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  1. I don't see this as controversial, asking members to do their civic duty. I'm a libertarian (small "l") who has lurched between membership in the Republican and Democratic parties my entire life. I am currently a Republican but I supported the Clintons. I think the membership of the church is leaning more to the left as years go on.
  2. As well: 1. Governor Ford breached his promise (as he admits in his biography) to provide protection to Joseph Smith at Carthage. He personally withdrew the state militia to make room for the Carthage Greys. Joseph Smith's basis for incarceration was "treason," a non-bailable offense. His treason? Using Nauvoo's chartered authority to quash subpoenas against him and in the ordering of the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor. Really? That justified state-sanctioned murder? 2. The Republican party sent out Evangelical ministers and supporters to masquerade as judges and public officials to confiscate the Church's property, while Democrats, Jews and Catholics complained. 3. The Republicans sponsored and passed legislation to disenfranchise LDS female voters. 4. In the early 1900s, the Republican-led Senate used the subpoena power of Congress to question LDS general authorities about their sexual relationships and the intimate details of the temple.
  3. "Proof-texting" is what the other guy does, the guy you think is a dolt. St. Paul was the biggest proof texter of all. Jesus second.
  4. Libertarianism is not "right wing." It is not "left wing." Many of my libertarian friends vote the Democratic ticket because it represents aspects of personal freedom that the Republican party does not promote. The essential credo of libertarianism is that no compulsion should exist for government policy. Many except national defense from that.
  5. I don't know how to respond to this post. So I shan't.
  6. Libertarianism is a system of government, not one of theology. The destruction of the press and excommunication was done in the name of religion, not compulsory government. I take that back; the destruction of the press was done by the City Council. Definitely not libertarian philosophy.
  7. How do you get "conservative" out of all of this? Thomas Jefferson considered himself a radical progressive. I realize that modern-day conservatives love to carry around and trumpet the constitution, but that doesn't make the constitution the foundation of modern conservatism as conservatism applies to other countries as well. A conservative is a person who does not want change and wants to hold on to his guns and wealth to oppress and threaten the poor. A conservative opposes abortion because he or she thinks it is Biblical murder. A liberal is one who wants change to confiscate (i.e., legal stealing) wealth from the rich. A liberal favors abortion as a means to engage in genocide against the poor minorities. I don't know what Jesus Christ was, but Joseph Smith was a libertarian. Freedom of religion, economic freedom and other freedoms like that.
  8. Communism is the collective ownership of property without title or claim. Marxism preaches atheism and control by the proletariat. Marxism and communism are not the same. Communism existed, as a term and idea, long before Marx. See Robert Owens (term), and to some extent Thomas More's Utopia (idea; communal living).
  9. His followers in Acts adopted pure communism as an economic policy, with death the remedy for not adhering.
  10. If you mean Wayment's translation, that sort of endorsement is pretty weak. I obtained "No Man Knows My History" from the BYU Bookstore. But, I do like Wayment's translation. I would not attempt to teach with it however.
  11. Sorenson's "distances" are rather absurd. The narrow neck of land is a day and a half wide for a Nephite, which Sorenson puts as an isthmus 200 miles wide filled with swamps and mountains. (My numbers are off a little, but you get the drift.)
  12. I too believe that Dr. Sorenson's work is seriously deficient to the point that it contradicts the Book of Mormon text and things Joseph Smiths said. And the premise for an LGT is suspect; if you can't find evidence of the Book of Mormon draw the boundaries so tight that nobody can. But, having said that, there is zero evidence for a "North American" setting. Joseph Smith plainly identified a hemispheric model, from Patagonia to Canada.
  13. It is very true that women are discriminated in the Church. They can't hold high callings, unlike the Community of Christ. They can't tell those with high callings what to do. They can't even hold lower administrative callings. That's apparent. I run a law firm where most of my lawyers are women. It just worked out that way. The most qualified candidates for my law firm just happened to be women. But, the discrimination we see in the Church is, at present, the Lord's discrimination .
  14. So we should be guided as to what doctor to use? What political philosophy to follow? As the APA defined homosexuality before the 1980s as aberrant behavior, should we expect the Church to speak up?
  15. When aversion or conversion therapy occurred at BYU: 1. Was the therapy consistent with the recommendations of the AMA or APA? 2. Were the participants consenting adults? 3. Were other institutions at the time conducting the same programs, and were they considered acceptable?
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