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  1. 1). If you think someone is behaving badly, report him or her. Mods probably won't stumble upon the post on our own; we aren't on here that often and when we are, we usually go look at the reports, not read through the threads. Posting "I hope this idiot gets banned" is not going to accomplish anything. 2). If someone is behaving badly, don't think that gives you license to do the same and the Mods won't care because they did it first. Rather than suspend the offending poster now I get to lock the entire thread. Next time I'm going to hand out suspensions to everyone. 3). @Burnside knock off the insults, follow the board guidelines, or you'll be banned.
  2. Anjien is taking a break from the site for personal insults.
  3. A friendly heads up. After the board update, we lost our ability to ban people from individual threads. This means that if you get out of line and we need to reign you in, you'll find yourself suspended from the entire board for a few days instead of just the thread where you were causing a ruckus. If we have to do that too many times, you'll end up banned. Also, no more posting direct links or videos of or to Mike Norton's (NNN) stuff. It'll be deleted and the thread will be locked. You can discuss his antics if they are relevant to a topic but we don't want to provide a platform for his 'gotcha' videos. Ok, carry on.
  4. @california boy and others, Please don't derail the thread to lgtbq topics. If you want to discuss that then start your own thread.
  5. Wade Englund is taking a break from the board for a few days. Please ignore his comments and move on.
  6. Stop the personal insults or the thread will have to be closed.
  7. @USU78 knock off the personal insults. I'd ban you from the thread but can't figure out how to do it since the board update. If that changes....
  8. @Joe, (and others) it is against board rules to make a thread personal or to post "why I left" posts. No one is being reprimanded but let's remember that going forward. Otherwise, heads will roll. (o.k., maybe not that last part, but you get my meaning....)
  9. Because speculating about suicide can be dangerous, and there is no actual evidence, we are going to close this thread.
  10. This thread will be locked if temple content is posted. Please remember that posting temple content can get someone banned.
  11. Exiled has been exiled from the thread for off topic personal posts. Anyone else continuing to post off topic will join him. And in the future, if everyone will please fight the impulse to get into personal back and forth squabbles on stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic and that no one else cares about, all the mods would be most grateful and consider it an early Christmas present.
  12. Robert F Smith has been banned from the thread for personal insults.
  13. No personal posts. Only warning.
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