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  1. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    I don't think that word means what to think it means. Prohibition on a national level required an amendment. Prohibition on a state and local level has always been constitutional, and didn't need a constitutional amendment. There were many dry states before the 18th amendment was passed. Not one of those state's dry laws were ruled unconstitutional. I think when you say constitutional, you really mean something you want to be true really bad. The courts have never ruled that prohibition by a local government was unconstitutional. They have never ruled that laws against prostitution are unconstitutional. You may think these laws are a bad thing but that has nothing to do with whether they are constitutional or not.
  2. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    CFR any court that has ruled prostitution is constitutionally protected activity. I think you are making up your claim of prostitution's constitutional protection.
  3. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    I am not sure I recall prostitution being a constitutionally protected right. All law is someone's morals enforced by the state.
  4. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    its not that simple. That is real life. Not TV. Not Hollywood. Most prostitution is engaged in by people who are desperate and feel there is no other alternative. Try going in to the neighborhood where the hookers hang out sometime. Talk to them, I have. These are not people who have just decided on whim to do some consensual business transactions. These are people with no hope. People who are desperate, people who are being taken advantage of. What about the wives and the children of the Johns. Did they consent? Did the wife consent to get a venereal disease from her disgusting husband? You seem to live in some fantasy world where extramarital sex, drug and alcohol use, has no consequences for anyone other than the two consenting (maybe?) people involved in the act. What about the child who just got killed by a drunk driver? Did he consent? Or the woman who gets beat to a pulp every time her boyfriend/ husband gets drunk. Why don't you talk to her about what she was consenting to.
  5. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    They are still trying and doing that in places. Ever hear of a dry county? Ever hear of the bureau of Alcohol Tobbaco and Firearms? Ever hear of state liquor commissions? Government regulation of morals. Its happening everywhere. I now have to support things that I believe are immoral (same sex marriage comes to mind).
  6. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    I think that much of what government does would be considered overreach. That ship sailed long ago. I work in a profession that involves government overreach in the most intimate parts of people's lives. I remember arguing in court one day about how the presence of a golf digest magazine on someone's desk in their home affected the amount of tax someone had to pay. I believe that communities have a right to create a moral environment that is conducive to that community's values. The law, however is a blunt instrument. I don't believe people should be put in jail for most crimes. (what do we do with someone who gets caught stealing a car? we make them spend time with other car thiefs so they can become better at stealing cars in a couple of years when they get out). We can and should use our communitys and laws for the protection of public morals. I suppose you would like to have a liquor store in the school cafeteria? Perhaps penthouse magazine in the school library? Gun Shop in the children's play area? No? Then you are in favor of using the law to promote public morals.
  7. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    In your opinion only. You must be getting your information about prostitution from TV or the Movies. have you ever spent any time among real prostitutes? Its not all consensual fun and games.
  8. Prohibition, Yea or Nay

    I am in favor of local Prohibition but not in national prohibition. (drugs, marijuana, pornography, alcohol) I like the Idea of a dry county or even a state, but not the idea of prohibition on a national level. That way people can change the law locally or move to an area that better reflects their moral (or immoral) values. I don't think these things (pornography, drugs and alcohol) should be criminalized. Just a civil fine should do as a deterrent. A way of saying we don't like that stuff in this town (county, State) and we will make it uncomfortable for you if you have it here but we won't go through the effort of trying to put you in jail over it.
  9. President Nelson on Gun Control

    You do realize that the armed forces are have large amounts teenagers with access to military style assault rifles.
  10. From a theological perspective Christ suffered for all pains of all sins as part of the atonement, regardless of who is at fault. "And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." From her personal point of view. The things she suffered left her badly injured and hurt, with severe emotional pain and suffering. After she joined the church, she was able to be healed and cleansed from the hurt and pain and suffering she experienced. She attributes this to the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I believe her.
  11. Thanks for pointing the article out. I look forward to the transcript. President nelson says some good things, things we should all pay attention to. The problem with false love is a big one in today's world. I have seen it cause tremendous heartache for many people. I think this message is applicable to everyone.
  12. Experience definitely changes perspective. My wife experienced sexual abuse as a child. While she has, through the help of the atonement, been able to forgive and move on in her life, there is still a healthy lack of trust in other men. My children, perhaps, feel they have more restrictions on sleepovers, and spending time at other people's houses, etc than many other children as a result. When they complain about us being too restrictive, we can only hope that they are right and will always feel that way, that they won't have the life experiences to make them truly understand why those restrictions feel so justified to us.
  13. I don't think people can understand the impact of a false accusation until it has happened to them. I think you have to experience it to actually get it. I remember as a twelve year old, there was a false accusation leveled against our family. The trauma of having the police show up at your house in force, being told to do things at gunpoint. Who do you call when it is the police that are assaulting you? Our trust in that institution was and still continues to be lost. On an intellectual level, I can accept it was a mistake, on an emotional level it is not so easy. I remember arrangements being made to hide at other peoples house. From the Police! To this day no one in our family will ever allow a police officer in the house.
  14. This is just a weird thread. 19 pages!. Only in Utah. Whether someone has a temple recommend makes the local news. Someone who doesn't seem to want to go to the temple anyway! What happens when someone sits in your family's pew? do you call in the FBI? Does the internal politics of the Methodists or the Presbyterians get the same treatment?
  15. An Inspired Constitution? (Needs a rewrite.j

    Incorrect use of a gun has more immediately negative consequences. Guns are prevalent enough that even those that don't want to own them are still likely to encounter them.