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  1. IS CBD oil actually good for anything? Sounds like the latest snake oil to me, you know "good for whatever ails you."
  2. You could read the book, you know. Its on kindle for free.
  3. So your reliance on Oak's position places you where on the Perry scheme . . . ?
  4. Just to add a little more context to Tacenda's Drive by statistics, you can find actual, real bankruptcy statics at this website. https://www.abi.org/newsroom/bankruptcy-statistics if you download the spreadsheet, you will see that over the years, Utah has been as high as 4th place and currently is 10th place.
  5. You are relying on a bankruptcy law firms advertisement to reach your conclusions about bankruptcy statistics in Utah. Try and use statistics more responsibly next time.
  6. The problem is that everything everyone is talking about in this case comes down to two witnesses; Bishop and Denison. Both appear to be unreliable witnesses. Since they both appear to be unreliable, everyone here is going to pick and choose which statements to believe and which statements to disbelieve based on their preconceived notions. I doubt anyone's opinions of the church will changed based on the accuracy or inaccuracy of the current allegations. Those who distrust the church will just think that the alleged occurrences really happened, but by different people to different people. Most of those who still believe in the church will go on thinking that sinners are gonna sin and that the church is made up of imperfect people. Those who really care are going to look for ways to compensate for flawed people being placed in leadership (increased vetting, two deep leadership, victim care, etc.) These things can only be done by people who are involved in the church, not by those who have left the church. In fact, discussions on youth safety are a regular occurrence in our ward council. The people who have left often don't seem aware of these discussions and certainly aren't a part of them.
  7. Why don't you do the research on each item in the list, document the sources and let us know. Nothing is quite as annoying as someone just parroting someone else and asking us to believe them.
  8. Just a quick search through the D&C and D&C 132 seems to be the most recent section to talk specifically of Joseph being Fallible.
  9. I think much of the "dread" and "anxiety" for children dealing with adults is a north american cultural thing. In much of the world (and most of history), adults and youth aren't so separated. The whole concept of being a teenager is a new thing. You are either an adult(capable of taking care of yourself) or a child (Incapable of looking out for yourself). In many Hispanic and native american cultures, You are expected to start working and taking care of yourself as a teenager (my parents in law were both married as teenagers, my mother in law when she was 14). One of the very weird things for many I have talked to in the church is the whole concept of youth dances (why aren't the parents and grandparents even invited to dance?). The whole 14-18 year olds, must be separated from the 18-31 year olds, who must be separated from the older singles, who must be separated from the married people who must be separated from the young children. There really is not reason to separate people like that other than our own cultural preferences.
  10. Anyone here every read the Doctrine and Covenants? Much of it is devoted to telling the church that it is in error. If you want something specific about the prophet being wrong, I would recommend re-reading Doctrine and Covenants Section 3.
  11. I am not opposed to youth bringing people with them to an interview, as long as they have the option of Not bringing someone with them as well. Some things are best talked about one on one.
  12. It may get that way, but I feel more will be lost than gained.
  13. Its not just the parent being the abuser that could cause a child to be uncomfortable having the parent in the interview. A brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin is very commonly the abuser (much more common than a bishop). Most children would feel very uncomfortable with their parents in the room in those situations as well. Youth confessing serious sin may also feel uncomfortable with parents in the room.
  14. I think this can be a good thing with the younger children. With the older youth, there are often things that youth wish to discuss with a bishop that they won't with their parents around (I know there was for me). This becomes even more important when a youth wishes to talk about abuse that happened to them (as with someone I know very well). I think there should always be a way for a youth to talk confidentially with a priesthood leader when they want to.
  15. How many people will know if a record is flagged? Should there be a list in the foyer? When the person who was convicted of Child abuse started attending our ward, the bishop held a meeting of the parents to talk about it, so many in our ward know that way, but it's been a couple of years now and the people move in. In the end people are going to get comfortable around this guy and (some of them) will forget, or weren't in attendance when it was announced, or moved in later or were asleep. How do you keep everyone informed?
  16. Would you want your child to ever be alone with with an un-convicted child abuser? You know there are more of them out there than convicted child abusers. Many (at least 25% of them according to the Boy Scout Youth protection thing that I just watched) are minors themselves. At least with the convicted ones, we know to watch them closer. I think the solution involves educating our children on how to interact with other. What the boundaries are and when they are crossed. This is much more complicated and difficult than the very easy "shun the sinner" mentality. We have a convicted child abuser that attends church with us, often sitting in the same row as us. His son asked our daughter out the winter formal. The guy doesn't have any callings (He isn't even a member) , but since he has youth that are active it is next to impossible to completely shun him without shunning his family as well. We told our children to watch him, but we stressed how it much more important to watch the out for the other people out there who haven't been caught or haven't done anything yet. Watch for lines being crossed, personalities to watch out for and keep us in the loop on what happens. It's the guy you aren't watching out for that is going to get you. It doesn't end when you turn 18 either, plenty of abuse happens between adults.
  17. You don't need to be a licensed attorney to know law. Just because a particular cartel doesn't accept you as a member doesn't take away what you know.
  18. I fear you may be showing your US cultural prejudice. In many cultures it is perfectly acceptable for people other than parents to show affection for children. Showing affection for children does not equal abuse. Limiting affection to parents does prevent abuse. Parents are one of the biggest group of abusers.
  19. Sounds like you are hoping for a certain outcome.
  20. What about your interactions with your own children? Why shouldn't I intervene? Aren't parents the ones who are statically most likely to abuse?
  21. I have always found the best way to avoid sin is to assume that one is capable of it and take steps to a avoid situations that would lead me down the path. "I would never do that" is always dangerous. Reminds me of the apostles response to the Jesus's prophecy of betrayal. "Is it I?"
  22. I just finished taking the Youth Protection Training from the Boy Scouts of America. One of the things that they kept emphasizing is the process of "grooming", that abusers often follow. We should always watch out for this "Grooming" According to the program, I seem to be guilty of "grooming" my children. 1. I often am in one on one situations with them 2. I engage in physical contact with them (Hugs, tickling, etc) 3. I am constantly trying to get their mother to like me. 4. I often console them when they are sad, or depressed. 5. I buy them presents and take them out to eat (sometimes in one on one situations) All of these are "grooming" behaviors and all of these are would have to be reported (theoretically) if they happened during Boy Scouts.
  23. Do the victims you know behave this way?
  24. Victims of abuse that I know personally don't do these kind of things.
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