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  1. This has some good references on Adam ondi Ahman. http://www.LDSLastDays.com/Adam-ondi-Ahman
  2. Are families assigned, chosen, or random?

    When I look at my son, he is the spitting image of me. There is no mistaking that he is my son. Given that our spirits look the same as our physical bodies, I would think there was a plan that our children were born into our families. 40 Abel, the first martyr, was there, and his brother Seth, one of the mighty ones, who was in the express image of his father, Adam. (D&C 138:40) In the spirit world our spirits will have the same form as when we lived on the earth with bodies of flesh and bones. We will look as we do here. (https://www.lds.org/manual/gospel-fundamentals/chapter-35-life-after-death?lang=eng) In 1834, [Joseph] was commanded to take me for a wife. I was a thousand miles from him. He got afraid. The angel came to him three times, the last time with a drawn sword and threatened his life. I did not believe. If God told him so, why did he not come and tell me? The angel told him I should have a witness. An angel came to me - it went through me like lightning - I was afraid. Joseph Said he came with more revelation and knowledge than Joseph ever dare reveal. (Brigham Young sealed me to him, for time and all eternity - Feb. 1842.) Joseph said I was his before I came here and he said all the Devils in Hell should never get me from him. (Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner, "Statement", signed Feb. 8, 1902)
  3. Anti-Mormon attacks are conspiracy theories

    Jeanne, It was directed to SamTheLamanite "threads" not posts. I appreciate your posts.
  4. Anti-Mormon attacks are conspiracy theories

    Jeanne, it wasn't you
  5. Anti-Mormon attacks are conspiracy theories

    MODS, Can we somehow get a feature to filter out threads by certain posters that clutter up the board. I don't want to come to the SamIAmTheLamanite message board cluttered with his thoughts. I want to come to a board with meaningful discussions.
  6. I am having a brain cramp... I can't recall if it is Joseph Smith or who but I remember a quote to something to the effect that: My knowledge of the truth is independent of others. It doesn't matter if there ten thousand others that testified for/against what I believe, it would not have my testimony vary in any degree. I am counting on the vast strength of the forum to revive my memory. Thanks in advance.
  7. New First Presidency

    I received a phone call from my daughter last night that her stake just had a stake conference last week. They have informed their stake that they are going to have another stake conference in two weeks and they will have visiting general authorities: Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf. Besides the point that I am envious that they get to be in meetings with these two for a weekend, it also crossed my mind that maybe this is another reason why Elder Uchtdorf is back in the Quorum of the Twelve. Obviously the influence of President Oaks in the First Presidency is important for the Church and his preparations but Elder Uchtdorf getting more opportunities to be in the stakes might have a more far reaching impact than if he stayed in the First Presidency.
  8. New First Presidency

    Now that's not something you see every day. Peggy Fletcher and "excellent" mentioned in the same sentence.
  9. New First Presidency

    Thanks to Scott, I went back and reread President Clarks 1951 conference address. In 1950 J Reuben Clark served as 1st counselor to President George Albert Smith. In 1951 when the First Presidency was restructured under President David O McKay, President Clark was called to serve not as 1st counselor but as 2nd counselor. Here are President Clark's comments in that General Conference: Here are some comments from President Spencer W Kimball regarding President Clark's comments: https://jreubenclark.co/church-service The brethren are humble followers of Christ and I don't believe for a minute that there is turmoil over "which of them should be greatest."
  10. New First Presidency

    When was the last time a counselor was not retained in the incoming First Presidency?