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  1. My favorite episode of all time......a translator was useless..... http://www.startrek.com/database_article/darmok
  2. Isn’t there another level of truth beyond our pragmatic justifications? Could there also be such a thing as God’s truth? This sounds somewhat arrogant:
  3. Hilarious only if your sense of humor never developed past the eighth grade. Well, maybe the ninth. Constant repetition of the f-word, scatologisms, potty mouth, and body functions and parts aren’t really that funny. They are facile, untalented, puerile, and unimaginative ways to get cheap laughs.
  4. Peggy Stack Reports Missionary Numbers Are Still Declining

    And I have heartburn from undercooked pinto beans.
  5. Discussing temple stuff online

    There's nothing better than going straight to the source and finding out what it says. Thanks for posting this. Here are my pertinent experiences: 1. I received my endowments while at the Mission Home in SLC when I went on my mission. There was not much in the way of preparation, but we did get together in the upper assembly room afterwards where we could talk about it with several general authorities. I don't remember who they were. I was definitely not well prepared for that experience. Fortunately, I studied the Pearl of Great Price. I recommend everyone who attends for the first time to be very familiar with Moses and Abraham. 2. While Sister Gui and I have tried earnestly to prepare all our kids for the temple, our daughter Bellalindissima had a bad first experience and almost backed out of her temple marriage in spite of her bishop and us giving her some pretty good preparation. Afterwards, I really listened to her concerns when we talked about her experience. It helped immensely. She was married and is very active with 4 kids. 3. While serving as bishop, I met with a couple who had just been baptized but were very angry and were leaving the Church after just one week. At that time Ed Decker's group in our area followed the elders around and would knock on the doors of people they were visiting after the elders left to set them straight on what Mormons were really about. The couple was contacted shortly after their baptism and were given some "Temple Prep" lessons Decker-stye. The thing that concerned them most was the LDS practice of running around the temple naked and having orgies in private rooms. They were told that if they confronted me (their bishop) with this information, that I would deny it because Mormons are not allowed to talk about what happens in the temple. Of course I denied it. I even pointed out several older and highly respected members of our ward who were temple workers and asked them if they really thought those people could possibly be involved in such things. Even with that, they insisted that what they had been told was so shocking they would never come back. And they never did.
  6. On the other hand, Church callings and activities provide experiences and opportunities that enhance the character and spiritual growth of the individual in ways after hours work events do not.
  7. Backfire Effect

    Don't be shy! It's awesome!
  8. Backfire Effect

    I'll take that challenge! Mrs. Aiello drilled that into us in the sixth grade at Central Elementary School in Los Alamos. I'll get back with the results.
  9. Backfire Effect

    How does one become an intellectual? Are there specific courses of study or disciplines that are more prone to achieve intellectual status than others? Do they all arrive at a point of enlightened consensus by using those skills and practicing their thoughts? I've heard of some smart Mormons who are referred to as intellectuals as if it were some badge of honor that puts them in a better position to know the truth. Is this because they don't buy into all that religious hocus pocus?
  10. Backfire Effect

    What is an intellectual? Are they more rigorous and reasonable than regular folks?
  11. Backfire Effect

    Depends on the quality of the evidence.
  12. Backfire Effect

    What if the response is, Bill: "Well, here are some studies that contradict your studies." Is that backfire?
  13. Backfire Effect

    This is an awesome sentence.
  14. New third-hour curriculum: Your experience?

    I guess I don’t understand the concept yet. Was this list given to all three adult groups? Who is supposed to decide what the concerns are? Was the list developed in the Ward Council? How is this different than reading a lesson about the temple and then deciding to attend more?