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  1. How does that work in practice? In our ward a person attends with a daughter that he was convicted of sexually abusing (several years ago, time has already been served) They moved in from another ward. Do we assign him a different bishop?
  2. Danzo

    Temple Sealing Changes

    Eighteen years ago, we exchanged rings in the temple.
  3. We have four children ages 9 to 16, so their are six of us. Each day of the week (Monday through Saturday) one of us leads a 15 minute discussion on some aspect from this weeks reading during family devotional time (usually at 5:45 AM before the teenagers go to seminary). The one leading the discussion uses scriptures from the reading assignment for the week supplemented with other scriptures as he or she is inspired. On Sunday we review and share what we got out church that day.
  4. Danzo


    We circumscribed one of our sons, but not the other (no money at the time). Neither son has complained. If I were to do it over, I probably wouldn't do it for the first one as it doesn't seem to accomplish anything useful, but I don't lose any sleep over it. Personally, I was circumscribed as an infant. I will never know if my sexual experience would have been better, if I hadn't had it done, but I am happy with what I have so I don't lose any sleep over it as well.
  5. Extra teachers for primary is a good problem to have. You can send them to our ward of you don't know what to do with them.
  6. And I thought that I would give some objective help from the the scriptures, to which it would seem that you think repentance isn't necessary, which was an entirely different question. If Bill were to demonstrate true repentance, we would probably need to see that he confesses his sin, and then forsakes it. Obviously, there could be a question as to whether his confession were sincere, or if he had truly forsaken the sins. These might be a bit subjective, but as far as I can tell, he has never made an attempt at either confession or to forsake his sin, therefore we can objectively say, at this point at least, that he has not repented (or even made any attempt).
  7. I thought that was assumed based on your question, was your question insincere?
  8. "By this ye may know if a man repenteth of his sins—behold, he will confess them and forsake them." With Bill Reel, I see neither confessing nor forsaking.
  9. Danzo

    David Bokovoy on Mormon Stories

    One of the things we need to be careful of is separating the causes from the traumatic experiences. Ever person I have talked to who has had suicidal thoughts base those thoughts on the traumatic experiences they have lived through. It would makes sense that Someone who is LDS would base their suicidal thoughts on their LDS beliefs and experiences, LGBT people based on theirs. I have listened to people who had suicidal thoughts base on their experience as an immigrant, experiences with abuse, substance abuse, loss of work loss of jobs, etc. The research I have read, however shows that these events in ones life are focal points, or triggers, but not the underlying causes. Most people who lose their jobs, experience abuse, are LDS, Are LBGT, or have other traumatic or stressful experiences do not commit suicide. People who are at risk often take these stressful events and magnify and amplify then to the point that they take over their lives.
  10. Danzo

    David Bokovoy on Mormon Stories

    The idea that decisions made by the LDS church contributes to suicide in a meaningful way does not reflect any research that I am aware of. It goes against the research that I am aware on the causes of suicide (Which mostly are a result of mental illness). That is what makes it a myth. A myth is a story told by people to explain some phenomenon without a factual basis. I am aware that there is some empirical evidence that LGBT have a higher incidence of Suicide when controlled for other factors, but I am unaware that being LDS creates any heightened risk. Believing in these myths are fine and all, but they can distract from addressing the real causes and and real prevention.
  11. Danzo

    David Bokovoy on Mormon Stories

    I think your comments precisely reflect a myth that is not supported by any mainstream research. It is quite common when someone close commits suicide to try and form a narrative to explain the death, so it is important to rely on sound research and not on anecdotal evidence if you want to have a real discussion of suicide and its prevention I would suggest starting with the following website https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/suicide/riskprotectivefactors.html Common risk factors are Family history of suicide Family history of child maltreatment Previous suicide attempt(s) History of mental disorders, particularly clinical depression History of alcohol and substance abuse Feelings of hopelessness Impulsive or aggressive tendencies Cultural and religious beliefs (e.g., belief that suicide is noble resolution of a personal dilemma) Local epidemics of suicide Isolation, a feeling of being cut off from other people Barriers to accessing mental health treatment Loss (relational, social, work, or financial) Physical illness Easy access to lethal methods Unwillingness to seek help because of the stigma attached to mental health and substance abuse disorders or to suicidal thoughts Ask you can see, being LDS doesn't seem to appear on the list. (Neither does being LGBTQ for that matter, although I have seen studies that link being LGTBQ to suicide)
  12. Danzo

    Vanilla discovery

    An African Swallow?
  13. Your OP mentioned tax exempt organizations If you want to specifically talk about religions, you should probably mention that in the OP. Tax law can be complex and it is easy to get the law wrong if we don't use the correct terms.
  14. I would also point out that an IRS revenue ruling is not the same as a treasury regulation. It is quite common for non profits to have lobbying expenses. A tax exempt organization is required to fill out schedule C of the form 990 if they engage in political activities. For example in 2017 the American Red Cross spent about 260,000 on political activities. https://www.redcross.org/content/dam/redcross/enterprise-assets/pdfs/FY-2017-Form-990.pdf Boy scouts of america spent 190,000 on lobbying https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/Form990_2016.pdf
  15. The IRS's ruling is limited to 501(c)(3) organizations. These are not the only tax exempt organizations.