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  1. No. Reality is going to have to be adjusted to fit the new policies.
  2. I haven't really kept up to speed on this, so can you explain what you mean by "current narrative"? What is this "narrative" that one must support or otherwise risk punishment, and who are the scientists that are doing the punishing (what are their names)? Can you provide an example of a scientist that didn't toe the line and got punished?
  3. My daughter is on a mission right now, and apparently the Elders just go nuts with expectations of a change to 18 month missions before each conference.
  4. Apparently there is a stake near Sacramento that is doing early morning seminary 3 days a week. That's a change I could get behind.
  5. Personally, I'm hoping for a spooky talk. Maybe something about a ghost?
  6. Even with money, building and planning takes time. I've got a friend who has been trying to build his dream house for years, and trust me, he's got the money, but the permitting and other factors would be going a lot more smoothly if his plans were smaller and more manageable.
  7. I contributed a little, just so his family knows that if he ever spent a little more time online than he should have (to their frustration), he was part of a community that appreciated his input.
  8. I agree it is a misnomer. But as always, the argument for fallible leaders that don't know what they're talking about is a sure way to win the battle but lose the war.
  9. Wow. Such a sad reminder to appreciate the people we have in our lives.
  10. I love the words "misunderstanding" and "speculative." What if instead of using the word "get", we say "preside"? That's much more elegant. And what if instead of "planets" we say "worlds and kingdoms"? That just seems more celestial. If we accept those synonyms, then we get this: So is this just a speculative misunderstanding on President Nelson's part?
  11. My daughter is on a mission right now, and apparently her mission president did not get that memo.
  12. The location of the events isn't a "nuance" of the talk. It's the point of the entire talk. It was 1976, and he was talking about how everything in the Book of Mormon is focused on the land that is now the United States of America.
  13. Well, this is awkward. In 1976, Marion G. Romney (second counselor in the First Presidency), perhaps in a fit of patriotic fervor, stood in Conference and proclaimed this to the world: So, that's not too bad. We can chalk that up to mistaken assumptions and cultural influence on his understanding of Book of Mormon geography. But then he closes with this: So, what is the value of a "personal witness" borne by a member of the First Presidency in General Conference? What level of confidence should we have in something that is so witnessed, compared to, say, someone just standing up and making up a bunch of stuff based on what he was told while he was growing up?
  14. It's a Book of Abraham thing. They're trying to come up with a faith-promoting explanation that holds up, but they can't.
  15. Resurrected Moroni doesn't really fit the definition of "human," since the implication was that it was a mortal, fallible human just doing his best to translate between two languages that he spoke. Resurrected beings would presumably have a perfect knowledge of both languages so that doesn't really solve the problem at hand. Otherwise, Robert's statement would just as well apply to God himself (since God would be a "human" under that definition), and he would only be saying that a humanoid supernatural being did it as opposed to a goat or lizard or something, which I don't think anyone had suggested.
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