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  1. I haven't been around much lately and missed those things, but it seems to me like we don't have many extreme posters on either side anymore. There are some people I really miss who were very devout, but their knowledge they shared was sometimes delivered with unnecessary nastiness. And there is one who completely turned around and went off the deep end. I think all of us have forgotten at times that we're all real people with feelings. I've learned a lot from some posters, but they've also made me cringe a lot.
  2. Do you think the mods have gone anti-Mormon?
  3. We have the opportunity to oppose for a reason when people are called. If you know someone behaves like this man, raise your hand and oppose. Or better - report it a long time before he's called to anything!
  4. I'm losing all patience for enabling wives. Just read the article and wow. Really?
  5. Hilarious! My husband accidentally blessed our daughter with my maiden name. That's because her middle name is my mom's name.
  6. A dear friend of mine has been talking about this trip all year and he was initially so disappointed the concert was cancelled, but what it turned into was so amazing! ❤️
  7. 😠 The mom trying to hide him from the police. That figures!
  8. This script is so ridiculous. Everyone should play along as long as possible to slow them down! Be elderly if you can.
  9. I just watched one where the scambaiter got into their system, refunded a victim's money, got lots of evidence for the police, and called the scammer back on his person cell phone number. BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! The panic in the scammer's voice was beautiful as he listed the real names of the "employees" there, the name of their "company", his personal address, etc.. 😂
  10. I have a bizarre sense of humor for one.
  11. Hey, you got Washington's weather?! It's been unusually warm here.
  12. Abusers are so good at leading a double life, it causes people to doubt their accusers, even when there are many.
  13. I've never heard anyone ask that and it wouldn't bother me. How did God make Adam and Eve? We don't really know.
  14. It's almost as fun as the time that alarm button was accidentally hit in Hawaii and for 10 minutes everyone thought they were going to die.
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