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  1. You conservatives (I consider myself one; Trump is not) condemn anonymous whistling blowers in the impeachment proceedings. I condemn accusations against Peterson withOut complaining witnesses!!
  2. Is it really true that these women are padlocked in their rooms? That’s wrong. What woman says that?
  3. And, further, Marshallese have unique travel rights in the U.S. The treaty permits them to come and go with ease, if they have a passport. No visas. About as liberal as Puerto Ricans except PRs don't need a passport. That is why I question the "smuggling" and coercion charges. I suppose one could smuggle a resident of Arizona into California and coerce her to stay in a seedy motel while she awaits her baby, but I don't see it.
  4. Other than commercial regulation which governs all contracts and criminal laws which govern relations, what? I mean, a woman can agree to murder her fetus largely with impunity. If that can be done, why not an adoption?
  5. What women have complained? I'll eat crow and admit defeat. But it isn't evidence for you to claim that there must be. I'm a lawyer. I don't necessarily respect malum prohibitum laws. I mean, I don't violate them or advocate that others do; on the other hand I may take a public stance against them. Restrictions on immigration is one particular area of law that I opposed. Trump's tariffs is another. Abortion is another. Capital punishment is another. Here, we have a case where families are precluded from forming due to the oppression of other licensed adoption agencies. No regulation is appropriate. If women are free to murder their fetuses without any kind of retribution, they ought to be encouraged by money to take them to full term. What better system would be to offer to pay a mother $40,000 for her baby? As long as she is not a drug user and the father consents, why not? Wealth is shifted to families who need it from families who don't, and the families who pay really really want the kids. And there is no "smuggling" of women, something I've heard said many times here. Unless, of course, the Marshall women lack passports. I haven't seen that.
  6. One insult after another. First my thoughts, now my profession. My position is simple. In this case there is more to the allegations than the allegations. I have heard adoption families talk about this case on Fox News. A criminal complaint or indictment relies upon the affidavit of a complaining witness. Or a grand jury investigation. The prosecution is required to disclose these names to the defendant. You say, "the prosecutor has probably asked them not to comment to the press." That isn't evidence.
  7. So, what women are complaining? What placement families are complaining? You've resorted to insults; I have no skin in the game at all. I could be wrong and am willing to admit it. The treaty restrictions don't mean anything to me. Malum prohibitum laws are merely examples of an oppressive government being goaded by other licensed adoption agencies to reduce compensation. Do you know that barbers and beauticians have to have licenses? Why? Adoption agencies are in the same boat. I sort of mumble on various topics, but I want to know what women have complained and what placement families have complained. Is there one you can identify?
  8. So, wire fraud is wrong . Falsely claiming benefits is wrong. These are not part of any adoption scenario. But, your statement "smuggle humans for this purpose"? Marshallians can come and go in the US without a Visa so long as they have a passport. They can work, live and apply for and receive benefits. They are almost Puerto Ricans. So, an adult Marshallian woman, with a passport, who can freely come and go in the US, is "smuggled?" Passports are so easy to obtain for Marshallians I can't believe these women are entering without a passport. Fully competent adult women are being threatened and coerced? If that were the case, we'd see a complaining victim. Not. There. We have several Marshallian adoptees in our stake. Seems a popular thing to do; cost-effective and every body's happy. Until an oppressive dictatorial government steps in to right something that is not wrong.
  9. And, so, this is evidence? An insult? There is no irrational need . There is an overwhelming need for international adoptions, and government steps in to thwart them. From what I can tell, Peterson does little more than to offer small amounts of money to impoverished mothers willing to have their children adopted into US homes. Seems a win win all around.
  10. No. A victim does not have to be a complainant. But it is very unlikely that a criminal matter will proceed without a willing victim to testify, particularly where the offense isn't rape, incest or sexual abuse. I'm interested in understanding how a government agency could pursue a scheme where consenting adults agree to a system where families in the end can be richly benefited. I'd have a far different opinion if there was a victim stepping forward to make claims.
  11. So nobody? Not a single woman is a complainant? What does that tell you?
  12. Is this really true? Colonial LeBaron was founded in the latter half of the 20th Century after the French Mission apostasy. The colony does not claim affiliation with Colonial Dublan or Colonial Juarez. I suppose that members from these two colonies might have traveled hundreds of miles to live in Colonial LeBaron which has no policy or religious descent from the Colonial Dublan or Juarez. But is there proof of that?
  13. I had a client involved with the LeBarons and these people in particular. They had conflicts with the cartels. Dangerous place to live.
  14. Here are my concerns: 1. Why don't we have transgender restrooms in the meetinghouses? 2. Why can't I park my motorcycle near the doors of the meetinghouses? There aren't designated spaces for motorcycles. 3. Why can't I get a free education for my child (or myself, for that matter) at BYU or BYU-I or BYU-H? 4. Can we please do on-line sacrament meetings? 5. Could you please, please institute a rule in Sunday School that if you've raised your hand to comment on the lesson, you'll have to wait another four weeks to comment? 6. Could you please, please institute rules to say that you can bear your testimony just once a year, and when you do, you can't brag about travel, your job, or what your kids are doing and if you do, the shepherd's crook comes out? 7. Can you eliminate from the endowment film places where nothing is being said, so as to shorten it? 8. Can you just convert every stake center to alternate temple usage? 9. I don't think it is a big deal to make women bishops. Then I can stay home and watch football and wait to be told what to do. I'd do it happily. 10. Can you please add to the recommend questions, "Do you make posts on the internet?" If the answer is yes, no recommend. Please please do that and get me off the internet. 11. Instead of tree-destroying weekly programs for wards (do we see that in stake conference? in general conference?) can you just use a projector to display announcements and the program on a wall? 12. Can the bishopric and relief society presidencies be permitted to wear sunglasses on the stand? They can sleep if they want. Can we as congregants wear sunglasses? Can you provide pews like there were in King Noah's day, where we can sort of lie down during meetings?
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