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  1. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    I agree. My very first experience with him involved him trying to get around the rules and the people who told him no before to conducting the music for an event. I was new to the stake and was probably sure I didn't know he was excommunicated, so no, he can't conduct stake events. If we didn't have a conductor already and I had said yes, I would be livid. Red flags galore for me and they keep increasing.
  2. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    Just sent a public records request to the county.
  3. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    I really need to find out what the terms of this guy's probation was. After the last incident, my bishop told him never to touch me again. Then at Safeco Field after the devotional with President Nelson, my 16-year-old son told me he was using the urinal earlier on the very end and there were 5 not in use when that man came in, used the one right next to him, and said while peeing, "I really needed this. The bus ride was bumpy." Out of tens of thousands of people, that guy ended up in the same bathroom with my son at the same time and decides it's a good idea to pee next to him/talk to him right after the bishop gave him a talking to?! Not that he's definitely breaking any laws (unless he's violating his probation), but come on! His arrest was in 2010 and I know before his trial, the judge told him not to have any contact with minors and that he wasn't allowed to use a computer with Internet. Last night I discovered that in 2011, he was replying to people on his YouTube channel under his son's name, so it appears he was not obeying orders. I guess the only plausible explanation was that his Internet ban was lifted and was accidentally logged in as his son, but I highly doubt that. Also, I talked to a friend in my ward and found out the man's daughter-in-law offered to watch her kids overnight in their home (she was living with them at the time). This was just months ago. The bishop had made a comment that the woman didn't babysit in their home and she said, "You're wrong!" Told the bishop what happened and he said, "I'm calling them immediately to tell them that's not OK." Their daughter-in-law is very obviously on the spectrum and I just can't help but think the man put her up to it. And his wife - what the heck is she thinking?! If my husband lost his job and was arrested for that (and for some bizarre reason I chose to stay with him), I would never let a child in our home again. Furthermore, my same friend said during a wedding reception where there was plenty of space in a large yard, he "accidentally" bumped into her daughter who is about 11 and somehow ended up hanging out in the middle of a bunch of girls in that age range. He made eye contact with my friend and saw she was giving him stink eye and he looked startled. Yep. He knew what he was doing. That was less than two weeks ago. Urging my friend to tell the bishop about that. If that leads to nothing, we'll go to the stake president together.
  4. MorningStar

    President Nelson Comes to Seattle and Vancouver

    Wow! I didn't know it was almost at the Tacoma Dome. I did know that it was supposed to rain and loved it when President Nelson said our faith had prevented it. We gave ourselves two hours to get there because of the traffic warnings and ended up there way early.
  5. MorningStar

    President Nelson Comes to Seattle and Vancouver

    Yes, I was told there were 2,000 Laurels and Priests sitting on the field. One of my sons got to be there and he really enjoyed it.
  6. MorningStar

    President Nelson Comes to Seattle and Vancouver

    I'm sure the majority are local.
  7. MorningStar

    President Nelson Comes to Seattle and Vancouver

    I don't believe so, but people were scared because of things like Las Vegas. If anyone wanted to take out a bunch of Mormons, that would be the place to do it. It holds over twice as many people as the Conference Center. My husband was nervous about snipers while he was standing in line.
  8. MorningStar

    President Nelson Comes to Seattle and Vancouver

    It was such a wonderful experience singing in the choir! And it was also very comforting during soundcheck to see that there was a bomb sniffing dog checking out the stage. I was told by friends that he was taken into the huge line of people too. Several friends decided not to come because they were scared. Yesterday I joked with a friend, "And should we die at the devotional …… Happy day! All is well!" I'm sure this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I'm so grateful for it!
  9. MorningStar

    Need advice

    I knew a dad who came to ward activities to help with his and his ex-wife's very difficult son. It was a welcome thing. I think your wife's problem is that she feels like you should each have your own turf and feels she's intruding on your turf. When your daughter stays with her mom, she would have ample opportunity to trash both of you and the church, so I don't think that's the issue. Sounds like she's just being territorial and maybe your ex will have some nice experiences with church members? That would be a good thing. Your daughter needs to see that you are working on not being enemies. That's my best guess anyway. Prayers for you.
  10. MorningStar

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    Thanks, I'm not talking about punishing, but well-meaning people trying to save a person from legal consequences. A friend had a young man in her ward babysit and he ended up raping her daughters. She had church members asking her not to press charges and seemed to think he would never do it again. They thought she was being unChristlike by having him arrested. The boy had his whole life ahead of him. That's the kind of "tough" I'm talking about.
  11. MorningStar

    Mormon Leaks document on handling Child Abuse

    People everywhere handle abuse badly often and they want to deal with it within their family or within their church to avoid "ruining a person's life". People get forgiveness all wrong and think to excuse one from harsh consequences is to be Christlike. I know many people in our church need to learn this too - you can't just give a person a slap on the wrist and tell them never to do it again. It's even harder when that person has their whole life ahead of them, but that's too bad. I would bet though that the number of cases handled appropriately by the church far outweigh any that were not handled as they should be and you're definitely not going to find that the church moved a child molesting bishop to another ward to make him bishop again. It's like people secretly hope our church is currently doing something as horrid as the Catholic Church has done, but it's not. Yesterday as I saw headlines from various sources, I couldn't believe what I was reading from the Pope. I hoped the translations into English were wrong or made up. As long as humans are imperfect, abuse cases will sometimes be handled all wrong. Mothers will continue to believe their husbands over their children or to lie to themselves when they know deep down what's happening. Clergy will have a hard time believing that this seemingly angelic person has done something evil. It's hard to accuse someone to their face when their act is so good.
  12. MorningStar

    Beauty Pageants - Good or Bad?

    I hate beauty pageants with a passion - putting women on display to be judged for their appearance. Our culture holds women to a ridiculous standard and even young women feel like they can't just have their natural eyebrows and eyelashes anymore.
  13. LDS counselors could also be predators (or any counselor). In fact, predators seek jobs where people will trust them, whereas no one gets to apply to be bishop. Also, giving into temptation doesn't mean you need therapy, but you do need spiritual guidance to repent. My brother is a cop who deals with child images (the filter will block the term) and trafficking. He recently arrested a therapist his wife hired at her clinic. Pretty horrifying. I'm 99% convinced my childhood doctor was a pedophile. Bishops can be clueless about some things, but I have trusted mine and as a teen, there's no way I would have wanted my parents in the room with me if I had anything I needed to talk about. When getting a temple recommend as a youth, my bishops only asked if I kept the law of chastity. That's it. No probing into anything. And there were plenty of other questions. This guy acts like the interviews consist only of asking kids about their sexual behavior. I'm glad that parents can be in the room if the kids want, but I should never be required or else some kids won't ever repent and will feel guilty for a long time for taking part in things unworthily.
  14. One of my sons recently became a priest and he told me he was going to bless the sacrament at someone's home. This man has an inoperable throat tumor and hasn't been able to talk or eat for months, so I asked, "How does he take the sacrament?" Turns out he puts it in a blender with water and it goes in his feeding tube. Can you imagine? My heart is breaking for his family. He had a very close call a couple weeks ago and the next time he goes to the hospital, he won't be coming back. He and his wife have 5 kids. I recently got to take three of them swimming and their kindergartener talked matter-of-fact about his dad having trouble breathing and sometimes bleeding from his mouth. The dad still cooks for his kids while his wife is working even though he can't eat. They're both working so hard to get through this awful time. My kids have gotten to spend time with them and I'm sure their example will make a lasting impression in many ways. I'm glad my son was able to serve them today.