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  1. Yeah. I thought it was pretty silly until I was in two such situations, one at school and one at church.
  2. Indeed, but it is not that simple. There are restrictions. Neither do I. I am suggesting that violence against Church members may come from sources other than some broader anti-Christian sentiment. That was demonstrated in LA. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? Who knows? But we should at least be aware. Indeed. I am a school teacher who has been in a real active shooter situation. It is a rare occurrence, but school are taking drastic steps to protect children and teachers. Violence against churches, including LDS, is very rare, but against certain groups, Jews and in our are Jehovah's Witnesses is increasing. We don't have to be alarmists or go to extremes to put some safety protocols in place. We're not talking about shooting Mormons in their homes. I gave an example of a threat made on a family in my ward that could possibly involved an attack at church. Some common sense preparation is all I am asking for. Common sense would suggest someone bent on mass murder would choose a gun-free location over an armed location. Debating about the NRA is not the subject of this thread. Back to the topic, in your opinion is there anything you would suggest the Church do to protect its members from potential harm other than ban weapons in church buildings, or is something that should not concern us?
  3. No comprendo. That is true of any plan. A school or office plan can easily be overcome even without knowing what the plan is. Does that mean nothing can or should be done?
  4. Ripped down posters, defaced posters, permanent marker comments scribbled over offending posters, and counter-message poster pasted over each other are regular features on campus bulletin boards. Usually with a liberal cocktail of obscenities thrown in for added effect. This BYU thingy is nothing in comparison. I’m comparing my observations from University of Washington, Evergreen State College, Pierce College, Bellevue College, Central and Western Washington Universities. Not so much with some schools I have seen the South.
  5. All states have concealed carry laws and licenses for owners, which is what I am referring to. There might be a very few folks who show up with openly carried weapons, but most would be licensed carriers. The LDS policy, as I understand it, is aimed primarily at them. Does that include pocket knives? The angry protestors in LA were taking it out on children. Does it matter if they were Christian or not? Do you think the opposition to LDS (and others) in these and related issues is ebbing? School shootings are rare, but officials are not overreacting with armed security guards, hardened building, and regular drills but. But since LDS-member shooting incidents are extremely rare, we need not worry. I can understand that, but I think we would be prudent to take reasonable precautions. Given the shootings in gun free zones, it’s not clear that gun-free zones are the most effective protections.
  6. LDSFS no longer arranged adoptions.
  7. Or not. In response to the hyperbole, of course I'm not asking us to take such radical steps as are Jewish synagogues and other groups. I'm not asking for machine gun emplacements to be placed around our chapels, but to have some security protocols in place with which we are familiar should, God forbid, anything like this happen. We should at lest talk about it and set some safeguards in place. Can you think of some lesser steps that would be helpful and prudent? I think it is far more probable that violence could come from one of our own than from outside entities. I have heard and read extremely hateful words directed at the Church, its leaders, and its members. It is not unreasonable to think someone will eventually act on that hatred. For example, a family in our ward was the target of unfathomable violence from an unhinged "returned missionary." After murdering his wife, he took his own life and murdered their two sons in his home. When his deranged father was implicated in the crimes and spent some time in the slammer, he threatened violence against the victims' parents/grandparents. When he was released from prison, there was some real concern that he would act out against them. Since he was also rabidly anti-Mormon (after many years of passing as a 'wonderful' member), it was not a stretch to be concerned that his violence might take place in a public place, such as a church meeting. Fortunately, he passed away before he could do anything.
  8. Thank you for the thoughtful response. I agree such attacks on LDS churches are currently improbable. I raised these questions to start a discussion. Other than declaring our churches gun-free zones, should we take any other safety precautions? Apparently many here think no.
  9. Thank you for the thoughtful response. Are you aware of situations where licensed gun owners have been involved in dangerous situations in LDS church meetings and events? Schools are also gun free zones. Statistically there is very little danger our neighborhood school will be attacked, but school officials nationwide are taking serious steps to protect children and teachers. Are they overreacting? My grandchildren in LA experienced the extreme hatred of certain elements when they held signs opposing gay marriage. Other than banning firearms in the church buildings, what other steps are we taking?
  10. My great-grandfather was Branch President at Cane Creek. He, his brother, and their families left for Zion just before the massacre. Another left afterwards along with all the rest of the members there.
