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  1. agreed BTW, sorry you went through so much. My sibling went through a lot of similar stuff. He moved on from Mormonism a long time ago and his life is in a much better place.
  2. Any restrictions to when they can become members? Does Jesus have this many rules to be a follower/member/whatever?
  3. So do you think the revelation wasn't heard correctly hence why so much misunderstanding? Why would revelation be reversed so quickly?
  4. how is not allowing the children of same sex partners to become members bring people to Christ?
  5. Supporting a leader isn't the problem, supporting the leader in this case might be wrong. I think most that criticize the church do so from a place of pain, and I don't know how looking through the scope of both the modern and historical contexts will alleviate the pain.
  6. The anger is real and justified. This board has always been a place to battle out the topics. But now, we can start to compile a bodycount due to the policies/approaches we debated for so many years. After this policy retreat, I think one message we can ponderize is that many of the other policies and doctrines that are topics of contention may change thus it's probably a good idea to not attack those that question. We have a long history of attacking the messenger and not the message. From Nibley to Greg Smith, even the most notable of LDS apologists focus so much on the person instead of what the person is attempting to convey. The salt has lost its savor.
  7. I believe this board and many posters here are culpable. We read many posts supporting the policy and denouncing those that took issue with the policy. We had a wing of amateur and pro apologists begin to build a rationalization tower and unfortunately that often comes with the Nibley approach of attacking the messenger. Many posters were attacked. Many debates, much sadness and anger, just on these very boards. In real life, the causalities really exist. Lifestyles were attacked. Families were divided. Members left the doors of the church to never return. Youth left messages that their suicide was due to being gay and the Church's cruelness to this fact caused them to finally need to end their existence because the pain became too much. Really, it can't get much worse. I've never seen the Church leaking so much. Yet, we have members continuing to rationalize/justify the latest approach to the policy.
  8. Yep, I am in your boat. I can’t imagine worshipping a god that plays mind games and some of these games lead to members feeling so hopeless that they end up harming themselves. That doesn’t sound like a God of love, really, that sounds like humans messing with other humans and most certainly not involving any sort of love.
  9. Dude, you might have posted one of the lowest posts I’ve read in my many years on this board. One day, you may wake up and find a complete 180 on all LGBT policies in the church and your hatred and energy spent rationalizing this bigotry will be for nothing. Either way, you woke up today and found a significant policy reversal from the prophet and this is on the heels of significant public pressure. Four years and many quotes claiming the policy is divinely driven full of clear confirmations only to have it reversed overnight.
  10. Yes, I actually do know one, that’s it, but I spent most of my life in a very low mormon pop. A couple things to ponderize. Most LGBT members were already pushed out of the Church. The significant backlash and mad feelings you’re reading is due to many of us having LGBT friends and family. This policy was another kick in the gut, another way of saying you’re not welcome in Mormonism. What sucks for all of the TBMs on this board is that many of you folks spent time rationalizing this policy over the years only to have the policy taken off the table. All the arguing with posters, perhaps friends and family, all the discussions were for a policy the Church dumps four years later. I know the policy divided my family even further.
  11. I agree to an extent, but one can easily head over to various social media groups and find quite a few posting today about how this policy led to a loved one or friend committing suicide.
  12. This policy is likely responsible for many resignations and even unfortunately helped influence some to suicide. This policy impacted many, hence why the four year policy and a complete 180. I think it probably didn’t impact you because you live in an area and lead a life where things are extremely homogenous and LGBT is nonexistent. As for the refiners fire, that’s up to you to decide. It’s sounds awful silly for a God to choose this method, but heck, I am sure many can find a way to rationalize.
  13. People left this earth prematurely over these LGBT policies. Unfortunately, this four year experiment carried with it the most serious of impacts. I am saddened to say that I know individuals that killed themselves over the Church’s approach to LGBT policies and I am afraid this is one of the policies that really impacted many. I am thankful the policy changed, but I am sickened that the policy even existed. There’s blood on the hands of that policy.
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