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  1. I’m suggesting that was precisely the reason the Saints were commanded to practice it. Feel free to disagree if you wish. I see your Bro Williams and raise you an Orson Pratt...
  2. I’m neither convinced nor impressed. RIP, Bro Williams..
  3. I affirm that one of the primary reasons the early LDS were commanded to practice polygamy was to “raise seed to the Lord.”. These things being unless commanded by God. Please use the entire quote.
  4. Great additions! Thank you. How about... The explanations of the justice and mercy and mercy of God. The imperative of the opposition of good and evil in the Plan of Salvation. The primacy of agency. Foreordination.
  5. Thanks....the question was about differences and clarifications, not priorities, though.
  6. On another thread, the question was asked, “what doctrinal differences and clarifications does the Book of Mormon make in relation to the Bible?” Here are some I have identified. How about you? Among other things.... The purpose, significance, universality, covenant, and mode of baptism. A more comprehensive understanding of the resurrection. A fuller understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The pre-mortal foundation, the significance, and the role of the Holy Priesthood after the order of the Son of God. A confirmation that Jesus organized a church in the Old World. The requirements for authority in administering the gospel. The role of the 12 Apostles in the final judgment. The pre-mortal nature of Christ. The pre-mortal existence of man. The urgency, benefits, and significance of the Fall of Adam.  The restoration of Israel and gathering of the Jews.  A record of the other sheep. A promise that more records will come forth.  A rationale for plural marriage. The significance of the descendants of Joseph of Egypt.  The role the Lehites will play in the end times.  The Lehite “land of promise” covenant also pertains to us today. 
  7. A friend in high school introduced me to Robert Howard’s Conan the Barbarian fantasy stories when they were published in book form. He was dating an LDS girl and we had convinced him to come to seminary with us. When we read the story of Ammon kililing the Lamanite thieves with his sling and smiting off their arms, he thought that was the coolest Conanesque thing ever and became enamored with the Book of Mormon, joined the Church, married the girl in the temple, and has been a faithful Saint ever since.
  8. Talk about having your sins shouted from the rooftops.....
  9. You are too kind! I can see the benefits of such training, but where does it cross the line with Nibley's concerns? Of course, Nibley is talking about instruction in argument, rhetoric, and persuasion. Perhaps training in exegesis and history could enhance the prophetic gift. But he does have a point.
  10. That’s a major hurdle....allowing the natural consequences to procede.
  11. I’m hardly anti-intellectual, with an advanced degree in music history and children with degrees and doctorates from prestigious schools. It’s one thing to learn a bit of Hebrew and Greek, but quite another to have to get a four-six year degree in theology at the age of 55 or 60 when you are called to a position of authority. Sincere question: given the availability of multiple online side-by-side translations produced by learned specialists, societies, universities, and seminaries over decades, just how competent would a General Authority have to be to gain personal benefit from a rudimentary working knowledge of ancient languages and theology? What advantages would that provide?
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