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  1. Hey, you got Washington's weather?! It's been unusually warm here.
  2. Abusers are so good at leading a double life, it causes people to doubt their accusers, even when there are many.
  3. I've never heard anyone ask that and it wouldn't bother me. How did God make Adam and Eve? We don't really know.
  4. It's almost as fun as the time that alarm button was accidentally hit in Hawaii and for 10 minutes everyone thought they were going to die.
  5. I won't even let my husband get a motorcycle. Just tell your wife it would mean a lot to you if you could go skydiving and maybe bribe her with something.
  6. She turned on him, huh? Guess that backfired.
  7. I've learned that SO many people feel lonely, even when it appears they have a great social life. Prayers for you! What kind of hobbies are you interested in? Maybe there's a group you can join? I have quite a few good friends, but I still feel very alone in my struggles. I'm so burned out and I feel like I'm always doing special things for my family, but it's just not returned to me. I've been done bending over backwards and I keep wondering, "Don't they see I don't plan their birthdays for weeks anymore?" Maybe they think I've gotten more practical, but no. I feel unappreciated. I am the initiator of everything. FYI to whoever is reading, when your wife asks, "Do you want to go on a date with me?" "I guess" is a lame answer. Not planning dates ever for your wife is lame and it's soul crushing. It doesn't have to cost money. It just takes a little thoughtfulness and showing a desire to want to spend time with her. Can't afford a babysitter? Put the kids to bed and plan something for her. It's the effort and the thought that counts - not money. When we were dirt poor, I made an anniversary meal using food from the storehouse, including cornbread with heart shapes cut out and I filled it with strawberry jam. When you don't continue courting your wife, it's starts to feel like you're business partners coordinating your schedules for kid activities, carpools, etc.. When one person plans dates, it feels like the other goes out of obligation.
  8. The thought that people could make secret pacts with Satan in the pre-existence without Heavenly Father knowing it - 😂 OK, I shouldn't laugh. But I am. Darn you, Mick Jagger!
  9. Hope she's correctly diagnosed and treated soon.
  10. Are our visions meant for just us or for other people to hear? I have a couple I have shared with close friends when I felt like they needed to hear it, but I wouldn't share them just to try to prove to others that there is a God or that the church is true because those who don't want to hear won't hear and would most likely call it a hallucination. Those experiences were meant to help me during my worst trials.
  11. With the cameras being outside, I think that's even more problematic, because it could pick up conversations of neighbors without their knowledge.
  12. In our state, for phone conversations it's a two party consent law - so both parties have to consent to being recorded and it's illegal for a third party to record. I've never heard of people using audio for security cameras.
  13. Good for your wife! That's awesome! When we were living in our apartment with 4 children, someone called and asked what was the cheapest my husband would fix a hole in their ceiling after the husband stepped through it in the attic. Her husband makes a good living and she didn't want to pay my husband what he's worth when we were struggling to move out of that place?!
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