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  1. Is this a true academic piece or just somebody's lay opinion? Peer reviewed.?
  2. Bob Crockett

    How was two hour church?

    I found that a few members were asking me for separate treatment for their babies; RS room after church or in the home. I went along with it but it was quite apparent that the reason they didn't want it in a sacrament meeting is that some of them didn't want to attend an LDS meeting. Thereafter I simply followed the advisement. "Before the church" does not, in my view mean, "before the family some of whom may be church members." "Before the church" means to me that the entire congregation be available to witness it.
  3. Bob Crockett

    A course correction for the Maxwell Institute?

    As I have pointed out on this board in the past, BYU is prohibited as an employer from publicly discussing the circumstances of Dan's change in position unless (and there are some exceptions which don't apply here).
  4. Bob Crockett

    A course correction for the Maxwell Institute?

    Not sure I grasp what is being said.
  5. Bob Crockett

    Rumors of Changes to Temple Worship

    Given that the endowment presentation used to be handled in Brigham Young's office, it is likely an acceptable stripped-down version exists.
  6. Bob Crockett

    Once a Bishop. Always a Bishop.

    It may be a sign of disrespect to the current bishop. It is no big deal really, but I once saw a federal judge go off the rails when the attorneys referred to another attorney as "judge" because he had recently retired and returned to attorney practice. It is very unsettling to me to have somebody refer to me as "bishop" despite the fact that it has been decades and a lot has happened since then.
  7. Bob Crockett

    Once a Bishop. Always a Bishop.

    As it is not covered in any priesthood manual it is just a cultural thing. There's a guy in our ward who was a bishop three times when he lived in the Philippines. He moved to our ward and is a humble guy. Both he and his wife are CPAs. Nobody refers to him as "bishop." We should resist the impulse. I always try and correct members when they call me by my prior church office except, perhaps, the wife of a much higher-ranking church authority.
  8. Bob Crockett

    That Deadpool Poster

    Anderson was using fairly common Adventist imagery.
  9. As I have been the ultimate decisionmaker, I can say that nobody was telling me what to do. Having said that, I don't see any problem with commentary coming from without the local organization. When I was a teenager my uncle was a stake president and he held a court to excommunicate an apostle's sister. The apostle tried to intervene to stop or frustrate it and my uncle proceeded nonetheless. So there is nothing wrong with somebody from salt lake having some sort of commentary.
  10. I can only speak from experience. In one recent case in which I was involved, a person was involved in an anti-Mormon ministry at a local major evangelical church, and specifically targeted missionaries. This person was a member of our stake. The matter resolved before the DC was held, and it did not result in excommunication.
  11. That just isn't true that all outcomes are already decided. Having been through many of these councils, in my experience only a small portion results in excommunication even though that is always a remedy. Bill wanted this outcome. Why? Who knows.
  12. Bob Crockett

    Bill Reel Invited to Disciplinary Council

    Bill, you and I have had our differences. You have attempted to get me banned from the board over personal differences. But I would not wish what you are going through on anybody. Best wishes.
  13. Bob Crockett

    Disturbing New Statistics about Seminary

    I teach early morning seminary. It is almost useless as most of the kids come in with 10 minutes to go and they are largely there for fun and games. Stake seminary teachers are not supervised all that well and are easily forgotten. But, seminary is there to permit kids to have extended contact with an adult who has been successful in the church and has a testimony. Some nuggets of information might be retained and in fact is retained. I enjoy my time, even though it severely disrupts my time to go out for a run. I think it is a big help to most. I know that at least for me, it is a big help and anchor.
  14. Bob Crockett

    Here We Go Again

    And I don't see anything wrong that. When J. Reuben Clark was in power he sent gunboats to Nicaragua to oust the lawful government to protect US Oil. The US has lobbyists for Parliament. What is wrong with a foreign government trying to influence an election? Now, if the Russians used unlawful means, that is a different question. But what Congress defines as unlawful election tampering is just more of the same -- worship entrenched power.
  15. Bob Crockett

    Here We Go Again

    You are splitting hairs. The American people voted him in using constitutional principles to do so. Somewhere along the line the founding fathers determined that some votes would count more than others. Whereas I find such a principle obnoxious as a libertarian, it is a feature of republican government that in some cases some votes count more than others. I voted for Hilliary as I thought she would be the better president, but I had to hold my nose to do so. Until the electoral college is abandoned, Trump won with the vote of the American people. Today, it doesn't seem appropriate to condemn Trump for the qualities that brought him in.