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  1. Progression Between Kingdoms

    I have a hard time believing in a loving Father that would say to his son; “Ok son, you’ve got one chance and once chance only. If you screw up, I never want to see you again”.
  2. So...if the policy concerning SSM couples and their children was a revelation, and the policy for polygamist families is basically the same...was the policy for polygamist families a revelation as well?
  3. Lex de Azevedo Interview

    I listened to the whole thing last week and found it pretty interesting. I like his take on a lot of things.
  4. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    I just hope they sell it at the stadium now. I'll need it just to stay awake this year.
  5. Actually, according to my bishop, who said he got it from an area GA, children of parents in a same-sex marriage, CAN request an exemption from the FP. They will be considered on a case by case basis.
  6. Explaining the Word of Widsom

    Are you sure about that? From a quick google I see 8oz. Coffee = 95mg of caffeine. 16oz. Rockstar = 160 mg. of caffeine. So, 16oz. coffee = 190mg. Of course energy drinks have a whole lot more sugar! https://www.caffeineinformer.com/the-coffee-and-energy-drink-double-standard
  7. Can caffeine make you fat?

    And then there's this... Study: Drinking four cups of coffee daily lowers risk of death https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/08/28/study-drinking-four-cups-coffee-daily-lowers-risk-death/607381001/
  8. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    My BIL was told this same thing, right about the same time they had him going through shock therapy at BYU. Didn’t work by the way. In fact it turned his heart strongly away from the church.
  9. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    Yup. It's there alright. Thanks for that. It's right there in the same chapter that says "For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death:" Good thing we don't follow this any longer. There'd be a lot of "puttin' to death".
  10. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    I only added the “Dis-“ to a sentence by Ksfisher. If you dismiss my argument as “an argument from silence”, then his argument must be dismissed as well. Where in the scriptures does God condemn to death persons committing homosexual acts? I’m not saying it’s not there, there’s a lot of weird stuff in the OT, I just don’t remember seeing it.
  11. In Latter Times Some Shall Forbid Marriage

    Prophets, throughout history, have never recorded a revelation Dis-allowing such a marriage either. At least as far as I know. I don’t pretend to be a scholar, so maybe you can point out a revelation I’ve missed. And to be fair, there was only one man and one woman in the Garden of Eden, so a SSM would not have been possible. Had there been twenty men and twenty women, would things have been different? We’ll never know. And while we’re on the topic of the Garden of Eden, who did Adam and Eve’s children marry? Unless you believe in “pre-adamites”, the only answer would be “each other”. That would be called incest. So, comparisons to what happened during Adam’s time to today don’t necessarily fly with me.
  12. My (Ex) Stake President is a Woman

    Wait…”She remains in her 34 year committed marriage to her wife”. Doesn’t that put her in a SSM, which is considered apostasy and automatic excommunication? (as per the policy).
  13. Statement re: Population Explosion in UT?

    Nothing like that in my ward in Utah County. We just had ward conference and the SP didn’t mention anything either. But, if you read some of the threads on LDSFF under Last Days (which I’ve done recently just for a kick), you’ll see some pretty wacked out ideas from some fellow LDS. Some planet called Niburu is coming, Julie Rowe says we all need to prepare food storage and get ready to move to “tent cities”, the economy is on the verge of collapse, etc.
  14. Wow! Looks way better than Trek. I wish I'd had this type of experience when I was a youth...many, many moons ago.
  15. My first reaction to this news is – “It’s about time!” I’ve been in the YM program, either Varsity Scouts or Venturing, for many years – with a stint as Financial Clerk in the middle. Although I earned my Eagle as a scout many years ago, I don’t see it as anything that has helped me in any way since. The YM, especially those 16-18 that I work with now, are too busy to care about “Venturing” these days. Many (most in my ward) are preparing for the missions they will go on soon after their 18th birthday. They are also working on their Duty to God, preparing to take the SAT tests, trying to graduate from High School and Seminary, working part-time jobs, playing on sports teams, dating, applying for college, etc. Scouting is just one too many “other” things to worry about. The YM leaders in my ward stopped worrying about Venturing a few years ago, thank goodness. I went to one seminar on how to jump-start the program and have the boys start earning gold, silver, bronze medals, etc. I came home and said “never again”! Also, as Finance Clerk, I noticed that the YM and YW’s budgets were even, but there was separate budget for “Scouting Awards”.