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  2. I wouldn't hold my breath. It's harder to retract a revelation if God actually said it.
  3. I just have never been able to put together his big picture. So there were all these ethnicities in upstate NY? Possible, ok The events in the BOM happened in SE Asia? Possible, ok Which is it or something else? Is there a webpage that presents the big picture of the overall theory that I have missed? Sorry to be so far behind where others seem to be...
  4. Funnily enough I did this on my mission. I was obviously respectful and didn't allow myself to get to distracted, but I did have a little crush on one particular sister missionary. Even funnier is that one year later that sister missionary became my wife! The one year difference really doesn't affect the attraction at all haha
  5. I agree with this! It doesn't have to be "Thus saith the Lord" it could be "The Lord spoke and said 'I am displeased with the work of etc. etc..." or "I, the Lord, will send John Smith on a mission to Arizona to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ." Something mundane and unflowery is fine for me..but it's been awhile since I've heard the Lord speak in first person to the congregation of the church. I believe it was 82% of the doctrine of covenants that are first person and I hope maybe to hear that again in my lifetime!
  6. The problem with that approach is it leaves us with nothing to believe at all.
  7. That reminds me of Brigham Young's commentary on D&C 38:27. In essence, we don't become His by first unifying. Instead, we are first made His through the common experience of revelation, and that makes us one.
  8. That's all we've been offered for a century. The word of man promising us that they received the word of God. It sure would be nice if God would use his own words again.
  9. I would expect the language to be suited to today. For me the key element of revelation is it's the word of the Lord. God's words. God speaking. We haven't heard a single example to the Church in a century. What we get told today is revelation are the words of men. Hopefully sometimes inspired words, sometimes an explanation of inspired impressions or feelings. What we don't get is God's actual words anymore. But I would expect him to speak the language of the receiver.
  10. But back to SettingDogStar's original question, God is so eager to speak to us that He will do it in any way that we might accept it. If he has to use emojis, so be it. 😇 And given the Facsimilies of Abraham, I've always been hoping for new revelations in graphic novel form.
  11. Of course OD2 isn't itself a revelation. It's a declaration that a revelation was received:
  12. That's a better clarification. I meant a revelation that would be read and canonized into the D&C. While I considered that a revelation was received, I don't consider OD2 to actually be that revelation but an announcement that it had been received. Something like Section 76, 107, 84, or 132.
  13. Today
  14. I think you mean canonized revelation. Revelation comes all the time but the revelation typically is to do something and whatever that is is announced, not always how it is received. If you want how a canonized revelation is worded Check out OD2
  15. Beautiful! Love it! Thanks for posting the article.
  16. If new revelation came how would you expect it to sound? The BoM and D&C were heavily couched in a KJV style wording and are very beautiful, is that the standard though or just the wording filtered through the minds of that generation? Would it bother you if another revelation was brought forth that maybe sounded a bit clunkier, or is that an immediate red flag for you? I've heard it said that the KJV wording is "the langauge of revelation" but I'm not sure that's doctrine. Does it really need to have certain phrases, wording, or "flow" to qualify as Gods word or can it just be much more plain. When a so called prophet, from Snuffer to the TLC, jumps ship and produces revelation I've seen the criticism that their revelations use to many different words that just don't "match the way God speaks." While I might agree that these men aren't necessarily prophets, is using the wording of their revelations really a good criticism or does God really care how it's worded? (Obviously he wants it to actually communicate what He said, but Joseph felt free apparently to arrange his revelations into poetic format and didn't feel that that was an offence since it communicated the same principles.) Just curious on your thoughts! Edit: Duncan pointed out that I should clarify more since revelation is received pretty often, just not canonized or even quoted. I meant a revelation that would be read and canonized into the D&C. While I considered that a revelation was received, I don't consider OD2 to actually be that revelation but an announcement of it. Something like Section 76, 107, 84, or 132.
  17. I probably shouldn't have posted links, since how do I know how true they are, nor do we know everything in the bible to be true.
  18. Glad to see this. Meaningful work, not just PR.
  19. You will be able to edit and start threads at 25 posts
  20. Garner Ted Armstrong strikes again (even though he passed away in 2003).
  21. Sorry, I don't know how to edit. Anyway, after the worthiness talks that he heard, he became convinced that he was unworthy. I'm sure this was the darkest time in my life, and my mother died when I was a kid. Seeing our children suffer is so hard to bare. My wife would wake up and cry before she even got out of bed,. All he wanted to do was get back out there. I don't blame the mission home content. He must have had OCD before he left and it just took the stress of a mission to bring it out. I was in the bishopric and I interviewed him. He felt unworthy because he had kissed a girl a few times as a freshman in college. He would keep bringing it up and I would say stuff like, "I kissed your mom and we were married in the temple." After I did some studying on it, i realized that doing this was about the same thing as handing a compulsive hand washer a bar of soap. It really hurt my faith. I couldn't come up with a reason why the Lord wouldn't help a boy who had lived his whole life so he would be worthy to serve the Him. After a year, he went back out but it was nip and tuck . It settled down after he had been out for a year, but at times he was so close to coming home. When our phone rang it felt like i got hit by a cattle prod. He is not active today and is bitter about having gone through it, although he served two years, worked hard and learned a foreign language. I thing the stigma about this in the Church as faded and the leadership has had a lot to do with this. But even now, when I think of those days, it feels like looking into a dark pit. Anyway, if you read all of this, thanks. It wasn't really squarely on topic.
  22. No, my impression was that he was happy, but I can barely recall hearing about it now, in my old age.
  23. I agree, and dearly wish that the Brethren had held to the teachings of Brother Joseph, thus making 1978 unnecessary.
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