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  1. Of course you believe it. You have demonstrated great credulity. I just do think you should be spreading stories like that without some outside verification. It is highly irresponsible, and becomes gossip. I Remember a man telling me about his visits with aliens. I'm pretty sure he believed what he was telling me.
  2. Did the elder help mix the cement? Or just help pour. You really have to know how someone obtained his knowledge before you can judge credibility.
  3. So you can't back any of it up. You are asking us to believe an anonymous branch president in an anonymous branch at an anonymous building somewhere in the state of Missouri filled a font up with cement in response to a policy change that had nothing to do with baptisms. All because an anonymous person told you. You believed this anonymous person without asking logical questions like "What town was this in?" or" Why would he fill up a font with cement when the policy change didn't affect baptisms?" Or "Did you see it happen or are you just repeating something told to you" or any other question a sane person would ask when presented with something as obviously out of the ordinary as this. Spreading unsubstantiated information is just as bad producing it. How pathetic.
  4. If we had the name, it would be easier to verify. The fact you don't have a name, or date is very troubling. Filing a font with cement isn't something very easy to hide.
  5. Non profitS soliciting donates aren't really a market, they are free will donations. In fact the irs requires a statement that no goods or services are recieved in order for a deduction to be valid as a tax deduction. No one makes money from a charitable deduction. They cost money. Every once in a while someone will ask me what the best tax deduction is and I always respond that the best deduction is the fees I charge. If they want a bigger deduction, I would e happy to increase my fee to increase their tax deductions. That usually drives the point that tax deductions cost money, they don't save money. Charitable donations are even worse since you can't get any good or service from them.
  6. The difference is that in the first case the church gets 10,000.00. The church often does more good with the money than the government would and can do things the government can't. There is three parties involved, not two. We need to take into account the effects on all the parties, not just the taxpayer and the government.
  7. I feel people here are getting the terms tax exempt organizations confused with public chariies. They are too very different terms. The democratic party and the Republican party are both taxe exempt. And they do nothing but practice politics. What is at issue is the deductibility of contributions to the organization under IRC 170 or other provisions of the code
  8. I am not sure if BYU is considered part of the church or not for tax reporting purposes, I couldn't find their 990 with a 5 second google search but I was able to find their tax exempt letter. I have not heard of any university losing their tax exempt status over a refusal to enroll a gay couple, but the IRS did take away Bob Jones University's tax exempt status over their racial discrimination policies. If someone tried to do that with gay marriage, they would probably start with a smaller, more fundamentalist university. Usually the government will chose the lowest hanging fruit when they are trying to set new precedent. More likely, the attack will occur through proxies like the ABA, or the college accreditation people.
  9. I think to be more precise, The hatch act prohibits churches or charities from supporting a particular candidate, however a church or charity is free to spend resources to lobby on things it thinks are important,
  10. A Couple of answers from someone in the tax business The legal difference between a for profit organization and a not for profit organization is that in a for profit organization, profits are given to the owners. A non profit organization all funds are retained in the organization for its particular purpose. A tax exempt organization is a not profit organization whose profits are not subject to income tax. Some examples of tax exempt organizations are, public charities, churches, educational organizations, trade groups, veteran's organizations, cemeteries, political parties, etc. Although these organizations do not normally pay tax on their income, they can still pay income tax if they engage in business activity that is unrelated to their exempt purpose. Private foundations also pay some (although not much) tax on their investment earnings. Public charities are Not for profit,. tax exempt organizations under Internal Revenue Cod 501(c)(3). Only donations given to public charities (organized under 501(c)(3)), veterans organization, governments and and a few 501(c)(4) organizations can be written off as a charitable contribution. Donations to other tax exempt organizations can sometimes be written off as business expenses (chambers of commerce and other trade organizations). Churches are considered 501(c)(3) organizations. They don't have to file the form 1023. Everyone else besides churches need to file that form if they are applying for 501(c)(3) status. They need to file the form 1024 if they are applying for tax exempt under another provision of 501(c). The IRS makes a determination on whether an organization qualifies Churches do not have to show financial records All other tax exempt organizations need to file the form 990, 900 ez or 990 N. The form 990 is considered a public document and should be made available to the public. an organization can lose their tax exempt status if it is shown that there is excessive personal benefits. or excessive actives that are not part of it's exempt purpose. hope that helps.
  11. Would you like President Oaks to consult with you before addressing any topic?
  12. I suggest you and I both focus our efforts on closing that gap in our lives. Those of us who are active in church can focus on closing the gap on what the church is doing vs what it could be doing. I think it is important to take satisfaction in one's own effort, while at the same time trying to do better. I applaud all the work that you do. I also applaud the good work the church does. The church can do more. You can do more. I can do more. Just because we all can do more doesn't take away from the good work we already do.
  13. I don't think you answered the question. How big is the gulf between what you do and what you could be doing? That was what you are asking of the church.
  14. Some of my biggest opportunities to serve have been the periods where I didn't have a formal calling. It's as if the lord says to me to go choose for yourself an opportunity to serve.
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