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  1. As a person who grew up a member about as far away from SLC as one can get and thus in a place where very few other member live I find this article and this issue surprising and disappointing. There was almost no chance of having other members in the same school as I was nevermind having them as neighbours. In other words we had to befriend, associate and play with non-members. Consequently we were taught how to choose good friends and associate with good company and that not determined by their particular church but more by their character. So I think this matter, if it is as big as portrayed, must be a Utah thing, or at least a thing where there is a high density of LDS members. I really hope it isn't though as surely we should be more secure in our Faith and more Christlike in our relationships and interactions with the rest of Gods children all around us. Surely.
  2. I have to agree with you. I started watching his talk and was soon put off by his apparent self aggrandizing start, it was all I, me, study, me, I, etc. He started sounding like a pompous git so I killed the video. I should stop because the more I think of him the more my blood boils....
  3. Its on Netflix which I believe you do have in the UK and not just the Bumbling British Corporation 😉
  4. Could it be to get across to the baptismal font?
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