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    served colorado denver mission 1986-1988 looking for other missionaries I knew

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  1. im looking for the best android app for daily scripture reading reminder. any good picks?
  2. Who was Pharaoh in book of Abraham

    Is it known who was the pharaoh in the book of Abraham?
  3. On BYU Radio I had heard that the coat of skins that Adam got from God in the Garden of Eden was passed down through the generations. So I was hoping that I could get LDS sources to tell me the true story.
  4. On the board is a stairway and on each step is Commandments and ordinances that brings us to closer to heaven at the end of the lesson the teacher has outlined The Plan of Salvation pretty good on the board. Then the teacher asks if anybody noticed something missing. He then draws a foundation at the bottom of the steps to show that none of this was possible if it wasn't for the grace of Christ and building upon the foundation.
  5. I want to know who is The Voice behind the audio version of Jesus the Christ that can be found on the LDS website
  6. Looking for art app with text tool

    I am looking for an app for Android that would allow me to add text to a picture. It's annoying that the apps I have won't let me cut copy and paste. I need to start at adding text to my pictures so that I could send them in my Twitter feed.
  7. Interview policy for 8 year olds

    Is there any policy in the handbooks prohibiting a parent from being present during a worthiness interview for the baptism of their 8 year old?