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  1. Star Wars Speculation

    My one hope is that we find out Han Solo's death was staged. An optical illusion. And something below caught him. He was just helping his punk son look cool in front of his dark side friends.
  2. Circumcision

    I let my husband decide with our boys. I figured if anyone would be passionately against it, it would be him. He didn't feel like it had impacted him negatively and didn't have a problem without our boys being circumcised. We also had several friend whose boys had to be circumcised at an older age and we decided if it were going to happen, we would rather they not remember it.
  3. I Need a Discord Expert

    Doing "things" with animals is illegal. Sharing images of it is not. >:(
  4. I Need a Discord Expert

    Thank you. Not sure how long it will take him to come clean, but he won't have Internet access at home at all until he does.
  5. I Need a Discord Expert

    He just had a full blown tantrum because I told him he can't do his homework on our computer. Screamed at the top of his lungs that I'm ruining his life. I said he can do it after school and take the activity bus home. He screamed that he wasn't going to do that because he wasn't going to get home at 5pm. He says he'll just fail high school. Sounds reasonable. I told him things will relax a little bit when he comes clean about everything and stops playing the it was my friend defense.
  6. I Need a Discord Expert

    Good info! His laptop actually bit it months ago when it fell. I tried not to look ecstatic because he bought it with money he earned. The only computer we have now is my desktop and it's in the kitchen. So if I allow one child on, I have to watch like a hawk and make sure they don't walk away and leave it available to him. So annoying!
  7. I Need a Discord Expert

    It's images of people doing "things" with animals. Talked to my cop brother who deals with predators and other things. He says there is no law against that or sharing explicit images with minors, but that there should be.
  8. I Need a Discord Expert

    It's the same for all of my boys. There is a commons area with computers according to the school counselor. He can do his homework there. Sometimes they don't even bring their textbooks home. They're online. Our last school district required the kids to have school issues laptops and parents weren't admin, so we couldn't put passwords on them or filters. >:( Most of the teachers have you turn in assignments using Google classroom.
  9. I Need a Discord Expert

    Yep, that's what it boils down to. I still can't be sure he won't find a way to contact that kid again, so I'm trying to get him booted off the site.
  10. I Need a Discord Expert

    Yes, he is way banned. For a long, long time. The laptop he had was purchased with his own money and he begged me for months to let him buy it. I told him I didn't want x, y, and z to happen. He said it wouldn't. He just wanted to have an easier time doing his homework because all 3 of our boys have to do it on the computer, he said. Their text books are online. The majority of their homework is online. Ticks me off! After he begged and begged, I finally let him get a laptop and he started buying accessories for gaming. At first I didn't know they were games where you can chat with just anyone. He would voice chat and I would start chewing his butt about who he was talking to. Sometimes I would grab the headphones and ask, "Who is this?" Initially he would play a game and giggle with an actual friend from school and I didn't mind that so much, but it was carrying on too long. Then his laptop hit the floor and bit it. I couldn't have been happier! My new computer that he helped pick out was much better for gaming and I had this stupid sense of guilt that he had spent x amount of dollars on accessories and was given a gaming mouse as a gift. Never again! I emailed the school counselor about whether there's a study place after school where he can get his homework done. He would have to get it done reasonably fast and take the activity bus home, which will make him mad because he likes to hang out with his BFF who's actually a good kid, so I don't understand why he talks to disturbed people instead of blocking them. I would like to figure out how to allow only certain websites - his school, textbook site, etc. That is, after the long banning at home. And I'm telling him if he gives me any crap, he's not taking drivers ed. I'm not about to let him be this foolish behind a wheel, especially since he has stupid ideas about meeting people IRL!
  11. I Need a Discord Expert

    Yes, exactly. I reported him to Discord, whoever he is. My son insists he has a teenage voice. Well, people think my brother-in-law is a woman on the phone!
  12. I Need a Discord Expert

    Now I'm trying to figure out how to report users on Discord. The kid who wants to run away posted images involving animals to my son. And I don't mean nice pictures of puppies. 😠 I don't know if there's another way to handle this, but this kid needs to be dealt with.
  13. I Need a Discord Expert

    He got mad and left for his friend's house while I was upstairs. I'm sure he's going to try to delete his profile or change his password at his house, so I got in first, changed his email for the account and password. He wants me to stop reading his conversations because I keep finding worse things. I'll delete the profile when I'm done.
  14. I Need a Discord Expert

    Thanks, Cal. I just read the entire conversation with that kid and am livid, but actually sent him a rather nice message while explaining that he will never meet or talk to my son again.
  15. I Need a Discord Expert

    It does help me because I've dealt with a lying addict before and it's a horrible feeling accusing someone of lying and hearing an emotional denial that makes you wonder if you're a jerk. He still tried to dismiss some things as being written by his friend. I said, "You told this girl you own an AK47." "That was Jack." I scrolled up just a little bit. "There's a picture you posted of you and your friends. You said you're third from the left. Yes, that's you." He said, "But it was Jack who said he owns an AK47." "Jack butted into a chat you were having with her and didn't state that he was now replying?" He later sobbed and apologized, but I'm sure at this point the tears are more about saying good bye to his gaming/chats. And yesterday I found out my dad now has cancer in his bones and he can't start stem cell. Just an awesome day.