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  1. Nehor, no one is saying don’t conduct research, people are screaming to conduct research, and at the same time, but at the same time, don’t wait to stop the bleeding. Move forward and apply what we learn from the research. Listen to the students that say this will help. Mental health intervention with a mental health professional can work. We don’t often necessarily know the cause of a personality or mood disorder for an individual, but mental health intervention still exists to treat and maybe even find the why. But carry on. I just posted a second ago that I am backing off this thread for a minute.
  2. I am definitely taking a step back from this thread for a minute. I want to say that I believe you posters care about each of these students and those struggling with mental illness. I believe we all want the best for these kids. We may disagree in regards to causes and solutions, but we probably don’t disagree about wanting these students to achieve the best possible outcome. I can’t imagine the nightmare that girl lived and I can’t imagine the nightmare her loved ones are now living. Their daughter is gone. Life is extremely humbling and challenges are unpredicatable and even unrelenting. In my younger years, a older member of the Church who was briefly my Bishops, and I also knew him the majority of my life was one of the kindest individuals I’ve ever encountered. Still, I can imagine but a small handful of people I’ve know to display his kindness. He made time for many of my peers that suffered through various mental health struggles. Always available, always a shoulder to lean on. This exists in the Church...still. While these individuals still exist we know that quite a few that struggle are in good hands. I hoping for the best.
  3. wow Clark, that definitely cancels out that you find these kids not resilient. I mean, why consider the challenges these individuals traverse. To you, they're weak, not resilient" and are addicted to social media.
  4. Again, I've posted stats in this thread that display that the rates of suicide and mental illness are significantly higher within the college age bracket in Utah, so whether BYU has the same amount of counselors as another university isn't equitable if that other university doesn't have the same level of issues. We have a problem and you excuse it as other's have the same problem (arguably not on the same scale) but since others have the same problem then we're good, nothing to see here. What I am reading here is weak apologetics applied to the topic of this thread. Posters here are so focused on apologetics that objectivity is not necessary. Defend at all costs.
  5. Really Smac, you just stated i exploited someone's suicide to criticize a religious group I dislike. I think you should retract that statement. I have a really loaded reply for you if you really want to go that route and if I can't post it here I will post in on mormondiscussions. I am serious as can be, you retract that crap. In no way am I exploiting this kid's suicide. I am hoping we can learn from what happened. I personally know individuals that committed suicide at BYU. I associate with people that provide resources to survive these situations and they do it on the very grounds of BYU. Hopefully, you can lay down the Official Mormon Apologetics Approach to Posting on Message Boards Manual and ride into reality.
  6. Smac, BYU students are asking to have access to counselors. At several universities where I worked, a student could become established with a counselor within approximately two weeks. This is a reasonable period of time, instead of ten weeks like BYU. Fortunately, I worked/studied in states that don't have these significantly high mental illness and suicide rates. Utah is in crisis mode according to the CDC (https://health.usnews.com/health-care/articles/2018-03-22/cdc-probes-troubling-rise-in-suicide-among-utah-teens). Drive-by hectoring isn't occurring, rather, some of us posters are shocked at Clark and others that minimize the horrific things occurring. If BYU students are telling you they have a potential solution to their mental health issues and common knowledge accepts that counseling improves the lives of those suffering with mental illness, then why not try? We have the funds.
  7. It's wild you can laugh today Clark. You seem to want to argue instead of address the issues. This is a game of apologetics for many posters here. The position to start, in this case, is that BYU can't do wrong and to figure out ways to maintain this position. Very few are objective. I will follow the argument where it leads. In fact, if you haven't noticed, I've called out a large portion of the outspoken inactive and exMormons this past week. I can take it on the chin, I can be objective, you cannot and that's based on your posting history. BTW, no one drove you off from MD, they just refuted pretty much most of your arguments and you became frustrated and lost your temper several times. Eventually, you took your ball and went home to a safe space.
  8. Okay, so your point is to establish why she did this, and work on providing solutions to avoid this from happening again? What do you propose we do to research why this happened and who is responsible for figuring out why this continues to happen at BYU and in the state of Utah?
  9. What do you want me to counter argue Clark? I love how you wish to argue against the idea that BYU needs more counselors and Utah and BYU do not have suicide and mental health issues, beyond many other states and universities. But yes Clark, what shall we debate today?
  10. I wonder why you never post on that board? Why not go over to that board to continue the discussions where no editing/deleting/freezing will occur? As as far as addressing any of the points you posters raised, provide me the first point and I will address. If you haven’t noticed, it’s many posters against one.
  11. Sorry, I couldn’t finish my response. Yes, we will have to agree to disagree. Our views never matched on either site and you continue to believe you actually provided some sort of refutation to my arguments. I guess we can all dream big. Still, you should head back over to mormondiscussions, you will definitely receive a bunch of criticism to your arguments, but that site is less one sided than here.
  12. Dehlin still has a message board? Mormon discussions edits nothing except personal info. Post over there, you already do and many of the conversations can be heard.
  13. what? You post on mormon*****.***, can you start a thread and post your ideas there and carry this debate with that crew, I am interested to see how your argument stands.
  14. almost, so close, but not there, work on it, refine, and post again.
  15. no one wants to ignore research. I believe the students want counselors now, research can follow. Is that okay?