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  2. It may be mostly personality, but I think a great deal is how my daughter experiences the world mostly through tech (due to her health issues). I share anxiety and a sense of responsibility towards others (I am probably much more developed in that, in fact, given my mother), but the crisis out there in the world feels tons more personal to her than it did to me at her age. I had much less direct exposure to those having the crisis/disaster as there might be interviews after the fact or short videos on some occasions of the trauma, but it was confined to a few minutes of TV a night and me reading one newspaper for another few minutes. Just the percentage of my life processing others' major disasters was much less than hers growing up.
  3. Does he identify the therapist in Utah that did this? Because those actions are already illegal and against professional ethical guidelines.
  4. Previously he stated this former missionary claimed he experienced it for himself, so the last question was answered. Depending on the person, there are some I would question like this to see how credible and others I knew who had proven to be trustworthy. Since Starkey says he knew him at work, that removes the internet troll possibility (unless Starkey is a troll, unlikely imo, but possible). I would have grilled him for details just out of curiosity though because I do that. I love details.
  5. The Savior did not have much trouble identifying and asking his followers to support their local government while still drawing a definite line between what they did and the gospel he taught. I think I understand your point, but it is a bit too far for me to go. However, I completely agree that I look forward to the day when our Savior will return and govern.
  6. I would like to know how he knows the alleged elder...I say alleged because if only through the internet and for just a few posts, it may not be an actual former missionary or even a member. edit: sees he provides the details, thank you...
  7. It is also a great way to get more information if interested in the subject which is the main reason why I use it.
  8. To others, longterm credibility is credibility. There have been longterm posters I view as noncredible due to their misrepresenting sources and making claims without supporting them, among other things. There are shortterm posters who are immediately credible in my view because they support with documentation their claims and important as well, quickly correct any error they make including overstatements without making a big thing about it. The reason why Bernard is credible is not because he is a longtime poster, but what he has posted over those years (consistent and backed up when he could)
  9. "Religion" in general is different than an individual's religion. There is variation between religions and denominations, sometimes extreme. If you isolated different religions, I bet many posters would be okay with changes of approach for some of the faiths. I for one would be happy if .I saw some changes by a certain segment of evangelical conservative politically active groups...don't know if they run in congregations or are scattered throughout.
  10. Paywall or inaccessible to those outside of Utah probably,
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  12. And the Church is right with him being against such therapies as he describes.... ripping quote off from other thread:
  13. You can see by my stats that I've been on this board for awhile, and I think that any changes have been for the better. For one thing, we don't have as many rude and crazy people. So you may have this board confused with some of the impolite and incivil blogs. To my mind, that is all to the good. I hope that you agree that we need ad hominems like we need a hole in the head. The very few who leave the LDS Church for "greener pastures" are welcome to leave, and I wish them well. I like our pluralistic and variegated society. That is a strength, not a weakness.
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  15. I doubt this info is available given the subject was often ignored plus much, much fewer were identifying as "gay" or "out" even in terms of experiencing same sex attraction (which includes those who identify as homosexual or bisexual and those who don't) though it would be interesting. Rates for LGBTs have been going up since the 1990s I read last night somewhere, but don't know if that has been adjusted for the increase in suicides in general...which would be very important to do, imo, to draw any conclusion.
  16. But you can apparently force me to tell a 17 year old LGBT youth there is nothing I can do to help them if they want to integrate in their faith community, remain abstinent, or change pornography viewing behavior.
  17. Seeing if friends or family have it, will post as soon as I get it so check if I can save you a trip.
  18. You cannot force a doctor to give an abortion. Yes, I know there are hysterics about how it is coming but I am not convinced.
  19. This guy is an idiot. He uploaded underage p0rn to Skype? Under the username "timhallows"? And incriminated himself while trying to be vague? And claims he will fail a polygraph because he took pictures of youth in other settings? He is just trying to get convicted. And yuck, I hope nothing actually happened to any kids and he is just a creep but no way of knowing yet. Glad they denied bail and rightly saw him as a flight risk.
  20. I know this is old but I missed it. I have been in wards and branches where there is no other class to combine with so I am glad there is another option.
  21. No doubt that being gay AND going through conversion therapy ought to be a pretty traumatic experience. If I had a gay child I would object like crazy. Lots of gay people in the world, I learned when I was a bishop. They don't deserve any extra stress.
  22. Telling her the local ward of the Church isn't the Church probably isn't enough clarification to help her understand why a local ward of the Church is not the Church. Especially when considering how her local ward of the Church really is the Church at her local level. The Church, world-wide, is not Church headquarters alone, but every local level of the Church is just as much the Church or a part of the Church at the Church world-wide leadership level. BYU, on the other hand, should more correctly be referred to as affiliated with the Church, a kind of friend to and of the Church, rather than part of the Church, itself.
  23. If this is accurate (can't check the sources at this time), it ceased in 1983...not partiticularly recent.
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