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  1. Not always, and even then, there isn't always a conviction. Cases are often closed do to lack of evidence. CPS is notorious in some parts for reuniting children with their abusers and using their resources to go after innocent people.
  2. How often is it a direct confession, as apposed to suspicious behavior, or accusation just something being off? The police often cannot do anything absent direct evidence. The bishop can still take steps to protect his ward even without an indictment or a conviction.
  3. Good thing you aren't a bishop. you could be putting all kinds of people at risk because you don't want to know.
  4. Danzo

    Attending Church

    you could start bringing snacks to Sunday School. I little sugar in the system seems can help sometimes.
  5. Danzo

    Attending Church

    Personally, I can't get my kids to want to go home after church. I think the secret is the number of trees that can be easily climbed. I have always found climbing trees to be a wonderful cure to being bored.
  6. Danzo

    Attending Church

    Quite true. In our class, we started referencing D&C 132 where it talks about David's wives given to him. It made some people uncomfortable, but it made the class much more interesting 😀
  7. Danzo

    Attending Church

    The other way to entertain yourself is to ask mildly subversive questions. Nothing blatant or offensive, but things to expand the conversation a bit and make people think. For example, last week, talking about David and Bathsheba in Sunday school a question was asked about what David's other wives (plural) thought of the incident. It created some interesting and entertaining discussion.
  8. Danzo

    Attending Church

    Hang out it the hallway and socialize. It will probably be more fun.
  9. The complete support of the leaders you don't trust with your children.
  10. What will they do when when they suddenly turn 18 and they have to start dealing with adults without their parents to hold their hands? The danger of abuse doesn't stop when they turn 18. In my opinion, putting children in a bubble just makes it harder to cope when they become adults. Makes them more vulnerable to abuse. Much better to teach them and let them practice with controlled situations. If you think bishops are dangerous, wait till they go to college.
  11. This just sounds like extreme helicopter parenting to me. A bit creepy as well. It could seriously stunt their development. Mommy and daddy won't always be there. They have to grow up sometime.
  12. Danzo

    The Church Has Spoken on Immigration Policy

    I think you're reaching a bit.
  13. Danzo

    The Church Has Spoken on Immigration Policy

    The us did not restrict immigration at that time anyway. Restrictions on immigration didn't come later, I believe it was the Anti Chineese acts of the 1870s
  14. Danzo

    The Church Has Spoken on Immigration Policy

    is this more or less important than Mathew 25 verse 40?
  15. Danzo

    The Church Has Spoken on Immigration Policy

    Sometimes they feel they have no other option.