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  1. MorningStar

    Sam Young Lost His Appeal

    😂 Definitely sarcastic. I'm sure he was awaiting the letter for publicity purposes - not because he felt that was the nicest way to do it. Maybe if they had sent a text?
  2. MorningStar

    Sam Young Lost His Appeal

    That's really unfair because now he doesn't have an official letter to post all over the Internet.
  3. MorningStar

    Nehor Rants About Online Dating

    People I graduated with are becoming grandmas! What the heck! I'm 43.
  4. MorningStar

    Scaling back Church pageants

    Our stake is hosting Messiah next year. I wonder if that would eventually be out too?
  5. We had four kids commit suicide from one high school in a year - two of them a week apart. I agree with these statements. Also, they are put on pedestals - their names are all over everything from shirts to vinyl stickers on cars and I fear what impact that has on depressed kids who feel like no one knows them or cares about them. Will it give them more motivation to go through with it? So, so heartbreaking.
  6. MorningStar

    Refusing To Do The 10-Day Social Media Fast

    I don't think looking for reasons to be offended is valuable and that's what I see from a lot of members after conference. That's what perplexes me.
  7. MorningStar

    Refusing To Do The 10-Day Social Media Fast

    Yes, social media distracts us from doing the things we truly need. It's fine in moderation, but it's often not used in moderation. We're not being asked to cross the plains - just to get off of FB, Twitter, etc.. For the love. It's embarrassing that Mormon women, I mean The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints women are throwing a fit over it.
  8. MorningStar

    Refusing To Do The 10-Day Social Media Fast

    He won't be laughing in April when maybe the men will be challenged to go 10 days without videos games. Hahahahahaha. Well, I don't know if your husband plays them, but a lot of men do.
  9. MorningStar

    Refusing To Do The 10-Day Social Media Fast

    Because if we're on social media, we're reading about the scandals. And the church doesn't want us to read about the scandals. Or something. It's silliness.
  10. MorningStar

    Refusing To Do The 10-Day Social Media Fast

    Another thought: If the men and women were to do this together, husbands and wives would support each other. Doing this as a sisterhood, we would reach out to others for support. The purpose could be to improve our ministry to each other.
  11. MorningStar

    Refusing To Do The 10-Day Social Media Fast

    I'm not starting my fast yet, but I think it's silly women are offended by that. Social media is a bigger issue for young women and women. We're more social. Maybe we're meant to see how abstaining from it affects our entire family and not just ourselves. Maybe we'll find that those of us who are lonely during the day will reach out for some face to face interaction and phone calls. Also, I also thought the men will receive a challenge in April. Like no video games. Some women think that with sex abuse scandals in the church, that's why they want us off of social media for 10 days. Oh brother! And during a time women feel like they have been silenced, they are trying to silence us more! Well, we could spend the time writing to our representatives. That's not social media. We could write that book we've been meaning to write. Clean our houses we've been meaning to clean. Visit that friend we've been meaning to visit. I just spent some time cleaning with my friend who just lost her husband and this fast (which we haven't started yet) was what inspired us to do it. She's going to come over and clean with me on Thursday. Also, men have had to hear about p0rnography at every priesthood session for years. Shouldn't we feel offended that the prophet isn't talking to us women about not engaging in that? I demand equality!!!!! It would be nice if we listened to conference with the intent to hear instead of to find fault. It's petty. Edit: Maybe this will also test the men to see if they decide to do it on their own rather than waiting to be challenged.
  12. "The Board at Temple Square"
  13. Ward choir! Which people should have more energy and time to attend!
  14. MorningStar

    It's Official- 2 Hour Block

    I'm so sorry, GG. You definitely need to be visited regularly! That is how you need to be ministered to.
  15. MorningStar

    It's Official- 2 Hour Block

    Do not murmur against the inspired two hour block! It is holy. Rather than pray about it, I suggest you hold a baby at church for 3 hours. Volunteer in nursery for two hours. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!