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  1. That’s a red herring which, of course, obscures the issue. If LDS are remiss in their general practice regarding the use of the cross for symbolic ornamentation or self-identity as Christians, are they therefore unchristian or less Christian than those who do? If not, then where’s the beef? Compare Google result for Why don’t Mormons use crosses with Why don’t Mormons hang stuff on their walls from Deseret Book. I’ve never heard of anyone LDS or non-LDS criticize, admonish, question, whatever, Church members who don’t hang up things from Deseret Book. I have, however, heard and read criticism of and been questioned about LDS lack of use of the cross as an sticking point of religious belief and practice. This thread contains some, even throwing shade on specific Church leaderss. By the same token, I would never question or condemn anyone - LDS or non-LDS- about their sincere use of a cross.
  2. Not really. Since you reject the appeal to understand words in context as was explained,, there’s not much more to say. Having had numerous interactions with non-LDS Christians, I believe there is plenty of confusion to go around. We, usually end up with this very discussion about salvation. Even so, I remain quite confused about what they believe.... Once saved, whatis the plan of salvation, am I always saved, can one fall from grace, what is the role of baptism in salvation, do I have to accept all the Christian Creeds to be saved or just a few select ones, must I believe only the Bible in order to be saved, are only certain types of believers saved, what does resurrection mean, will all mankind be resurrected or just the saved, how will the saved spend eternity, what is Hell, what happens to people who never heard the gospel or the name of Jesus, are there people who are not capable of being saved, does God choose those he will save and damn all the rest, must one pray the sinner’s prayer to be saved, is saying a prayer a work, do I play any part at all in my own salvation, how does one know he is saved, does being saved give me license to sin some more, can I believe I am saved but not really be saved, how do others know I have been saved, etc.? After a number of good conversations with you, I get the feeling that your frustrations are centered around the simple fact that LDS beliefs are not the same as your beliefs and you wish we would change ours to be more compatible with yours so we can get along better. Is that accurate? For example, are you willing to consider that there may be varying degrees of reward (one size does not fit all) in the panoply of salvation? In your view, who is saved, how are they saved, do they have any responsibility for their salvation, and what are they saved from?
  3. No worries. I don't quite get your confusion, though. It's a frequent discussion in LDS circles and is crystal clear to me. Perhaps its the same kind of confusion I feel when I hear Catholics describing the cult of Mary and the Saints, the Trinitarians explaining three in one, Evangelicals downplaying works, and the Calvinists trying to describe just about anything.
  4. IMO indoctrination involves some degree of coercion, force, or exclusivity. There's always the tuning dial or the off switch.
  5. Probably not, but we may be excused from the calling to be the Nursery leaders.
  6. Sorry this didn’t help. I’ve had many cogent conversations over the years. It does help to agree on terms.
  7. For a little more excitement, you might consider joining the Danites.....the Mormon “Knights Templar” (Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, the “Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonic,” the Order of Solomon's Temple)? Intrigue, danger, secret stuff, etc.......
  8. Thank you! I’ll take whatever glory I can get, no matter how fleeting.... 🤟 Let me try it this way... I don’t mean to play my own violin, but......
  9. I don’t know what the many Saints with whom you have discussed this understand, but these three scriptures are sufficiently clear for my understanding....... 2 Nephi 31 D&C 76 D&C 131:1-4
  10. Not to toot my own horn, but I believe I gave the most accurate prediction of the contents of April Conference.....👏🏆 Posted March 24 My response........
  11. Interesting thoughts, but you addressed none of my questions. I know what my answers are. I was asking for you to share yours.... How would you know it was God? Would you question what you witnessed? Would you tell others about your experience? How would they know you are telling the truth?
  12. So a public appearance by God would be sufficient. Public so there would be other witnesses to verify what happened? How would you know it was God? Would you question what you witnessed? Would you tell others about your experience? How would they know you are telling the truth?
  13. Not for Christmas Eve at my house. Maybe for breakfast with the juevos rancheros?
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