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  1. But their ankles and lower legs are showing. The jackets need to be longer!
  2. Those Fox articles will never open for me for some reason.
  3. You're welcome. But did you find yourself watching it again and you don't know why? That's what happened to me.
  4. Stop making us think HiJolly died or something!
  5. I wear tight pants during conference. Thank you for asking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1c2KzJbcGA
  6. So beautiful! I'm going to suggest it to our choir director. 😄
  7. It's their loss, but I guess they can include who they want. Pretty dumb they don't want more people chipping in who actually share a lot of the same values.
  8. Agreed. This article is garbage. Women speak in church just like men do, which means it's important to listen to them. We have female seminary teachers who teach teenage boys, Sunday School teachers, Primary presidents over male Primary teachers, etc.. Unfortunately there will always be men like my brother-in-law who seem to think men are superior to women even though his dad was an excellent example and treats his wife like a queen. | Edited to add: When it comes to women not being believed, this happens everywhere in all abuse situations. It happens in the work place. It happens in families. Predators put on a wonderful act for many people, making it difficult to believe they're capable of such a thing. I had a friend when I was in grade school and no one in our area ever heard from her again after her mom chose her husband over her. He raped her, she told a friend, who told my mom, my mom reported, and the girl went to live with her dad. I don't know what happened to the step-dad legally, but her mom acted like she didn't exist after that. No pictures in her home of her daughter at all. Countless women haven't even believed their own children.
  9. MLM's have left a bad taste in my mouth ever since this Mary Kay rep invited me to a "makeover" and it was a sales pitch to sell it after we put some samples on ourselves. She asked me, "Have you ever thought about giving up your dream of singing and selling Mary Kay?" "No." They can't just end it with trying to sell you stuff - they want to get you in the business too. I would rather just shop on my own without any pressure from anyone.
  10. I just looked at the price of laundry detergent and stuff though and it's so expensive! I would be more likely to support them if it were affordable and if they weren't trying to get my in-laws under them to make money. They are not well at all.
  11. Hahahahahaha! I just don't understand why she can handle going to those meetings, but she can't handle seeing family.
  12. We just went down for a family reunion in Utah for the first time in almost a decade and two of my SILs didn't come due to anxiety. One let us see her separately and the other strung us along twice, telling us she was going to, but didn't show up. The second time we were heading out of town and could have taken the shorter way, but she sounded pretty convincing that she was going to see us. We got there and waited. And waited. Finally she sent a message saying sorry, she wasn't going to make it. The first time we tried, she said she was slammed with previously scheduled meetings. Yeah, Amway. She and her husband are trying to sell it to everyone or get people under them, including my elderly in-laws (who warned us). Not cool. She just emailed me to ask if I was aware she and her husband have on "online business" and asked for our support. Didn't tell me what it was. That is my biggest pet peeve - when people ask if they can sell me something and don't bother to name the company. I don't get it. People have done that with DoTerra. "Hey, can I come over and talk to you about some things that could help?" Just tell me you want to sell me DoTerra! Anyway, I'm feeling annoyed and like she's trying to use me. The last time she personally contacted me, she had gotten as far on Candy Crush as she could and needed to recruit other people. Um, nope. Feel free to share your annoying stories. I'm having a pretty bad week and this is just one more straw on the camel's back. I can ignore her and offend her or I can tell her no and offend her and risk getting in a back and forth about why I don't like companies like Amway.
  13. If you had been there to slap the phone out of his hand, that would have been even funnier! Thank you for sharing those stories! It's amazing how we can be a complete mess and then Heavenly Father settles things for us.
  14. So true. I think a lot of people don't even really know what their calling involves. I didn't until I became stake music chair and when I had a large event, the high councilman assigned to help me was so awesome - putting out all sorts of fires like removing pews, quickly getting ushers after we were told the missionaries couldn't do it at the last minute, etc.. It's not the sort of calling where you call people into your office for a chat or anything.
  15. It's really easy to miss answers to our prayers sometimes. Some are very obvious, but sometimes I think it's a matter of optimism and faith. I was terrified of a procedure I was having this week and had not gone under general anesthesia in decades - not since I became a mom. I was really worried about complications. We got to the hospital and when we sat down in the waiting room, I was thinking I would try to meditate and pray silently, but this rude guy got on his phone and talked loudly for 20 minutes or so, having a full on argument with the person. I hoped he would be quiet soon, but he wouldn't stop, so I tried to pray for comfort anyway. I couldn't even hear myself think and felt really frustrated, but then I started to find the situation comical, started documenting the conversation for friends, and suddenly realized I felt better. I wasn't scared anymore and I felt confirmation that I was going to be OK. I shared this story and a unbeliever told me my view was silly - that God didn't have anything to do with it. It's all how you look at it. I received help and Heavenly Father knew how to comfort me. The funniest part was when the guy acknowledged he was in a waiting room, stayed on the phone anyway, mentioned again that he was in a waiting room, and told the person if people were paying attention to him, then they were being inappropriate. 😂He was yelling! How does God answer your prayers?
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