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  1. Modesty standards

    Well, to quote the King of Siam, “Is a puzzlement.”
  2. Modesty standards

    How does "male domination" force the woman on the left to dress as she does?
  3. Modesty standards

    Modesty, meaning clothing, of course. It's a question that doesn't seem to have an answer. Why the cross-examination?
  4. Modesty standards

    Just one question that needs an answer...why do we worry about modesty?
  5. Modesty standards

    Swastikas on a shirt at a political event provokes two reactions...one expected, one not. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/nazi-man-punched-richard-spencer-speech-swastika-shirt-a8011646.html http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/poignant-moment-black-protester-hugs-11376817
  6. Modesty standards

    Compare BYU women and men sports uniforms. Men’s uniforms are more modest. Same situation, same context, different standards. There is no practical reason for the disparity, so perhaps it’s aesthetic.
  7. Modesty standards

    What standard would that be?
  8. Modesty standards

    It’s a defecto exemption....although I’m being somewhat facetious, it appears that modesty standards are situational. Context seems to be a factor.
  9. Modesty standards

    Inevitable that this would come up. Celebrities, performers, and athletes are exempt.
  10. Modesty standards

    If each individual is solely responsible for his/her thoughts notwithstanding any outside stimuli (whether intentional or incidental), if modesty is merely a flawed social construct, and if immodest dress cannot cause another person to be distracted or to think or act inappropriately, then other than for protection from environmental harm perhaps we should not bother about wearing any clothes at all. We should all be able to go about in the buff without a second thought. We would all be less hung up if we just wore a smile. What is the purpose of modesty? On the other hand, speaking of shared responsibility for stumbling blocks, the Savior said, Matt 18
  11. Modesty standards

    We don’t live in that kind of isolated bubble in the real world. I think you are missing my point, but I have learned from sad experience that honestly responding to this topic is fraught with all kinds of dangers and misunderstandings. And so I will bow out.
  12. Modesty standards

    Are you assuming all men want to control their thoughts? Isn’t this what much advertising and all pornography rely on?
  13. Modesty standards

    What if the girl or woman intentionally dresses in a provocative way in order to invite male attention? Does she bear any responsibility at all for the thoughts or actions her dress engenders?
  14. Scrutinizing general conference

    As you well know, policy can also come from the Lord through revelation. And it can change the same way. For example, Jesus' temporary ban on preaching the gospel to the Gentiles.
  15. Scrutinizing general conference