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  1. New First Presidency

    I received a phone call from my daughter last night that her stake just had a stake conference last week. They have informed their stake that they are going to have another stake conference in two weeks and they will have visiting general authorities: Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf. Besides the point that I am envious that they get to be in meetings with these two for a weekend, it also crossed my mind that maybe this is another reason why Elder Uchtdorf is back in the Quorum of the Twelve. Obviously the influence of President Oaks in the First Presidency is important for the Church and his preparations but Elder Uchtdorf getting more opportunities to be in the stakes might have a more far reaching impact than if he stayed in the First Presidency.
  2. New First Presidency

    Now that's not something you see every day. Peggy Fletcher and "excellent" mentioned in the same sentence.
  3. New First Presidency

    Thanks to Scott, I went back and reread President Clarks 1951 conference address. In 1950 J Reuben Clark served as 1st counselor to President George Albert Smith. In 1951 when the First Presidency was restructured under President David O McKay, President Clark was called to serve not as 1st counselor but as 2nd counselor. Here are President Clark's comments in that General Conference: Here are some comments from President Spencer W Kimball regarding President Clark's comments: https://jreubenclark.co/church-service The brethren are humble followers of Christ and I don't believe for a minute that there is turmoil over "which of them should be greatest."
  4. God, the prophet and slavery

    How might this verse apply to this thread?
  5. Adam and Eve's marriage

    Here are some quotes I have compiled on this topic.
  6. Tolerance

    Nibley came to mind in this thread...
  7. Who does 2 Nephi 3:18-19 refer to?

    This is what Bruce R McConkie said regarding these verses...
  8. Robert, I benefit greatly from your posts. But the verse in Matthew of pearls before swine comes to mind... I just don't think there is any indication that Sam is of any mind to openly consider and appreciate your efforts.
  9. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    The following statements have "been approved by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles." https://www.lds.org/topics/essays?lang=eng
  10. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    JulieM, can you provide ANY reference at LDS.org that says plural marriage was man's creation and not from God? Just one reference?
  11. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    It shouldn't matter if I disagree with how your feel. That is not the point. I am asking you to give prophetic or apostolic support for what you feel. If you don't have any support, and I haven't seen any, is there a chance that what you feel is not in sync with the prophets?
  12. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    JulieM, What does this say to you? https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/topic/polygamy
  13. Reconciling the Lucy Walker story

    Not at all. I don't care what is popular. What I care is what God has established through His latter-day prophets and apostles as being correct.