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  1. Compare the board now to the archived posts from a decade ago. Compare the approach of apologetics now to then... Compare the stats of those quitting now to then... I see no moxy anymore.
  2. Are they still conducting any sort of conversion therapy at BYU? Has the Church denounced conversion therapy? I really don't know what the current status is for the questions above.
  3. So you’re claiming that church hq isn’t aware of the suicide epidemic with lgbt youth? Really, there’s no smoothing this over. It’s a losing battle. Iff subject, but I visit this board from time to time and most posters here are wonderful, and it’s alarming to see how low the faith is in Mormonism. There’s no moxy here anymore. The Church is dying.
  4. Church HQ knows the research, not sure why they would risk more suicides. Seems like the program isn't worth the squeeze.
  5. I should reword my statement to say give reason for members, not you. I apologize. I don't see any evidence you would do such a thing. I was typing fast from an iPhone and just not thinking on that one.
  6. nope. The moms can't tell if Denson is lying. I am sure this will give members ammunition to ignore future claims from victims. I've mentioned this since NNN hit the circuit. He has no business teaming up with these individuals. He's a broken person doing broken things. (Note, I edited to remove "you" and replace with "members"....in no way do I think you would ignore something of this nature, my bad, I apologize on that one)
  7. You do know that the person that filmed that video is also a victim of sexual abuse right? The rest of your post is pretty much incoherent. Can you summarize your message in a sentence or two?
  8. Wrong, I know someone that went through this and it's a nightmare. I suggest change and no more posturing. Try that...
  9. Bro, you already declared victory. Raise your hands and walk out of the thread. Readers of this board can digest your victory posts. You shut this thread down. I didn’t even address your arguments as you required. Huge victory!
  10. Same with those trashy sit-in displays from the civil rights era. Can you believe they interrupted people eating? What about all the work schedules thrown off by these activists? We’re talking livelihoods here...
  11. Is it not okay to share? My username is the same there as here. Many from that board most certainly read threads from here. We’re kind of shocked at the posts here but that really doesn’t mean much on this board. You want parents of children molested by members to not be able to voice warnings and concerns to their congregation in F&T meetings. Which is worse?
  12. Okay guy, you’re a master debater. Surprised you would pick pedophilia as the subject to display your skill set and declare your victories.
  13. So the video was posting for a rhetorical point? Really?
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