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  1. phaedrus ut

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    Big thanks to Ben and Blair for responding to this post. I'm sure you both look like the cool kids on campus. Cheers, Phaedrus
  2. phaedrus ut

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    Oh yeah I've noticed that too. Maybe the Maxwell Institute is in the university but not of the University. IIRC Blair posts here on occasion, maybe he'll clarify the rules.
  3. phaedrus ut

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    I resigned after the 2015 policy change but consider myself culturally Mormon in many ways. I don't have any supernatural beliefs but I find they study of Mormonism and religion in general fascinating. I've been posting here since 2004 and I'm one of the few critical voices to last that long so I can't be all that bad. I don't specifically care about beards at BYU, I was just curious. I predict they will lift the ban on beards in 2042 when mainstream fashion has all men clean shaven so nobody will really notice. Phaedrus
  4. phaedrus ut

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    I assumed that was the case but I had never seen it during my short stint at BYU and the only exception I knew of was a beard card. Thanks.
  5. phaedrus ut

    The Maxwell Institute and the Honor Code

    Considering his very obvious beard in the photos on the website I don't think I was outing him.
  6. I've noticed that Benjamin Park is currently at BYU as a visiting fellow at the Maxwell Institute . I have also noticed that he has quite a handsome beard. Is the Maxwell Institute exempt from the dress and grooming standards of the Honor Code? Just curious. Phaedrus
  7. phaedrus ut

    The Church has $32 Billion in the Stock Market

    This board has always allowed occasional posters and as long as it doesn't break the other rules I see no problem with it. The purpose of this board is to discuss topics relevant to Mormonism. It's going to get discussed one way or the other. Phaedrus
  8. phaedrus ut

    No charges to be filed for LDS judge

    The most promising part of the story is that it was referred to the legal system from a conversation that started with a bishop. To much abuse happens when early reports are ignored.
  9. I know the contentious feelings about the rituals ran both ways. In Utah, Mormons were banned from the lodges up until 1984 but now I think the Grand Master of the Utah lodge is a Mormon. My favorite connection between Masonry and Mormonism is that after William Morgan disappeared for revealing the secrets of Masonry , Lucinda Pendleton Morgan, became one of Joseph Smith's plural wives.
  10. phaedrus ut

    How many black members do we have?

    With growth slowing in North America, Asia, & Europe the strong growth of the church in Africa should keep increasing. I had black LDS friends who were adopted when I was growing up and I have LDS friends that have also adopted black children. We did have one black LDS family move into our Utah ward in the early 1980's. Unfortunately they kept getting hate mail and moved away. I posted a suggestion on Wednesday IMO the fake apology worked because there are many in the church, black and white, that understand it's needed and overdue. I saw many LDS friends celebrate saying "i can't believe this day has finally come" or that they "always knew it would happen". On twitter I saw black LDS members talking about their tears of joy. Highlighting that after 40 years this still hasn't happened has essentially publicly shamed the church. They still have a PR window between now that the Be One events to take care of this. Phaedrus
  11. phaedrus ut

    The beginning of the priesthood/temple ban

    I think the problem is that since the change in 1978 the church has avoided refuting the ban as false doctrine or a mistake. There are official statements, released and signed by the First Presidency, such as - There have been great strides since then and I think the racial attitudes of the church today, with a few lingering prejudices like we have seen on this thread, is 99% better. The Race and the Priesthood essay is a great step in this direction with the statement - That's a great statement but I think it's still ambiguous enough to allow some wiggle room. First this isn't a statement issued from and signed by the First Presidency. It's a online essay deep in lds.org. Second it only disavows "theories'" but not the ban itself. It condemns "all racism, past and present" but never explicitly states that the priesthood ban was wrong. With that I have a suggestion. There is a Be One celebration of the 1978 revelation. The First Presidency should issue a pronouncement, Proclamation of the Family style, signed by the First Presidency that explicitly says the ban was wrong from the beginning, the justifications for the ban were wrong and harmful, racist passages exist in the scriptures but those are wrong, and apologize and ask for forgiveness.* Phaedrus * a mention of the various bans on black women and ignoring them in the 1978 revelation would also be productive.
  12. I'm perfectly fine with BYU having a private police force rather than campus security guards. This includes all police authority including deadly force. There is a strong public interest in transparency for those using police powers. Could you imagine a situation where a police officer with a private institution uses deadly force but they deny access to body camera footage? I know Notre Dame has been dealing with the same issue in Indiana for years. Ultimately I would like to see one of these cases make it to the Supreme Court. IMO, you can't have it both ways and hopefully the court rules that way. Phaedrus
  13. The two biggest Items in the last 10 years that I've seen large groups of Mormons leaving the church were Prop 8 in 2008 and the policy change for children of gay couples. Both were strong conservative political stances from the church that divided many families and pushed many people away. Phaedrus
  14. phaedrus ut

    The Demise of Scouting

    I can't tell if this is satire or not....
  15. phaedrus ut

    The Demise of Scouting

    I've always thought that girls got the short end of the stick when it came to Young Women's compared to Young Men's and Boy Scouts. I think all scouting can be great character building organizations for young people and I applaud the BSA for their inclusion. Unfortunately for the church it seems to be slowing isolating itself from society at large with its policies. Agree or disagree I always felt like the LDS church's support of scouting was a badge of honor(pun intended). Phaedrus