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  1. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    Grateful. Thank you.
  2. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    Your first sentence I am strongly considering and I will be risking my membership by being the ringleader. I already ticked off our pres. this week by demanding accountability from him. He knows me as being nice, helpful, cooperative, etc. This is his first time dealing with me while furious and no one beats a dead horsy like Morningstar. Right now they think I'm going to help gather more witnesses and then if necessary, help the victims feel OK about him still being there, if they choose to give him another chance. I have accepted that role so I can gather the women and stage a massive walkout. Bring it! If they won't listen to common sense, then they're in for a rude awakening. I will have to be very careful to find loyal women. The ones I know as being two-faced won't be notified. We will walk out, head to a restaurant or something, and wait for one of them to text us. Then we will reply that we will return when they get rid of him already.
  3. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    Yeah, my brother is a cop in our state and even if a man exposes himself or something, you can't beat the crap out of him unless you feel threatened. People on the board have different philosophies on how it should be handled and want to help the victims and perps. Personally, I think that's total crap. We are not clergy. Let the man hit rock bottom and get help.
  4. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    Oh, that's terrible!!! Let's just assume they can accept the gospel in the next life. That is crazy! I once went to visit teach this woman I had never met before. Me and my companion sat at the table with her and there was a gun laying on it and it was aimed in her direction. We started the lesson and then I said, "I'm sorry. There's a gun aimed at you. Can you put it away?" She rolled her eyes, aimed it at me, and said, "It's not loaded." I never went over there again and never told them I wanted a different route because I didn't want anyone else visiting her. She was nuts! Also, thank you for the feedback.
  5. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    Thanks for the input. This isn't actually happening in a ward, but in a volunteer organization that didn't have the foresight to make a sexual harassment policy. Mostly LDS people and I thought they could copy whatever policies the church has in place. The man involved is crazy and there is no reasoning with him. I know his daughter and she moved out of state to get away from him. Women have told him to stop messaging and he will just start bothering other women instead of learning that his behavior is creepy. I think our leadership is being stupid as heck and wasting a bunch of time instead of booting the guy. Long story, but walking up to women (one who is 18) and telling them their breasts move a lot is definitely sexual harassment. He is married and he messages women ALL THE TIME and will say things like, "Sending you ehugs." Being in the position that I am, he sometimes has valid reasons to message me, but when he told me he was in tears because of the people we both know and felt this connection with me, I was so done. I wanted to send him my eMiddleFinger. He is so crazy, the women feel like if you reject him, he will confront you. He does confront people for unfriending him. He's almost 60 years old. Stop bothering people and pay attention to your wife, moron! He has over 1200 FB friends. People accept his request and then obviously unfollow because of his insane rants because he typically gets 5 or less reactions on his each post. Sometimes it's about his anger that his elderly parents won't answer their phone (because he's crazy) or a joke about how he's never been sexually harassed and why don't women hit on him? I don't know why a policy is necessary. There isn't a flipping contract and we're an at will state, so you can fire people from paid jobs for no reason. They're trying to handle this in a "Christlike way", but they're just dragging it out for the victims, one of whom he groped! She fears retaliation and won't press charges. I totally would for the good for everyone. If I had the slightest grounds, I would at least get a restraining order.
  6. Church Policy on Harassment, Stalking, etc.

    Ok, is it illegal to sexually harass? You can be fired for it, but will the police arrest you? So let's say a man at church comments on a woman's body at church. I don't think that's grounds to call the police, but how would a bishop handle that? Or what if it's stalkery behavior? Say a man at church sends a woman a FB request, she ignores it, and he starts private messaging her about why she hasn't accepted his request? Now let's say he's doing this kind of stuff to many women, but the women aren't talking because they're trying not to be judgey, but eventually it all comes out. How does a bishop handle that sort of thing? Just tell them to knock it off?
  7. Could someone find me a link to church policy and procedures when it comes to harassment? Thank you.
  8. My Dad

    Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss! <3
  9. Straight up or shut up

    WHAT. Tell them, "If I told you, I would have to kill you."
  10. Straight up or shut up

    Ah, I thought you meant the missionary was saying, "You must not be going to church because you're probably doing x, y, and z."
  11. Straight up or shut up

    That was the nice way to handle it considering he's telling you such a thing in your home while you're feeding him dinner. Does he have a disorder or something? If a missionary said that to my dad (who hasn't gone to church since I was 4 or 5), I would have said something to him. Although my dad would have bitten his head off first like he did with a missionary who was an obvious con artist. Next time he came by, my dad yelled that he wasn't welcome in his house. I was thrilled because I couldn't stand that guy. Major con artist. He was in my husband's mission and that guy was legendary for a while.
  12. Your Pet Peeve

    Any sentence that ends with "at its finest". I just think it's an annoying phrase. Eyebrows that look really fake. What the heck happened to women's eyebrows? When they have them tattooed on, sometimes it's so overly arched, they look like a villainess form a Disney cartoon. Why can't women just look natural? Too much money is spent trying to obtain what society thinks is supposedly beautiful.
  13. The worst comment ever in Sunday School

    I thought that saying meant guys should have loyalty to their friends before girls. Not sure how that applies to the conversation. Hmm.
  14. The worst comment ever in Sunday School

    I don't understand what he even means by that.