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  1. Apparently only the first time. Unless this is something else we've all agreed to pretend isn't in the scriptures...
  2. The video seems to be saying that they need to tighten up their screening process. Haha. I keed. It's a good video. My only concern is that people might associate the words on the screen with the specific people being shown, which probably wasn't the intent. Also, for the claim that "8 have lived internationally", I need to know if Canada is being included in that stat.
  3. It's really not surprising. It's pretty well known that once you give someone power like that, eventually it will be abused. If only someone would have warned BYU. Oh, wait. God did.
  4. I don't know if I'd say "really want", since I'll bet you there wasn't a single Seminary class in all the church that went past verse 29 in Section 132.
  5. While I think the changes were probably necessary, it's too bad the Honor Code Office will be deprived of the extremely effective "you were accused of something, so why don't you confess instead of making us tell you what it was" interrogation technique. It also appears that they might not have thought out the impact of letting the accused know who the accusers are. With anonymous accusers, at least roommates could continue to pretend to be friendly and caring towards their apostate and sinful roommates while secretly trying to get them in trouble. This new policy will cause all sorts of contention in apartments all over Provo, and since contention is of the devil, I'm not sure it's a good idea.
  6. Good grief. They talk about the "coming forth" of the Pearl of Great Price.
  7. Interesting satire from a conservative/Christian angle: Nation Warned Of Roving Mormon Bicycle Gang 'Heck's Angels'
  8. I'm sure Dr Zuckerman would be disappointed that you found his article lacked the delightfulness you were hoping for. But that wasn't my question. His point seems to be that there is a growing "secularization" in the CoJCoLdS, with younger generations taking a less literal approach to some of the supernatural claims of the Church. Specifically, he makes these claims: He then goes on to support those claims with data from the Riess survey (as well as the articles linked in the claims themselves). Do you feel any of those claims are unsupported by the data?
  9. What did you find "misinforming" in the article. He's obviously basing all of his statements on Jana Riess's research, and cites many of her numbers, so did you find anything that he said that wasn't supported by her data?
  10. Six kids in my family. One is totally out. Two are almost totally out (from what I can tell). Two are attending, but I wouldn't say "die-hard-TBM" (from what I can tell, greater appreciation for the social and community aspects). One is super-TBM (interstingly, with a super-TBM spouse and apparently super-TBM children, but their oldest son, an RM and brilliant Monson-Scholarship recipient at BYU, has recently lost belief in the Church).
  11. I'm going to go out on limb and say that either Joseph Smith was "the world's greatest guesser", or the Dales are the world's worst thinkers when it comes to making statistical arguments about the likelihood of perceived correspondences in texts showing up. Between the two, I know which is most likely.
  12. This is an unfortunate change. Until now, the one-year waiting period has served as useful "trial" period for those couples who weren't sure they wanted to be sealed, and they could blame the Church for the wait (with the added benefit of a less-complicated separation process that didn't require the undoing of covenants). This change will have the undesirable effect of more couples being pressured into a sealing when a time-only marriage would have been more appropriate. I suspect the real motivation behind this was the Utah Wedding industry. Big-wedding has become immensely powerful, and there are no doubt many LDS who can only see the dollar signs from the coming flood of Utah couples booking Frozen or Star Wars-themed weddings. Some may attribute the change to revelation or common sense, but I say follow the money.
  13. I hate podcasts like this where they dodge the obvious questions. Like this one: If the policy had never been made public back in 2015, do you think it still would have been rescinded in 2019? I'd love to hear them discuss that hypothetical.
  14. The Interpreter has a round-table podcast that discussed the 11/5 policy (the one about children being raised by same-sex parents can't get baptized until they turn 18 and disavow their parents' lifestyle). In discussing the rescission of the policy in early April, they make some interesting claims. Frankly, I understand the pickle that the change of direction puts defenders in. But if this is the best defense on the subject, I weep for the future of apologetics. It starts around the 16:30 mark here: https://interpreterfoundation.org/interpreter-radio-show-april-7-2019/ - John Dehlin was an "idiot" for leaking the policy. - People only got hurt because the policy was leaked. If it hadn't gotten leaked, no one would have known about it and therefore they wouldn't have gotten hurt. Therefore it's Dehlin's fault people felt "hurt" or "betrayed." - Policies aren't "suppressed" or "buried", (but people are still idiots if they "leak" policies that aren't suppressed or buried). - The 11/5 policy must have been an "iterative" step for the leaders down the path towards discerning the will of the Lord on the subject. (Apparently this path has u-turns).
  15. I don't believe that everyone is born with what we would call a "conscience", or that there is a huge commonality among those that have "consciences." There is probably a lot of uniformity in different cultures, but I wonder what absolutes there are once you start comparing different cultures to each other, especially over different eras? Unless you have the rules written down and being taught to people, there seems to be quite a bit of latitude. Certainly, if a Martian landed and took a survey of all the different things people feel good or bad about, I don't think they'd theorize there's a supernatural force at play giving everyone the same "conscience" to guide them.
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