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  1. This comment about ex-Mormons is interesting. Someone pointed out that their experience online (in the ex-Mormon subreddit) contrasted with the conclusions in the book about the demeanor of ex-Mormons, and here is Jana's response:
  2. Wow, that's a lot of books. We might have to set up a book swap or something, because there's no way I'm going to be able to buy all the ones I want.
  3. We also don't know how the ads were placed. A lot of online advertising is done by algorithm, so depending on the parameters specified, that subreddit may have been included unintentionally.
  4. Who said anything about a group of Germans watching German-produced newsreel footage in 1939 being reasonable? If objective morality depends on people being reasonable, then it doesn't exist.
  5. I believe the Church's official position is that you can believe whatever it takes.
  6. Jeff Lindsay blogs a story about a doubting member who was put over the edge by the recent Hauglid presentation on the Book of Mormon, sponsored by the Maxwell Institute: Lindsay takes exception that the traditional apologetic responses weren't included in the presentation to balance it and provide plausible believability for the theory of divine origin. Assuming that Jensen and Hauglid didn't include these apologetic theories and evidences because they are familiar with them but find them unconvincing, do they still have a duty to give them time? Or would that render them unfit to speak on The Book of Abraham in BYU/church circles?
  7. Here's the quote: The problem is that our judgement of such matters is intrinsically tied to the culture and narrative. It's especially impossible to judge the reaction to the newsreel without actually seeing it. For example, if the newsreel was "told from the Nazi point of view", then it no doubt presented the Polish people as aggressors and the wrong-doers in this situation. So Auden would be making the judgment that the newsreel was unreliable. That's no doubt a reasonable judgement, but I'm not going to base a universal view of morality on the ability of German people in a movie theater in 1939 to distinguish between Nazi propaganda and objectively presented facts.
  8. I think the Catholic Church and birth control is more like Mormons and R-rated movies, not Mormons and homosexuality.
  9. Since not even non-LDS heterosexual couples can be sealed in the Temple, I suspect you both may have staked out territory on the far end of what is likely (or possible). I agree with you that it is extremely difficult to imagine a future where the Church doesn't view homosexual activities as a sin, or that a family with homosexual parents is viewed as acceptable. But I agree with your friend that the social pressure on this (including the pressure from within the Church) could become intense in the coming years. I don't see any way to resolve the problem, which is one of the reasons I find it so fascinating.
  10. The point of my post, and surprise with the story, wasn't that someone taught that parents should love their children in Stake Conference. The point of the post was that someone taught that important principle using a homosexual child as the example, and that the resolution to the story was the parent learning to accept their child's homosexuality by accepting the very real manifestation of it with the presence of their partner there. If, faced with a situation where your son was gay and wanted to attend family events with his partner, you were okay with that and included them both in such events and you were willing to stand in Stake Conference and use that story as an example of loving your children, then that is equally awesome, and I think it's cool you're as open-minded as the speaker I heard in conference. That is just an additional sign of how things are changing in the Church.
  11. Because that's how the English language works. That is literally what an "example" is. If you recall, here is what you said: If the theoretical of your son coming to you and saying "Dad, I want to star in porn" isn't directly related (and equivalent) to the situation presented in the previous two sentences, then why would you waste time typing it? It wasn't a real situation, so you were making up a situation which was apparently meant to comment on the situation illustrated in the OP. At the very least, you should have clarified that you were making up a totally different situation that wasn't meant to relate to the original story. Then we all might wonder why you were wasting your time and ours by introducing an unrelated (and apparently contradictory) made-up story that could easily be misread as being relevant to the conversation, but at least we would all be clear about what you were doing.
  12. It would probably be more correct to say that you were completely not following me there. If you think a child who says they "want to work in porn" is the equivalent to a child that says they are gay, then your post illustrates exactly why I was so surprised to hear the story in Stake Conference in the first place.
  13. In the category of "wow, I can't believe I heard this in Stake Conference this morning": An older Temple Worker was giving a talk, and he talked about how regular Temple attendance can help us "round off the rough edges." He gave several examples from his own life. One of them was about his son coming out as gay, and entering into a relationship with another man. The speaker talked about how difficult this was for him, and how he couldn't accept his son attending family gatherings with his "friend." So he prayed that the situation could be reconciled, and over time, he came to understand how important his relationship to his son was, and invited his son and his friend to attend a family birthday gathering, and now they're both included in family events. So the "rough edge" that was rounded off in the Temple was his inability to accept his son's boyfriend and their relationship, and he felt that it was only through inspiration in the Temple that he was able to learn to accept it and include them both in family activities. 20 years ago, if someone had predicted I might hear such a story in Stake Conference, I would have thought they were crazy. Despite protestations to the contrary, there does appear to be huge change afoot in the Church. Where this all might end up, I can't imagine.
  14. A recent article in The Atlantic presented some interesting statistics on what could be called the "sex recession." Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex? (Warning: the article discusses sex and some aspects of modern pornography that you might not want to be aware of.) In the context of this discussion board, the recession is a reduction in the frequency that people are having sex out of marriage. The stats on this are not subtle; extra-marital sex is much less common than it used to be, and teenage sex is way down (54% -> 40%). All of this has happened at the same time that pornography viewing has become rampant and accepted in many circles. Is there a link? Possibly. This is obviously a very, very complex issue, and there isn't one answer or cause for any effect. But in the end, this should be absolutely huge news. If you believe that there is a God in heaven who really, really doesn't want teenagers to have sex with each other, then He should be doing cartwheels right now. After decades of Prophets pleading with young men and young women to not have sex, it looks like there is actually progress on this front. So how do we, as LDS who want unmarried people to have less sex, view this trend? While Jesus taught that looking on a woman with lust is just as bad as committing adultery, do we really believe that a reduction in actual sex at the cost of increased porn viewing isn't a good trade off? At the very least, think of the reduced need for abortion or other mental costs of teenage pregnancy and STDs that have been avoided. Is there a cause for righteous joy in these numbers, or have we simply traded in one kind of evil for another commensurate evil?
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