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  1. lostindc

    The State of Mormon Apologetics

    What happened to Will? I think the Backyard Professor is no longer Mormon, or at least a believing Mormon. Besides the Interpreter Foundation, the other outlets you mentioned like the Church History Dept and the Essays, to me, don't seem like apologetics. Rather, these outlets seem like they focus more on compiling historical documents and acknowledging portions of Church history. I don't feel like these outlets are seeking to explain why something happened in an apologetic manner. I could be wrong.
  2. lostindc

    The State of Mormon Apologetics

    Yep, there's definitely a few apologists that switched sides. Quite a few apologists I lost tabs on over the years, like Bokovoy and William Schryver,
  3. Years ago, when I joined this site, the field of Mormon apologetics was active. I remember active engagement from Mormon academics from various backgrounds, consistent publications, debate, amongst other activities. Nowadays, Mormon apologetics seems close to non-existent relative to ten years ago. What changed? Where are the apologists? P.S. It's been years since I've posted here, I hope everyone is doing well.