  11. Yes. It’s better if we wait until something happens to prepare.
  12. That’s true. Plus ignoring this would save schools a lot of money and hassle, too. I was going to get my flu and pneumonia shots tomorrow, but then I realized that there are so many other things out there that can make me sick, so why bother? The Jewish synagogues in this report and elsewhere are taking it seriously, but you’re probably right. We should laugh it off.
  13. Given the recent banning of weapons in the LDS Church, I found this interesting article in a current Deseret News. https://www.deseret.com/2019/10/17/20916825/synagogue-massacre-shooting-preperation-church-faith-security This article describes several attacks on Jewish synagogues in the United States and Europe, a Muslim mosque in New Zealand. and Christian churches in Sri Lanka. The rest of the article details the security precautions Jewish leaders are taking around the world (and in Salt Like City) to protect their congregations: -Installing alarms, metal detectors, camera surveillance systems, bulletproof doors and windows -Erecting bulletproof walls around buildings -Hiring private security guards and off-duty police to guard services -Training ushers and congregations how to respond to an active shooter -Pat-downs, background checks, or requiring tickets of entry at the doors -Asking government to provide armed police at special services (which has been denied in several places) -Establishing a special organization dedicated to "ensuring the safety of Jewish institutions" -Placing trained observers around buildings to watch vulnerable spots Moreover, even though there has never been a fatal attack on schools in our region, we are taking serious measures to protect children in schools. -Establishing single entry points with reinforced doors, windows, entrance cameras, locks, and security bars that can only be opened from the school office. -More armed police presence in parking lots and lobbies -Red flag procedures to identify potential attackers -Better active-shooter instructions and drills for teachers and students -New construction includes strategic safety planning and funding for hardened safety features A few questions: 1. Is this just an issue for Jewish or Muslim congregations and Christians in other countries? 2. Is it reasonable to trust that the Church is somehow immune from such attacks? 3. Can Latter-day Saints have legitimate concerns about the safety of their meetings? 4. If a Latter-day Saint expresses such concerns, is it a proper response to say he/she is faithless and/or a gun nut? 5. Since Church members cannot bring defensive weapons into the church building, what steps are being taken to increase security for them? 6. Can we depend on local law enforcement to respond in time to prevent casualties? 7. Should we wait until attacks occur before we address security measures? 8. Are forming human chains around victimized congregations and candlelight vigils in memory of the deceased sufficient 9or "Christian") responses to attacks? 9. Is it insulting to victimized Jews, Muslims, and Christians in America and other countries for a Latter-day Saint to be concerned about his/her church? 10. Is it reasonable to say this can never happen to an LDS congregation, so why worry about it?
  14. I've wondered this, but which name were they wanting to avoid repeating too frequently?
  15. Sounds like a variation of the PBS/NPR model (sans government funding) adapted to print media.
  16. Was there anyone on board that had experience producing graphic novels? It definitely has that feel.
  17. I was being a bit facetious. The characters still appear to be “made in America,” but I don’t know how to get around that except to go back to local members performing a live endowment. That would really make it “international!” It would also probably involve a substantial increase in the numbers of temple workers. Frequently changing still images don’t engage my attention as effectively as live or filmed performances. They seem more impersonal to me. I find that to be comfortable and not distracted, I need to look away from the screen.
  18. After 50 years of inactivity, my niece is coming back. It involves the recent death of her husband for whom she cared at home for six years after a debilitating stroke. She wants to be with him forever and recalling her sealing to her parents when she was a child sparked a flame. What a great blessing for her and our family. I wish she could tell her story, but it has not been a pleasant journey and she is a very private person.
  19. Amen to this! I liked the anonymity and lack of celebrity. It was distracting to see Gordon Jump, Michael Ballam, and Corbin Allred on the screen. Love them all, but it was odd IMO
  20. I hadn’t noticed. When did that happen?
  21. It’s like a graphic novel, but maybe the intent is to appeal to the new generation of temple-goers.
  22. Do you think Sister McConkie’s definition of our standard of modesty is helpful? And is Douglas Stewart out of step when he asks in The Madness of Crowds, can we put efforts into be sexy and then demand not to be sexualized? That’s a hard question to answer, IMO.
  23. I am asking you for a readable version of your source so that I can determine its accuracy and context. That should not be too hard to provide if you have the source information. If you are just copying and pasting from another website, that might be difficult to do. I was not able to find the original through a Google search. Asking for the source is not an insult.
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