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  1. I have the same problem with T-shirts. Garment sleeves stick out if I wear a large T-shirt (my size) so I have to wear XL or pull the sleeves up. I need to try these new garments asap!
  2. Which is why the policy was not necessary in the first place. IMHO.
  3. I was never on board with it being a revelation in the first place. Just never felt right.
  4. Looks like Maestrophil beat me to it by two minutes. 😆
  5. This just popped up on my feed from KSL.com "Church to allow baptisms, blessings for children of LGBT parents, updates handbook regarding 'apostasy'. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900063943/church-lgbt-gay-lesbian-policy-mormon-baptisms-blessings-apostasy.html
  6. I had a neighbor who wouldn’t let his children drink root beer from a bottle because it looked too much like a beer. Avoiding the appearance of evil and all. I wonder if that neighbor realized that beer comes in cans as well? That same ward had the deacons pass the sacrament with their left hand behind their back for the first few years I was there. They kept white shirts and ties in a closet, so deacons had no excuse to pass the sacrament in anything but a white shirt and tie. (tennis shoes were ok for some reason).
  7. My gay son married his partner last year. He resigned his membership years ago. There are no adopted children yet, but if there ever are, as their grandfather, it would make me sad to know I could never baptize them. In fact, I would probably not even attempt to take them to church because I wouldn’t want them to feel left out or “other” by the other children.
  8. Yes, people can be foul or un-Christlike on both sides of the issue. After revealing that I have a gay son and two gay BIL’s on the LDSFF board, some posters referred to them as “sodomites” and/or evil sinners. I contacted the mods and indicated that this was offensive and against board rules, and they said they didn’t see anything wrong.
  9. I’m still working on what I consider art and what I do not (I don’t consider Rap Music art, but that’s neither here nor there) But regarding the cake images above – It seems to me that if I’m a baker and I make inappropriately themed cakes (like the examples above) for some people, it would or should be illegal for me to not make them for other people just because they are gay. If I refuse to make them for anyone, then I’m good. I guess it comes down to what you deem “inappropriate”.
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