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  1. Mormon Newsroom and Suicide

    Wow, that's horrible!
  2. Charmin or Cottonelle? I need someone to tell me!
  3. What a feminist needs is a man to tell them what they really feel.
  4. Maybe the prophet means more to her than earrings? In the eternal scheme, who cares about earrings?
  5. Satan made me eat ice cream for lunch yesterday.
  6. I don't understand the trend. It's vain and then there's the costly apparel thing. And I swear, if one more of my Facebook friends tries to sell me Shakeology/Beach Body because they're a "health coach", I'm going to throw a doughnut at them. I just want to say, "Do you really think no one else has approached me about it? I see your 80 million posts about Shakeology. I see your daily selfie with your shake. If I were interested, I would approach you!!!"
  7. Explaining the Word of Widsom

    I've had caffeinated pop a few times and never felt anything. Maybe it doesn't have the much?
  8. Explaining the Word of Widsom

    My friend's husband won't eat any baked goods that have vanilla extract because vanilla extract has alcohol in it. Seriously.
  9. Explaining the Word of Widsom

    It doesn't mean zero caffeine? Oh, that's right. Zero sugar. Zero happiness.
  10. Explaining the Word of Widsom

    Agreed, rpn. I avoid caffeine because it's addictive, but I do eat chocolate sometimes, but I don't have to start every single day with chocolate in order to function. I've also read things about coffee and tea being a waste of space when life-sustaining food could be grown there, such as cocoa beans for life-sustaining chocolate chip cookies, candy bars, brownies, etc.. I've had friends say they thought I wasn't allowed to drink pop at all, but they accepted it when I told them that wasn't true. I do choose not to drink pop though. I've cut out fast food for the most part and pop for over five years now because we don't have to be commanded in all things. That's what I felt the need to do for myself.
  11. I have a new friend who can be rather opinionated at times and I walked away feeling really irritated the other night. I don't mind when people have misconceptions about our beliefs, but when I try to explain and they insist that they are right, that drives me nuts! She made this comment that I didn't 100% follow my religion because I eat chocolate. I said, "We can eat chocolate." "No, because of caffeine." "We can have caffeine." "You're not supposed to have mind altering drugs." "Caffeine isn't a mind altering drug." "Yes it is." Would you all consider caffeine a mind altering drug? What the heck. So bizarre when people try to hold us to a higher standard than the church expects of us. Ugh. I explained a bit about how there were church members who assumed the prohibition against tea and coffee was about caffeine, but it was about those specific "hot drinks". She asked if I have iced coffee. No, I don't. I avoid all coffee and anything with tea leaves. It can't just be about the temperature of the drink or else we wouldn't have hot chocolate or soup.
  12. Prayer Request from Houston Temple Presidency

    A friend who went down to help said once black mold develops in people's homes, only professionals will be allowed to work on them. My husband is certified in mold remediation (don't know if that certificate expired or not), but we live so far away. And he's not licensed - he used to work for an insurance restoration company.
  13. Facebook conversation

    Sounds like an ingrate to me.
  14. Just wanted to comment that I love this photo. The baby is sleeping through it all and who knows how long it would take for this most likely nursing mom to find dry clothes? I can only imagine being soaked in toxic water and having to cuddle/nurse my baby, plus risk carrying them through that water while worrying about falling. This man is helping her care for her baby by carrying her over the water. I can't stop thinking about the mother who was found dead with her shivering child on her back. So heartbreaking! She was a hero too. As for gender roles, people get offended by things they don't need to be offended by. I happen to like it when men open doors for women and that sort of thing. It's a show of respect and people have turned it into an insult - like the woman can't handle the act of opening a door. Of course there are more men helping with rescues. If my husband and I were making the choice, we wouldn't go out together because we don't want our children to lose both of their parents. My husband feels it's his duty to put his life on the line over me.