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  2. What worried me more were some of the streets covered in grease early in the morning. Very dangerous.
  3. No, I just viewed the recording of the news conference, and from that, I now have the same understanding as you.
  4. There are “Assembly Rooms” (with the pulpits in each end) in temples other than the Salt Lake Temple. I don’t recall just now whether any of the other so-called “pioneer temples” in Utah have them.
  5. It appears you are right. Maybe the meeting space in the CAB is not as commodious as I remembered it being.
  6. I just watched the news conference again. At the 32 minute: 50 second mark, Elder Wilson mentions that administrative meetings Church leaders currently hold in the Temple will then be held in “designated areas of the JSMB.” I assumed he was referring to the weekly meeting of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. But perhaps he is referring to some other meeting.
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  8. Holy cow you're a brave man. And I hope you wore nose plugs. I really like those Farmer John murals with pigs frolicking in heaven. (Seriously) https://www-vice-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/yv5agx/this-farmer-johns-slaughterhouse-mural-is-really-creepy?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vice.com%2Fen_us%2Farticle%2Fyv5agx%2Fthis-farmer-johns-slaughterhouse-mural-is-really-creepy
  9. Stickle if you must, but no one will enforce the rule. The mods know he is right. Sorry, it's a Mormon board and we have confirmation bias on our side.
  10. I did no such thing, CFR. I didn't mischaracterize Calm, CFR.
  11. I have never seen a President of the Church in the temple setting, but all members wear the same temple clothing with slight variations of pattern or material. There are no insignias of rank or office for bishops, stake presidents, etc. I assume there would be none for the prophet, nor would they serve any purpose.
  12. Seriously? You really aren't reading what she said. But feel free to mischaracterize her if it helps your data free narrative.
  13. I have been wondering where the First Presidency and Twelve will meet each week while the SLC Temple is undergoing renovation. There are other temples in the SL Valley, but that could be an inconvenience. Of course, they could simply meet in the LDS HQ bldg. Just wondering. ETA: I see that Okrahomer and Scott have already addressed that. Still, there are occasions when they feel they must meet under holier circumstances. What then?
  14. Oh for heaven's sakes. You read stories. Meanwhile, you ignore piles of statistics. There is a difference between glamorizing suicide and talking about it. Maybe you can read some stories about that on your non factual sites. Suicide is a serious problem amongst our youth. It deserves more scrutiny than a few stories.
  15. That’s true. Did I misunderstand that part of the news conference?
  16. Please note the comments of the non-LDS theologians whom I quote above.
  17. You sure you're not thinking of beautiful downtown Vernon? I used to work there.
  18. Maybe something like this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ericmack/2018/03/09/carbon-nanotube-membrane-breakthrough-is-real-world-star-trek-replicator-mattershift/#7618634a520f
  19. The relevance is quite clear to me. It is we who are in so-called “developed” nations and cultures who are apt to get nit picky about how much of our pay we are going to tithe. I think it is food for thought.
  20. As the late non-Mormon Professor Stephen Webb declared: Evangelical Professor Gerald R. McDermott similarly says:
  21. If this natural, please point me to the scientific laws that explain how it happens 😊
  22. I believe many accomplished historians will attest that there are few individuals with a more thorough and competent command of the history of the Church than Turley. And I think there is already a managing director of the department. The position of Church Historian and Recorder is an ecclesiastical one, not a bureaucratic one.
  23. How about he is right that we have that symbology in the temple (since any temple goer can vouch for that though others if they wanted a firsthand verification would have to use the immorally obtained temple ceremony films...which iirc you have respectfully declined to do), but he hasn't proven it is of more significance to our faith than the Cross and its symbology means to others? And I don't think he can. I have known a few temple goers who express boredom in participating in the endowment even while they do it because they recognize eternal significance for others in their actions. I don't see a 'requirement' for symbolic personal reflection, but an opportunity for it...an opportunity not everyone takes. If there are people in other faiths who take their rituals as opportunities, how can we claim ours is inherently of more symbolic importance in general? It may be for the individual, it may not. Thinking about it, he may be able to argue why we should view it as more significant without specifics on what it is based on how he sees it impact us. I would be interested to see if he is willing to do that. (Not saying I willagree with such conclusions, just that it could be an option for discussion) Now I do believe there is great nonsymbolic importance in the ceremony that is dependent on the individual accepting the sacrament/ordinance for themselves, but that is a matter of faith I cannot prove.
  24. This is fair. I actually agree with Greg Prince that eventually gay marriage in two generations with be normalized in the Church, especially if biological components are found. I think they changed it, because Trump won and victories for religious freedom have worked in their favor. They (Church Organization) don't have to have a pseudo doctrine/revelation as presedence, to help them if there was a legal challenge to the Church's way of doing things. I also think the leaders are very concerned about feelings and recognize it hurt people and caused many to leave The Path. I feel President Nelson is a fairly compassionate person.
  25. I the policy was a way for LTGB to continue to feel "othered" by the Church and lacking an anchor. I could see this especially true for teens who don't understand the context, or even the doctrine surrounding the policy. It was more of a, "you are not welcome here, and there is something different/wrong about you." I think the policy was more of a symbol to many than the actual legalish wording of the handbook.
  26. I’m going to be a stickler here. If he can’t answer the CFR, for whatever reason (temple or otherwise), then he must withdraw the claim.
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