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  1. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    I agree with Bluebell that in a lot of states the "medicinal" prescription is pretty much a sham. There is the old joke that you can get a prescription for stress and they reason you're stressed is because you're out of weed. But on a bigger issue I think we are allowing harm by keeping it from some patients. I personally know of two people that regularly travel to Colorado. One is for his wife who had chronic pain and moving from opioids to marijuana has given her better pain relief, a better quality of life, with much less side effects and risk of addiction. The second is one that uses a specific strain to control her epilepsy and again for her it works better than other drugs with less negative heath effects. In the interest of full disclosure I occasionally consume marijuana for non medicinal reasons. Phaedrus
  2. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    Topical creams can be effective but the difference is that they can't use the body's endocannabinoid system to reduce pain and inflammation.
  3. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    There was a relevant article in yesterday's Tribune Kirby: Yes, I sold weed out of my Mormon church library … but let me explain Some here who have debated smoking etc. You'll notice he uses a topical balm. Phaedrus
  4. What is Going Well in Your Life?

    To maintain some anonymity I'll just say it's a target sport. It'll never be a career for me but I enjoy the competition and I should be able to keep playing at a high level for years to come.
  5. What is Going Well in Your Life?

    What a great positive post. I have a beautiful wife and a happy marriage, 3 healthy college age children who studying and beginning their careers, my career has recently improved, my business investments are improving, and I'm competing at a professional level in my sport. Phaedrus
  6. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    There is some precedent of this scenario. Utah cast the deciding vote for the 21st Amendment to repeal prohibition and the 18th Amendment. This was against the objections of President Heber J. Grant. Grant was a strong prohibitionist who actively campaigned to make Utah a dry state. He was the Utah President of the Anti-Saloon League and on their national board and "Grant’s pro-Prohibition stand also challenged harmony" among church leaders. Joseph F. Smith resignedly said that he had “frequently tried to modify his zeal,” but Grant did “as he wishes.” Grant did not succeed in making prohibition the law of the land but he very much made it the law of the church. It'll be interesting to see the on ballot initiative what happens. Prescription drug abuse is a big issue in Utah. It would be hard to find a family that hasn't had a son, a uncle, a cousin, a best friend that hasn't had to deal with the tragedy of addiction. It'll be interesting to see if enough Mormons go against this statement for the ballot initiative to succeed. Phaedrus
  7. The Standard Works - Our Measuring Rod?

    Therefore by order of priority policies accepted by common consent are above the scriptures.
  8. The Standard Works - Our Measuring Rod?

    The best example of this being incorrect is D&C 89. It specifically says it's not a commandment but now church policy has it as a commandment. There has been no canonical update like OD1 did with D&C 132. This is a mandatory requirement of every worthy Latter-Day Saint and something that affects the everyday life of every Mormon yet the policy is a direct contradiction of scripture. Phaedrus
  9. I can imagine a day in the future, probably not the near future, where church leadership and priesthood will be a combination of men and women. To me it makes sense. Phaedrus
  10. Accuser of Joseph Bishop Files Suit

    Today's news coverage of the story contains some other damaging details
  11. It's well known he was Mormon. IIRC one of the victims testified that since she and her husband were Jewish they wanted a Jewish donor and Jacobson testified that his sperm qualified because he was Mormon.
  12. It probably doesn't but some victims were local church members. This Deseret News article mentions him moving his assets into a trust
  13. Accuser of Joseph Bishop Files Suit

    Any speculations as to why Bishop has never received any church discipline?
  14. We had another Mormon fertility doctor with a similar case years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecil_Jacobson He is believed to have fathered up to 75 children
  15. Next Mormons- Word of Wisdom

    I remember reading how coffee was served and and enjoyed by BYU students during the early 20th century. My Mormon grandparents grew up in that same generation can casually drank a glass of wine with dinner every night and had coffee every morning with breakfast. Their attitudes were the rule not the exception among Mormons in their area. Gramps had pictures of him and Willard Marriott drinking beer together in their youth. I always got the impression they felt like they were grandfathered into the old rules because they were around before the strict enforcement of the WoW began under Heber J. Grant. One think that has always had me wondering. It's often said in places like this that the Standard Works are the ultimate authority on LDS Doctrine because they are canonized. D&C 89 explicitly says it's not a commandment yet there is a policy that somehow supersedes this canonized revelation. Doesn't this actually put church policy above revelation in order of importance? Phaedrus