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  1. I don't know if it's directly related, but my daughter mentioned that the big change in her mission is that now they can wear headphones when studying or talking to family on the phone. Until now, they were not allowed to wear headphones under any circumstances.
  2. There is one lesson on Pornography for the Aaronic Priesthood, but since the teachers and class members can pick which lessons they do each month, there's no guarantee they'll even cover it. Come Follow Me - How Can I Resist Pornography?
  3. Reminds me of how Halloween from the early 1900s was presented in this classic film. It's like Lord of the Flies (starts at 3:15):
  4. Here's a Trunk-or-Treat display that someone shared on Facebook that I got a kick out of. Looks like he missed the High Priests...
  5. I think the problem is that her supporters want to have it both ways. We're supposed to treat her voice and opinions as if they carry the same weight as an adult with more education and insight on the matter, but at the same time we need to protect her as the child that she is. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've seen (admittedly very little) she bases her presentation on fear and emotion, and never presents the actual data on which she is basing those fears and emotions (so it's impossible to respond by attacking the data). Fine, if she's a child then we should give her words the same respect that we give to all other girls her age.
  6. If you're saying that in order to preserve the plausibility of the The Book of Mormon, any claims in the book need to be semantically reworked or interpreted to fit existing data to make them unfalsifiable, I would agree.
  7. This is an interesting podcast on a similar situation from a few years back. It's well worth a listen. (Act Two)
  8. There seems to be some sensitivity to the rules and guidelines in the Church about how women dress, especially when these rules are implicitly (and sometimes overtly) tied to how men think. The most famous quote on this subject is obviously from Elder Oaks, who said this: In my recent thread about the stricter dress guidelines in my daughter's mission (they must wear sweaters or jackets when at the Church in the presence of Elders), this was said: So I need someone to answer this question: If it turned out that the ways women dress does have an influence on men's thoughts and they way they see them, why would it be wrong to tell women that? With that question in mind (and assuming that simply telling girls and women how the world works isn't a bad thing), what is the problem with letting women know, or reminding them, that dressing in certain ways does affect men's thoughts (and in ways they might not appreciate)? First, if anyone wants to argue that it isn't the case, they are welcome to do so. I believe it is the case that the way women dress affect men's minds, so I'll proceed on that assumption. Here's one example of the science on that: Second, I will note that I do recognize the idea that it would be great if this weren't the case. And I suspect Oaks would agree. If the Church had a magic wand or rock that it could wave and get all teenage boys to stop being affected by how women dress, I think they would use it. Third, there appears to be an argument that by somehow mentioning this to women, it is giving license to or encouraging men to have those thoughts (or somehow creating those thoughts). I do not see how that is the case. Especially in the Church, boys are pleaded with to not have those kinds of thoughts. I suppose we could argue about whether or not those ideas are genetics vs. environment. As with most things, it's probably a bit of both. But at the end of the day, I'm willing to bet that any 15yo heterosexual boy is going to physically react to a pretty woman in a bikini the same way, regardless of the society or culture they were brought up (their feelings about how they reacted will probably vary, of course). When people got the vapors about Oaks' comment, one thing that no one seemed to point out was, that for all the hubbub, he was right. I think that's what upset people the most. It's like at some point society decided that if we just pretended this wasn't the case, men would change and women would be empowered. I think we can all agree that we wish this was the case, but at the end of the day, what's the honest, rational and scientific thing to tell women about the way they dress?
  9. There isn't any appeal beyond the Mission President (although I suppose for something egregious a Seventy or Area Authority could be contacted). To be clear, I don't know that this actually bothers the sister missionaries at all, or how long it's been a policy. It only came to light when we saw the picture and inquired, and I thought it was an interesting slice of how weird mission rules can be sometimes.
  10. Well, I did note how I can still recall the popular songs that came out on my mission from hearing them at the mall (Green Day, Weezer, Ace of Base). It was kind of funny to get home and hear a song and think "Oh, I love this song, it reminds me of P-day." So it might just be the music. And the Victoria's Secret window displays.
  11. Update: So I got some more details. It's definitely a rule based on the Elders in the mission. If all the sisters have a "sisters only" meeting, they don't have to wear sweaters or jackets in the building. Even if it's a meeting where the Elders don't have to wear coats, the sisters do need to wear sweaters or jackets. The sisters always have to wear sweaters or jackets for Church meetings, but if they're at the building for another type of activity during the week and there are no Elders there, they don't have to wear sweaters or jackets even if there are men from the ward there. Also, none of the missionaries are allowed to go into any indoor mall. They can enter a store that has an entrance to the outside, but if the only entrance is to the indoor mall, they can't enter the mall to go in.
  12. I promise you this is for real. I couldn't make up something like this if I tried.
  13. I'm referring to other missionaries, but I just want to make sure that you were clear that they were still wearing normal sister missionary clothes.
  14. My missionary daughter recently sent a picture of her at a baptism, and in the picture the sister missionaries are wearing coats and sweaters over their dresses (inside the building). We asked if it was cold in the building (because it was still warm outside), because it looked kind of weird for them to be at a baptism with coats on, and we were told that all the sister missionaries have to wear sweaters or jackets whenever they are around Elders. Because their missionary-approved dresses and shirts just aren't modest enough by themselves, so there needs to be another layer of protection. If anyone wants to know what it looks like when the focus on "modesty" gets out of hand, this is it.
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