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  1. The idea that everything was created first spiritually is problematic for the theory of evolution, so if you're going to believe the former and eschew the latter, you've already ventured into a much larger conversation. As for the asteroid theory being unneeded because of the "limited number of dinosaur spirits" theory, you might have a point if there was no other support for the theory. But there is apparently some other evidence other than just needing to make something up to explain the disappearance of dinosaurs... https://www2.lbl.gov/Science-Articles/Archive/dinosaur-extinction.html
  2. I think the flaw in your reading is that he was speaking in the Priesthood session (i.e. to an audience of men and young men). It's not misogynistic to address your audience. Sometimes young men pressure girls to do unchaste things. Sometimes young women pressure young men to do unchaste things. Sometimes they both dive in together with no pressure needed. Apparently Nelson felt like cautioning about the first situation. That doesn't mean he is unaware of the other scenarios. I only hope he delivers a similar message in the women's conference and tells the women not to pressure the men so the entire ex-Mormon crowd can have the internet's first collective group aneurysm.
  3. To that point, Brent Metcalfe made the comment in one of his recent interviews that while many people look back to the Arrington days in the 70s as "Camelot" for Church history, recent years have been better than they ever were in the 70s.
  4. From what I can tell, it's simply the tension between whether or not a university owned (and heavily subsidized) by the LDS Church should "teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves", or enforce some standard of behavior, even if that enforcement is done imperfectly. There is no clear-cut right answer, and strong arguments can be made for either case. Yes, they're adults and have agency, but is it wrong for the Church schools to have codes of conduct that are voluntarily entrered into by those same agency-having adults (who have the agency to attend other schools)? But BYU is so much cheaper that maybe they don't really have that choice if they want a good education at a reasonable cost? But the reason it's cheaper is that tithing funds are being used to subsidize it, and those funds are implicitly donated under the assumption that they are helping to "build the kingdom", so if they're used to subsidize the education of someone who doesn't want to walk the straight-and-narrow, it's a mismanagement of sacred funds....ad infinitum. But I think one thing that is clear is that the anecdotes being shared are a heavily skewed data set, and while they may form one piece of the information used to inform an opinion, anyone who lets themselves get "riled up" on the issue from those stories is being played.
  5. I think the only thing Bill Reel didn't predict was President Nelson telling everyone to keep their yaps shut during the Temple announcements.
  6. I'm guessing that tradition ended sometime in April 2014.
  7. Good points. I don't think most people realize how dramatically birthrate trends have been changing all over the world and what the implications are for the future. Here's a good podcast that shows what's going on in South Korea: Not Making Babies in South Korea
  8. If homosexual sex in a homosexual marriage is deemed less sinful than homosexual sex outside of marriage, but it's still a transgression, then this change could have just created a subset (or subclass?) of LDS who are in a homosexual marriages and retain their membership and are able to attend, but can't have callings or otherwise participate. And certainly they can't get Temple Recommends. I don't know how many people like this there are, but it could mean interesting times are ahead...
  9. Since April 1st has come and gone, it might be prudent to add the word [Satire] to the original post heading.
  10. I suspect the change had a lot to do with them figuring out how many kids were actually affected by the policy, compared to the damage that it was doing to the Church's image...
  11. Good for President Nelson for being able to recognize a mistake and being willing to change it, even after he classified the mistake as "revelation." Now, about the word "Mormon"...
  12. But that would also be related to the number of young adults who are leaving before mission age. If enough young women were leaving the Church before they turned 21 or got married, then lowering the age could serve an overall benefit by increasing the number of RM sisters aged 20.5 (and more likely to stay faithful and get married) as opposed to more non-RM (but more likely to leave) sisters age 19-20.5 in the dating pool.
  13. I think the problem is that with the increase in the number of sister missionaries, that would take a big chunk of the marriagable-age sisters out of the dating pool. Unless adding six months could be shown to increase the likelihood of a missionary staying faithful to the Church, the cost in delayed marriages could be much greater than the benefit to the long-term health of the Church.
  14. While the new program hasn't been announced, I'm 99.9% sure it will include the option for a pinewood derby and other activities that were traditionally done by the Cub Scouts, and I'm just as certain wards with tracks will continue the tradition. The upside to this is that it is also far more likely that the 8-10yo girls will also get to participate. My daughters' Girl Scout groups did a pinewood derby, and I can assure you they were just as interested and excited to participate as my son was in Cub Scouts.
  15. Given the choice between having Church members ask them to sign their scriptures and having someone not know who they were, I'm pretty sure 99% of the GAs would much prefer the latter to the former. You probably would have made their week. I don't know many GAs, but that is certainly the case for the few I would say I've known well.
  16. What was your job that you couldn't also search for answers to theological questions? Presumably you had lunch breaks and time off in the evenings and for a day or two each week; was that not enough time? I guess there was a time where you could wander the back roads looking for enlightenment like Caine in Kung Fu (and helping people along the way), but honestly it's really all online now so you just need access to the internet. And are you telling me that after dedicating yourself full-time to the quest, that's the best understanding you have of the LDS view of "becoming like God"? I mean, you could probably find 20 really good articles online that explain the concept, with scriptures, and it wouldn't take you more than an hour to get through it and have a really good understanding of where the Mormon doctrine on this comes from. You might not agree with it, but at least you'd know what it's all about.
  17. And the article you cite says LDS have less plastic surgery, not the same amount:
  18. Where are you seeing inconsistency? The Church has always taught that our bodies are Temples, and most Temples get a structural refurbishment every few decades.
  19. This comment about ex-Mormons is interesting. Someone pointed out that their experience online (in the ex-Mormon subreddit) contrasted with the conclusions in the book about the demeanor of ex-Mormons, and here is Jana's response:
  20. Wow, that's a lot of books. We might have to set up a book swap or something, because there's no way I'm going to be able to buy all the ones I want.
  21. We also don't know how the ads were placed. A lot of online advertising is done by algorithm, so depending on the parameters specified, that subreddit may have been included unintentionally.
  22. Who said anything about a group of Germans watching German-produced newsreel footage in 1939 being reasonable? If objective morality depends on people being reasonable, then it doesn't exist.
  23. I believe the Church's official position is that you can believe whatever it takes.
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