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  2. Elder Wells and Joseph Bishop have been deposed.
  3. It flashbacks me to her claim of razor blades in icing. "Other incidents ranged from allegedly lying about cancer treatments for money, forging prescriptions, and DUI. Police documents show the woman also claimed a restaurant put razor blades in the icing of a chocolate cake—only for police, doctors and psychologists to say she did it intentionally." https://fox13now.com/2018/03/21/family-of-former-lds-mission-president-accused-of-sexual-assault-responds-to-allegations/
  4. It's like they think "being self-reliant" and "living within your means" means being a cheapskate. Um, no. If you can't afford piano lessons, then you don't take them. It's a luxury - not a right or a need. I also get a lot of "Do you do sibling discounts?" It's actually not more convenient for me when I have back to back siblings because when they need make-ups or ask to reschedule, it's the entire family rescheduling and then there's the annoying arguing over who's going first. As if I'm not setting the timer until they figure it out! If I'm driving to their house, then that's somewhat more convenient, but if one cancels, they all cancel and if they decide to discontinue lessons the day they owe me money, I've lost even more than expected.
  5. And Denson has her own history of false accusations that make it hard to believe her: The razor blade incident is very damaging. https://fox13now.com/2018/03/21/family-of-former-lds-mission-president-accused-of-sexual-assault-responds-to-allegations/
  6. It is an hour long...time stamp for scientific evidence please.
  7. Yes, any decent steel was a luxury item - as it was in ancient Europe. A sword was very expensive - we are talking a year's earnings for most people. The Nephite and Lamanite leaders may have had steel swords, but those of the Lamanites may have been captured. The most common weapon was probably the atlatl, because of its killing power. Archaeology seems to confirm that. The bow and arrow was probably considered more of a hunting weapon than a weapon of war. So although iron was common, the amount of knowledge, skill and labor involved in making a sword made them an uncommon weapon. They would have been a weapon of last resort anyway once the atlatls and battle axes had been used.
  8. Mark Eubank use to be the weather man in Northern California when I was a kid. He actually made a visit to my grade school. Of course, later he moved to Utah and KSL.
  9. What is fun is when they stiff you on a job and then call up the next time there is a problem and they need help as if nothing has happened. I admit I have taken perverse pleasure in not helping them after that.
  10. If interested, there is scientific evidence for what I suggest: Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  11. You probably meant to say bow, and your point is well taken. However, it could also have lost its spring.
  12. What is it about some members who decide to live a communal life whenever they owe money? 😣
  13. This is an all time favorite for me of your posts. I’m essentially an agnostic secular humanist Mormon and I’m actively attending and sharing my experiences as authenticity as I can, but also recognizing that I need to describe my experiences to some extent in language that believers can also find value with. I’m also a believer in the sense that I have certain constructs that I feel are correct even though I never can have 100% certainty, so I also exercise faith in authorities that I believe have a stronger grasp of things than I do. There really are a lot of things in common between secular people and religious people in general. I too am fearful of tribal differences, and I find myself often in between categories and trying to build a bridge between differences and get people to look at things a little differently. I kind of think that is part of my calling in this life.
  14. Not true. At best it is a per-unit decision. I know of former members who sing in ward choirs. Stake choir is different, they can pull from the whole stake so they can be more selective. For a ward choir a policy like this would surly get pushback because almost every ward choir I've sung in the director will take all comers because they almost always need more voices.
  15. If you go on one with Dan Peterson, Brent Top, or Eric Huntsman, you will get the straight scoop, rather than the usual platitudes. http://www.cruiselady.com/tour-category/land-tours/ .
  16. I happened to be looking at Morris Murdock website. My wife is working out the details. http://www.mmetours.com/
  17. I would go something non-LDS personally but I figure you might like a tour that is LDS geared. There is a website called Cruise Lady, I saw this today on Mormon Discussions and was curious what it was all about and it looked like it might be right up your alley. http://www.cruiselady.com/tours/holy-land-tour-4/
  18. I know, I don't get it either. Could she have harmed herself? That would be total desperation. I wish she wasn't connected to NNN, he seems a little crazy and I smell something fishy, but can't put my finger on it. But in actuality, what if she isn't lying? If she hadn't recorded her and Bishop, I'd had been very skeptical of the whole thing, but she proved he did do something wrong. So it's possible and I shouldn't doubt her at all. I feel the whole lot of them are sick and tired of the sexual abuse cases stacking up that they are very serious about getting these to stop, but hurting herself, wow. Who knows, but I sure hope not. And if not, I sure hope she gets some back up for protection.
  19. Technically the OT "steel" = "bronze" isn't bronze in the modern sense but more akin to copper. If you read the OP it too isn't really bronze proper (copper + tin) but copper + arsenic. You get corrosion/patina with copper like that and rust would be a perfectly acceptable word to try and describe that effect even if it's not oxidized iron proper.
  20. Unsure. I ran a similar search and only found two police reports for her: one for the car fire this year and one for an undisclosed out of state arrest warrant last year. Admittedly, the drain cleaner in orange juice thing sounds like a bad film trope. And McKenna has always been paranoid about 'the church' trying to intimidate her. Remember the hot mic moment toward the end of her first press conference where she was asked about being visited by the strengthening church members committee (or something similar). You had to turn the volume up, but she said the church had been following her - to which her attorney reminded her (again, off mic) that they didn't know that. Plus, the church doesn't need to silence McKenna. Most of her case has already been thrown out, and, let's be honest - when given a platform, McKenna frequently turns out to be her own worst enemy. Hopefully, some rogue actor didn't take it upon themselves to involve themselves with this woman. She has serious problems and needs real help.
  21. My wife and I are looking into booking a tour of Israel and maybe Rome or Egypt. We really want to maximize the religious experience and insight we can gain from the tour. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  22. This is the huge problem with false accusations. No matter how uncommon, they make it harder to believe other accusations.
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