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  1. I didn't put words in your mouth. I literally used the quote feature just like I did here.
  2. If you have to make an argument to say it's subjectively "as good as" revelation you are saying it's not quite revelation. But even if it was there is recent precedent showing even a new policy received by revelation isn't permanent if it's unpopular. Nelson literally said in his conference address "if we allow nicknames to be used or adopt or even sponsor those nicknames ourselves, He is offended." Nobody is suggesting he hates the name Mormon like he hates character in the BOM. It's clear what the context is. There is one nickname used in reference to the church in 99.99% of the time. And again to repeat my point they aren't removing his name from the church because it isn't his name. Phaedrus
  3. Nelson also declared on multiple occasions that the November policy for children of same sex couples was direct revelation from the lord. They haven't used the "R" word for the name preference yet so reversing course will be easy when it happens. I think that the best evidence that the institutional church knows the change is temporary is the recent round of cease and desist letters Intellectual Reserve have been sending out to websites using the name "Mormon" in their title. And regarding the savior and the name of his church we all know that has changed multiple times since it was first revealed and we all know his name isn't Jesus Christ. If you saw him walking down the street and said "Hey Jesus" he would go "Who?". If god is offended by the name Mormon I would expect that he would really be offended we have been calling him by the wrong name all these years. Phaedrus
  4. Not a great analogy because it's understood that sports stadiums change names and do it often. A better analogy would be when Snoop Dogg changed his name after 20 years to Snoop Lion or when Prince changed his name into a symbol. Both were well know in the public space and had build a brand and image under that name. If you only called them by their new name people are going to be confused. Neither name change lasted and I think everyone realizes this present focus is going to be about as successful as New Coke. Phaedrus
  5. Someone should ask Sam Young if their new website looks familiar. Phaedrus
  6. If the Mormon pioneers settled in Northern Mexico 1847 then why do scouts put America flags all over Utah streets to celebrate the holiday? That's portraying pioneers as anti-Americans to the point you're suggesting they would even go to war against the USA.
  7. I assume this is the blog for Stephen Smoot. I can't quite put my finger on it but he always comes off as lacking self awareness in a Dunning-Kruger way for me. His apologetic style is definitely leans towards more DCP and the old FARMS that modern Mormon Studies. Phaedrus
  8. Earth has plants that produce cannabinoids and the human body has cannabinoid receptors to bind to these compounds and use their effects in the muscular system, immune system and others. I think there is real medicine to be found within plants that produce cannabinoids but I strongly suspect that what's being sold in these CBD mlms is mostly snake oil, wishful thinking, and exaggerated marketing. They probably are more powerful than essential oils but much less than actual medical marijuana. Phaedrus
  9. So we know that anyone who has identified as gay or having such feelings will have their records annotated. This has kept people from the lowest levels of leadership in the church, let alone the highest callings. Second is your qualification that gay men married to women would be eligible. I have yet to see any such situation reach the level of bishop or branch president in leadership. We know there were leaders in the past that lived lives as secretly gay but I haven't heard of any with the pretend marriage scenario you mention. In both scenarios women and the LGBT community are less than full equals in the church. Phaedrus
  10. The present treatment of women and the LGBT community by the church is analogous to the treatment of blacks prior to 1978. Back then people defended the church and said that black people were treated no differently and our beliefs weren't racist. People who openly criticized the church's racist policies back then were brave and I believe people need to be willing to do the same now. Here is a easy question. Can a gay man or a woman be a mission president? Phaedrus
  11. There are so many mixed messages from the church about the LGBT community. For every nice act there is hurtful and harmful rhetoric. It's like watching the happy social media posts of a friend you know is being beaten at home. Yes there has been positive steps but the beatings haven't stopped. As Nina Simone said so well "You've got to learn to leave the table when love's no longer being served." I understand for so many people this means disconnecting from an entire culture and support system. I believe staying in a culture that considers your flawed, defective and inferior is harmful. Phaedrus
  12. The church was on a winning streak with the removing the November policy and new civil marriage rules. By experience we knew it couldn't last. Phaedrus
  13. I seem to recall many years ago people using the terms "chapel Mormon" and "internet Mormon". The difference being the former is a believer without much exposure to the critical details about the church but the former is aware. Since the word Mormon is now a victory for Satan should this also be considered as offensive? Phaedrus
  14. The November 2015 was the impetus for my family's resignation because we believed it to be intentionally harmful. I have to say I'm surprised because the church really doubled down on the previous policy with revelation claims. This is a step in the right direction. Phaedrus
  15. It was one of a few listed items from their research that were specifically important to women. Another was.... More info like the link they published to their 2016 Next Mormons Survey? And of course the book. Phaedrus
  16. At least you are willing to share your opinion even though you admittedly don't know the context. Phaedrus
  17. I included a link to the full news article in the original post which has many details on the years of research they used in their 328 page book. Phaedrus
  18. If you want full police powers you need equal accountability.
  19. That is just misdirection. You called a serious academic work, published by respected individuals , by a major academic press something "of questionable origin" and some "nutty surveys". Those are very specific criticisms you offered. Phaedrus
  20. This is how you characterize an academic volume written by a women with a PhD in American religious history from Columbia University, co-written with a professor of political science, and published by Oxford University Press? How are you remotely qualified to question this? This is a serious question for you Nehor. Phaedrus
  21. Maybe I didn't make it clear in my first post. I see it but I was surprised to see that for some of these women it remained the last situation in there life where they were experiencing sexism. The fact that sexism wasn't in the other parts of their life is a positive.
  22. Like the law, religious discussions often are filled with citation and quotations from those with authority. While it's possible to find many exceptional quotes from LDS women none of their teaching carry the weight of authority. While it's possible to quote a modern prophet or apostle statements as having greater authority than one of their predecessors it's not possible to use a woman's statement the same way. It will be a good day when that is no longer the case. Phaedrus
  23. I think you might be confusing generations. I know multiple bishops and RS presidents that are millennials. Phaedrus
  24. Next time someone bears their testimony you should correct them and tell them they don't "know the church is true" they just have a viewpoint. Or do you only change truth to viewpoints when you disagree with the information? Phaedrus
  25. The good part is these women don't actually need you to believe them. They get to speak their own truth. Phaedrus
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