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  1. Patriarch is an ordained Melchizedek Priesthood office... I don't believe being a High Priest has ever been a prerequisite to being ordained a Patriarch...
  2. Que

    New First Presidency

    I recognize that this is my own experience and means nothing to anybody but me, but... It seems to me like President Eyrings "normal resting face" has an expression that is somewhere between a grin and a "wow, what comes next?" expression. It seems to fit his cultural upbringing, his presentation when he speaks, his personality. Elder Uchtdorf has a "normal resting face" expression that is more stern... which totally seems to fit his culture (based on my experience and years in Germany), and personality. When Elder Uchtdorf chooses to smile, it seems intentional and genuine to me. I did not get a disappointment vibe from him, and I saw the hand on the arm as an expression of brotherly support for a Quorum member, not a consolation. Your mileage may obviously vary, but that is how I saw it. Personally, I am so glad that the burden of leadership is on these men, and not me!!! I will happily follow them regardless of individual leadership styles and emphasis... and that is part of my own "covenant" relationship... I get the feeling that some in this thread are looking for gnats to strain, but I understand they have their particular areas of extra concern...
  3. I am currently Scoutmaster in my ward. Fourth time, 10 years total. Also been Varsity Coach, Venturing Crew Advisor, Cubmaster, and virtually all YM positions except Bishop... My experience is diametrically opposite almost all opinions stated above except for the difficulty staffing Cubs (I was bishopric 2nd counselor) and the failure on the part of the vast majority of adult varsity and venturing leaders to even give the program a valid try... So I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but my mileage has varied...