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  1. Hestia

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    This thread will be locked if temple content is posted. Please remember that posting temple content can get someone banned.
  2. Exiled has been exiled from the thread for off topic personal posts. Anyone else continuing to post off topic will join him. And in the future, if everyone will please fight the impulse to get into personal back and forth squabbles on stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic and that no one else cares about, all the mods would be most grateful and consider it an early Christmas present.
  3. Hestia

    Oaks on Religious Freedom

    Robert F Smith has been banned from the thread for personal insults.
  4. Hestia

    Sam Young Lost His Appeal

    No personal posts. Only warning.
  5. @Scott Lloyd don't make the thread personal or bring up old contention. No threadjacking. @Kenngo1969 and @ALarson move along. You've each said your piece. From now on report posts you believe are problems.
  6. Hestia

    what is our position on the Caravan

    We are getting a lot of reports on this thread. Everyone needs to calm down with the personal insults and political rhetoric or it'll be locked.
  7. We do not need another thread to discuss Kavanaugh. Posters need to stick to the OP.
  8. @HappyJackWagon , @rpn, and others. We've had a request that discussions about how the church handles it's youth programs, in terms of keeping kids safe, stay out of this thread. There are already enough threads where that is being discussed. Everyone needs to stay on topic.
  9. Hestia

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    There have been lots of reports on this thread, most have been petty. Let's all move on from the personal posts or the thread will be locked.
  10. Hestia

    Beauty Pageants - Good or Bad?

    No politics. The Nehor and Scott Lloyd have been banned from the thread.
  11. 6EQUJ5's posts have already been handled and he has been banned from the thread. Everyone can stop reporting them now.
  12. @Abulafia, please answer the calls for references that you've been given (with direct quotes) or retract your statements. Refusing to answer CFRs can end up in a banning.
  13. Things are becoming personal. The personal accusations need to stop and posters need to stick to the topic of the thread, or people will start getting banned.
  14. Hestia

    Board Glitches

    @blueglass, I'm not sure if there is a way to link to a docx or pdf but I'll look into it.
  15. Hestia

    1 Hour with the 1st Presidency

    No politics. Leave Trump and Clinton out of it.