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  1. Good bye, baby poo brown shirts!
  2. Or the message might be, "Use your own data if your phone is more important than the person speaking."
  3. Oh brother! It's a no brainer that if you're attending church, a conference, a class, etc., you shouldn't be playing around on your phone. If someone is offended that they don't get to be disrespectful, oh well!
  4. MorningStar

    Church buildings to block social media sites

    At least we can chat here during church.
  5. MorningStar

    Religious Themes in new Star Wars movie.

    What I learned is that Luke can use the force to create an optical illusion and so maybe when Han Solo died, that was actually an optical illusion and he's not really dead. Also still really bitter that Kylo Ren looks nothing like Leia and Han. So dumb. Can't stand Kylo unless it's the SNL skit where he's the Undercover Boss. That's hilarious. Oh, I mean Luke lost the faith due to trial and tribulation, but regained it through Rey being his home teacher.
  6. MorningStar


    A friend said she could move in with her and her family. So relieved! Thanks, Jeanne! We will have to quickly go through her things before her new chemo starts. Her biopsy is this Tuesday and then they will decide what they're doing.
  7. MorningStar


    Thank you, Jeanne. The first sister I mentioned - we became very close friends and she's a part of the family. We have her over right now and she's been fighting cancer hard for years. Same cancer as my dad. I was her VT for four years, we started spending time together after that, and then every Wednesday she came over for years and we made dinner together. Then she started spending Christmas with us because with her job loss, she couldn't visit her family anymore. It's been a total nightmare for her and her savings from being forced to sell her home will run out next month when her lease runs up. I don't even know what to do. Our house is not a good place to take care of her, so I hope another friend can take her in. She's about to start "heavy duty chemo" and as it is she has been falling down, passing out, etc. I've done everything I possibly can and am so frustrated that the wait list for subsidized housing is 2 years long. She lives on the 3rd floor in her apartments and a guy saw her do cartwheels down the stairs last month. She had no memory of falling. There has to be something to help cancer patients who have no family and can't work, but I haven't found anything.
  8. MorningStar


    I used to visit teach a sister who is never getting married and I refused to teach her the lesson on Celestial Marriage or anything regarding children. She's never having children either. I taught her messages that were relevant to her and helped her with what she needed, so I'm glad for the changes. And another lady I stopped visiting because she had a gun on her table and when I asked her if she could put it away because it was aimed at her and making me feel uncomfortable, she rolled her eyes, pointed it at me, and said, "It's not loaded!" Totally insane. I didn't ask to be taken off her route because I didn't want anyone else going over there.
  9. MorningStar

    What is Going Well in Your Life?

    Hahahahaha!!!!! No, I don't like wearing lisstick.
  10. MorningStar

    What is Going Well in Your Life?

    Cool thread! 1. I've also started exercising more and am using my Fitbit to encourage me. I got thrown off by a broken elbow earlier this year. 2. I have over 7,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and one of my videos has over 1 million views. Slowly making progress. 3. I helped some friends learn to stand up for themselves and it feels great!
  11. There was a fertility doctor who did the same thing in the 90's, but he fathered around 75 kids. SNL parodied it. One of the 75 kids told her dad that a girl was teasing her about him and he said, "I'll tell you something about Wendy. She's my daughter too."
  12. MorningStar

    Were you taught not to go to the police?

    Yes, it's very frustrating. Just dealt with a sexual harassment situation in our choir and while some of us were anxious to kick the man out as soon as possible, others were saying it was a great place for him to learn boundaries. Most aggravating thing I have ever experienced. The women involved appealed it and now he's gone, but it took two months. The consequences should have been immediate and swift, but it just dragged it out for everyone involved and gave him false hope, which left me feeling terrified because of his violent online rants. I know the man's daughter and although she didn't know about the situation, she had expressed to me that he chooses not to learn and that in his 55+ years, he should know better by now. These well-meaning people believe for some reason that no one ever took him under their wing and explained what appropriate behavior is. He can't keep a job for a reason and I'm sure he has been told why. Close relatives including his parents have cut ties because of his behavior, yet people think no one ever told him how he was affecting others? His daughter told him bluntly that she unfollowed him on Facebook and why, but rather than learn, he acted like a victim. He also knows his daughters hate his brother with a passion because he talks about their bodies. But he doesn't know he shouldn't talk about women's bodies or touch them? In the end he was dismissed, but as I expected, a few people are mad at me and at least one never wants to speak to me again because I didn't handle it in a "Christlike" way. According to them. In almost 5 years they only knew me as nice, agreeable, cooperative, etc., but then that man groped two of my friends and mama bear appeared. My 9-year-old daughter was also rehearsing in the building. He never paid attention to one of my friends until her daughters joined the children's chorus and then suddenly he was messaging her asking when he could come over and meet the whole family. I saw him hassling a 15-year-old girl on Facebook the same way he was with multiple women. "Did you get my private message? Did you check your inbox?" Private messaging a minor!!! I spent 12 hours writing my appeal letter and told them keeping in the organization was a legal death wish. I know people have good intentions, but UGH!!! What in the heck. This should have been maybe a 3 day investigation tops with over a dozen women complaining and others expressing just a general creeped out feeling. Hundreds of hours of precious time were devoted to that guy. Hopefully he'll finally get help, but I still see him bothering one of my friends who is a public figure. She ignores his private messages and then he'll leave a comment, "Did you get my PM?" She has literally ignored his messages for months and other women have flat out asked him to stop messaging them. He doesn't learn and his opportunities to bother women should be as limited as possible. Yes, people will still have to deal with him at church, but being in a choir is not a right. The two women who were groped both initially told themselves, "Uhhhh .... maybe it was an accident?" Because they're nice and want to believe the best about people and men like him choose nice victims. I would have called him out loudly and called the police, without consulting anyone because I wouldn't give them the opportunity to tell me that's not Christlike. Groping people isn't Christlike!
  13. MorningStar

    Were you taught not to go to the police?

    I have never been taught this, but I know sometimes well-meaning people think it's being Christlike to save people from the consequences of their actions and think just giving someone a talking to will make it all better.
  14. MorningStar

    Prayers requested

    Praying for you!