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  1. cinepro

    PBS - Native America

    Maybe not. It seems to be about all the "Americas."
  2. cinepro

    PBS - Native America

    Yes, I believe the third episode is dedicated entirely to the Book of Mormon and the amazing knowledge it gives us about the New World history from 600 BC - 400 AD.
  3. cinepro

    PBS - Native America

    Coming soon to PBS: Native America This should be interesting. I predict both critics and believers in The Book of Mormon will see what they want to see. Premieres October 23.
  4. cinepro

    Nature of the Original Language of the Bk of Mormon

    I suspect it's for the same reason we still use the KJV. At some point, having the most accurate scriptures takes a back seat to having what we are used to because of tradition.
  5. cinepro

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    May I suggest a more elegant solution...?
  6. cinepro

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    If not for any other reason, I've joked with my wife that I could never be a Bishop because I just could not handle anyone confessing to me. I'd have my hands over my ears yelling "Don't tell me! I don't want to know! LA-LA-LA I can't hear you!" Whatever the opposite of a gossip is, I'm it, because I just don't want to know other peoples' business.
  7. cinepro

    Sam Young is Excommunicated

    I think that's the problem. I grew up with Bishops that never asked me anything that was explicit or made me uncomfortable, so I can't understand the problem. But if you read the reports of what people have been asked in Bishops interviews, it is obvious there is a high degree of latitude and some Bishops go into detail in ways that maybe they shouldn't.
  8. What a great idea! Hopefully these will turn into the ex-Mormon equivalent of mission calls openings, with friends and family gathered around the living room.
  9. cinepro

    Elder Cook #LDSDevo 9-Sept from Nauvoo

    I think President Hinckley answered your question: Once the Church gives ground on the historicity of the Book of Mormon, the rest quickly comes crashing down like a house of cards. That's why you have to believe it is historical. And that's why if you don't, you have to keep your mouth shut.
  10. cinepro

    Beauty Pageants - Good or Bad?

    I suspect pageants would have gone away long ago if there wasn't still money to be made with them. The economics of TV make pageants and awards shows very enticing to networks that are desperate for content. But this dip in viewership changes the equation, so hopefully the end of the televised pageants may be near. Sadly, as long as there are people interested in participating in them, and people interested in watching them, they may never die at the local level. But what LDS home didn't have a copy of this classic in the 80s?
  11. cinepro

    Elder Cook #LDSDevo 9-Sept from Nauvoo

    Something like this:
  12. cinepro

    Elder Cook #LDSDevo 9-Sept from Nauvoo

    For fans of Arrested Development, here is how that quote plays out in my head: Grow: “The history of the church can withstand scrutiny,” Narrator: *It couldn't* Grow: "We don’t need to be afraid of it. It is inspiring." Narrator: *It wasn't* Grow: "Sometimes we will have questions. But there are good answers.” Narrator: *There weren't* And the Church after publishing the essays.
  13. cinepro

    Elder Cook #LDSDevo 9-Sept from Nauvoo

    The Deseret News reports that Matt Grow (the historian in the broadcast) said this: I'm sorry, but that is the worst message to convey. And it isn't true. The Church has been afraid of its history almost since the day it was founded. And there are countless questions about Church history that just don't have "good answers." The only reason the Church is talking about this stuff is because it has to. If there was any way to avoid it and continue down the primrose path of the pre-internet days, they would take that option in a heartbeat. I can understand the desire to put on your game-face and try and be positive, but if you're talking to the youth and young adults who are going to scrutinize the history and have lots of questions that don't have "good answers", then that's the worst thing you could say.
  14. cinepro

    Elder Cook #LDSDevo 9-Sept from Nauvoo

    Here's the link for those who are interested. https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/face-to-face/cook?lang=eng