I can’t think of one. Calling & Election – Sure, why not? What about viewing the WoW the way they did in the 19th Century? I don’t believe it was a temple recommend requirement back then.
  15. Rock_N_Roll

    Progression Between Kingdoms

    I have a hard time believing in a loving Father that would say to his son; “Ok son, you’ve got one chance and once chance only. If you screw up, I never want to see you again”.