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  1. MorningStar

    Attending Church

    Maybe you could read a book? Journal?
  2. MorningStar

    Death during church activities

    My uncle was 9 when he drowned at the ward pioneer picnic. My grandpa took the kids by himself and had warned him to stay out of the water. A few years ago, I met the man (who was a teen back then) who was the last one to see him. He cried as he told me he saw him, told him to go to his dad where everyone else was (by a campfire) and he told him no. He has carried the guilt all of these years that he didn't make him do it. Anyway, he probably just decided to wade in the lake, but there was a drop off. My uncle said when they couldn't find him after searching many hours, my grandpa sat down on a log and just cried. He knew he was gone. I've also known people who almost died at activities and were very fortunate they didn't.
  3. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    I talked to the music chair about it and she acknowledged that she knows his history and she could tell I didn't want to play for him. I said, "Here's the problem. Any pianist who doesn't know what he did might bring their small children to rehearse and then those children think that their mom believes he's a safe person. And then later she finds out and feels violated that she was asked to play for him even though you knew about what he did. I don't understand why he's allowed to perform anyway because he's excommunicated." She actually didn't know he's excommunicated, but if he ever does get rebaptized, it's still not cool to ask mothers of young children to accompany him. She was very understanding and she said she's given him a lot of leeway because technically the clarinet shouldn't be played in sacrament anyway. I don't care about that so much. Just don't put women in that position! Then last night I got a message from my brother apologizing for something he thought hurt me. His job has caused him to have anxiety around young children and that's why he refused to hold my daughter after she was born. Makes me so angry that anyone should have to look at that, thanks to people like the guy in ward. 😠 Can the Second Coming happen already? I'm so done.
  4. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    Thank you. ❤️ Next time I'm saying something and I don't care if there are people around. The bishop talked to him and that should have been the end of the touching.
  5. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    Yes, my best friend says my "creepometer" works very well.
  6. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    Thank you. Even if I didn't know, I would avoid that guy like the plague. I have horrible feelings around him. I was abused by an extended relative when I was 3 during a family Christmas party. My mom caught him. I just can't deal with this kind of thing.
  7. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    Exactly. Two-year-olds being abused. If he can recover from this, there's no telling how long that will take.
  8. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    He tried to meet up with a minor online and apparently failed. And with all of the new people in the ward, he assumes we don't know. And I don't think most people do anymore.
  9. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    The bishop knows and I recently asked him to tell the man to stop touching all women in the ward because he has touched me unnecessarily several times. He can tell me my son sings well without reaching out and touching me. I've been stuck in multiple situations where he takes a special interest in me and I just don't want to be alone with him. I don't want him asking questions about my family - most especially my daughters. But it just occurred to me, "Why would an excommunicated person get to do musical numbers when they can't participate in any other way?" I'm not afraid he's going to sexually assault me in the chapel. It just causes me great anxiety being around him and being alone with him would be a nightmare and often I have to bring my daughters to rehearse with me. Most importantly, I had a prompting to Google him and I know it's because I needed to set boundaries with him. I know many women who bring small children with them to rehearse and yes, it's a worry when they have no clue what he's done. They just find him odd.
  10. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    Thank you. Yes, he was convicted here.
  11. MorningStar

    Is King David Limited to the Telestial Kingdom?

    Not murdering is pretty much the easiest thing ever. I have that one down. Some other stuff not so much.
  12. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    I just read an article and it said with no prior felonies, the most he could have received was 14 months. 14 months for thousands of images and engaging minors online in sexual conversation! Unreal! I talked to a friend in my ward last night and she had no clue. She said he told her he lost his job at the college he taught at because he didn't keep up with the programming languages. Total lie.
  13. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    It happens everywhere.
  14. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    My family has been seeing a therapist off and on and she suggested that he use a different bathroom that isn't close to the primary. Bishop said there isn't another one, but AH HA! Yes there is. In the stake offices. Zero children go in there. I don't know if he told him to go use it or not. Oh yeah, our bishop also started a dad band and involved my husband and some other men, but not that man. They were playing at a ward party and he got in their faces about it and was really offended he wasn't involved. Bishop said, "Well, you weren't invited." No one enjoys being around the guy.
  15. MorningStar

    Questions about Excommunication

    That's so hard, Maidservant. I think we only have a couple men who play the piano and I feel like I should tell the music chair that he should coordinate schedules with one of them or perform acapella. Another female pianist refuses to play for him too. She can't deal with it. My aunt was 14 when she was preyed on by a member of the ward. My family moved away from there and when the man called my dad to talk insurance, my dad said ,"You have a lot of nerve calling me!" He hung up on him and then the wife called back saying, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS HAS DONE TO MY FAMILY!!!" Cry me a river. As for this man in my ward, his wife makes comments that her husband doesn't have x, y, and z job because people are jealous of him or some nonsense. He had a great degree and then he threw it all away. He has no one to blame for the consequences but himself.