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  1. I guess we'll just have to disagree. As far as I know, with the information available, they handle the situation the same anyone else would have.
  2. You keep making the church's case. Bringing a case 30 years after the events in question makes it very unfair. all of those reports goes to show that she knew what happened to her, and did nothing (legally) for 30 years. She was an adult. She wasn't a minor when the alleged events occurred. That is too much time that has passed. The witnesses are dead or very aged.
  3. Actually her reporting to Leavitt, in my opinion, kills the case.
  4. Reporting the abuse early on would actually hurt her case. That would start the statute running much earlier. Though I don't practice in Utah, it is standard that the statue starts running as soon as one is aware of the damage. Her reporting the abuse in the late 80s would indicate that she was aware of it back then and (according to the law) should have prosecuted the case at that point. The defense of laches states that waiting around to start a lawsuit is unfair and prejudices the defense.
  5. All of the extra people will be needed for the new mandatory 2 deep teaching for the youth and children.
  6. They could always go to Canada
  7. When has that ever stopped people from judging?
  8. Danzo

    Guns at church

    As a youth, I remember handling unloaded weapons as a part of the Rifle and shotgun merit badge as well as in a hunters safety course that was sponsored by the church. But that was back when few had access to the handbook, fewer bothered to read it, and few of those took it seriously.
  9. Danzo

    Guns at church

    I guess the shotgun and rifle merit badges are out the window.
  10. Danzo

    The Church and China

    There is a missionary in our mission serving from mainland china
  11. Or, Perhaps He could tell the church to create an informational Film and have it shown to the church leadership.
  12. There is a church video that was put out for leaders (It was definitely produced before the public events we are discussing). I was under the impression that it was for church leaders (although our leadership decided to show it to everyone 12+ in the ward). Bishop's instructions to the ward was, if you know about abuse report it to the police, and if it involves a church member to inform the bishop so he could make sure the ward was protected by limiting access to children, etc.
  13. Did they show you the training video on child abuse?
  14. Our whole ward has been told about the hotline, several times in the last year. Over the pulpit
  15. A police report is rarely enough to convict anyone. If that were the case, why hold a trial?