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  1. The whole purpose of an internet thread like this is to pass judgement on Ed, Louis and each other. Otherwise, why start a thread on the topic? We are posting here to either pass judgment on one of the Smart's or to pass judgement on each other for passing judgement on the Smarts.
  2. Of course they felt trauma! These are traumatic experiences Anyone recounting these experiences to anyone would have experience trauma.
  3. you really lose any credibility you might have had with comments such as these. I think you might want to start attending church if you are going to continue criticizing the church on online forums. At least you will know what arguments are legitimate and which ones are absurd. Its almost as if you have invented an imaginary church that you want to attack.
  4. Just took the training. Nothing really new. Two deep. Abuse is bad. report it if you learn of it.
  5. All I see is someone who left his wife because he isn't attracted to her anymore and is attracted to someone else. Sad, but nothing new
  6. One small quibble, an illegal immigrant, or someone married to an illegal immigrant probably won't qualify for the Earned Income Credit (a legal one might). Current law doesn't allow for someone who has an ITIN number or is married to someone with an ITIN number to get EITC. (The DACA people are issued social security numbers so they can qualify as long as they are married to someone with a social security number, as well as a few people who were legal once and let that status lapse).
  7. I think one of the more curious aspects of the church that exists in the US is the segregation by age and marital status with activities. 0-3 years old go to nursury 3-11 go to primary 11-18 got to young men 18-31 unmarried go to some activities 31+ unmarried go to other activities 17 year olds shall not dance with 19 year olds 29 year olds shall not go with 32 year olds. Etc It seems a bit stupid and arbitrary to me. In other parts of the world, and in other cultures, it is not uncommon for an 80 year old to dance with a teenager at a ward party, but for some reason that seems to be forbidden here in the states.
  8. As for e cigarettes, my brother was able to quit smoking by switching to e cigarettes and gradually reducing the nicotine content. Recreational use of e cigarettes might be against the word of wisdom, but they can be a tool to help one obey the word of wisdom.
  9. Actually, looking at the cash benefits section, I declare the article bovine feces. It shows cash welfare as SSI EITC and TANF. EITC and TANF are tiny compared to Social Security payouts. There is no way that immigrants collect more social security income than Native households.
  10. Although I do not doubt that immigrants on average make less money than non immigrant (Hence they are eligible for more benefits), I believe the survey does a bit of cherry picking on what it calls welfare. It calls EITC welfare but doesn't call child tax credit welfare (child tax credit is usually bigger and applies to more people than the EITC.) Also, most people don't realize that these credits are based on income, not assets. I have seen millionaires qualify for EITC, income can be easily (and legally) manipulated to qualify for the credit An illegal immigrant in most cases will not qualify for EITC. A valid social security number is required. Even if a person has a valid social security number, they cannot claim the EITC if married to someone who doesn't have a valid social security number.
  11. The problem with CPS is that they are made up of humans. Since they are humans, they have a tendency to be lazy. They tend to enjoy power. They don't want to own up to their mistakes, they would rather cover them up. They have limited knowledge. They can see the motes in other people's eyes, but have a hard time seeing the beams in their own eyes. They are motivated by the fact that their cause is just and righteous and other people just don't understand or are not as smart as they are. It is the same problem with just about every other system made up of humans. CPS can be a bit worse since everything they do is to "protect the children". They don't seem to have as much oversite and scrutiny as some of the other organizations. Since their cause is righteous, they can do no harm in their own eyes.
  12. My brother was removed by CPS (and about 10 police officers) . They kept him for about 3 days and then returned him without any charges or further action. It was one of the most traumatic experience of my life. It was years before our family could ever trust a police officer again. (I still would never let one in my house, they are like vampires, they get power over you if you invite them in your house). This all happened because CPS were hunting for abuse victims in my school. They would go to each class and ask if anyone's parents had been mean to them. My brother had just had a fight with my mom and raised his hand. I remember our family telling us where to hide from the police. Lawyers were telling my parents to not try to cause any trouble for CPS until my brother was returned, because they would hold my brother hostage and "lose" Him in the system. This was thirty years ago, so I hope things have gotten better since.
  13. I am unaware of any laws where immigration status would restrict an adverse possession claim.
  14. And sometimes they break the law today. 100% obedience to laws(God's or man's) can be difficult. When there is conflict between several laws, it Becomes impossible
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