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  1. Not only did the Brass Plates contain some material from the prophets of Judah, but Jesus also taught teachings he shared with the New Testament Jews to the Nephites while he was there. Some of these are recorded in 3rd Nephi...
  2. My understanding was that John was authorized to perform the ritual purification washings by virtue of being Cohen. His ability to introduce the baptism of entrance to the new Kingdom came from his ordination by the angel to overthrow the kingdom of the Jews. Both of these were Aaronic, or priestly in nature. Jesus's authority was different. My understanding is that his priesthood was the royal priesthood, that which Melchizedek had, and that which gave Jesus' forebears David and Solomon the authority to supervise and regulate the priests and Levites. Peter states that the priesthood the Saints held was that royal priesthood given them by Christ. One of the things I have always been intrigued by, is that Jesus' fellow rabbis never quizzed him on that account... at least not as mentioned in the Christian writings I have read.
  3. In his Dialogue with Trypho the Jew, Justin Martyr contrasts Christian baptism with the Jewish baptism, writing: So at least from his perspective, the Jews DID perform a ritual analogous to the Christian baptism, but for purification only. However, from our perspective, John performed an enhanced baptism to include preparing the Jews for a coming new kingdom, and Jesus introduced that Kingdom of God on earth, continuing with John's type of baptism as a requisite.
  4. Nach die Zeugness zuteilen, light the candles under the propeller things... Those are cool...
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