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  2. At this point I don’t know what to say to you. I’ve offered you my on-the-ground, firsthand perspective as a former Church News staffer, one who was even offered the job to continue production of the almanac but who declined because the remuneration that was budgeted for it was not enough to make it worth my while. Thereafter, publication was suspended, not because Church leaders ordered it, but because the parent publication, the Deseret News, could not expend the resources needed to keep it in operation. You can continue your conspiracy theory if you like, but it is clear at this point that you are laboring under misguided assumptions, including the supposition that the statistical report would appear in the April Ensign issue, not the May issue, as it has done going back many years. It has never been published prior to general conference as it would have to be if it were published in the April issue, as the April issue routinely comes out in latter March.
  3. This is why I moved back to take care of mom, youngest of 3 sons, mom had me waaay late in life and she's getting up there. Doesn't help she's not from here and not a stellar driver herself. Helps my older brothers can throw money at her but unlike me they're not as mobile so here I am. This is also why we're probably moving here in a few years, CO is so crowded nowadays and the people moving in are well, kinda rotten. From what I hear, Utah is getting the same, sad. Happy the family in Hawaii has it together, even though there's new construction I kinda doubt it will end up like it is out here, your average mainlander can't make it out there, esp. with kids.
  4. Maybe it only get's applied to one country because only one country actually has the term "of America" as a part of its official name?
  5. Pres. Hinckley never said you couldn't, which was my point. He wasn't making a false distinction, you are just misunderstanding what he was saying. Whether or not you like or agree with the answer does mean it wasn't answered. I think that's also where you are getting hung up. I disagree (and your analogy doesn't make your point, from my perspective). Perhaps on this issue it's time to agree to disagree. I'm not sure what you are saying exactly. It sounds like you are saying "I don't agree with Hinckley so there is no reason that LDS shouldn't be using the Cross as a symbol too." If that is what you are saying, then that's fine, we all have our opinions, but it is just an opinion and I don't find it convincing or relevant to my views as a member. If you are saying something else, I'm going to need you to clarify because I'm missing the point, sorry. Yes, it definitely could, but we choose not to. It is a part of the story, just not the part that we choose to focus on. We choose to focus on the living Christ more than the crucified Christ. We understand that the crucified and dying Christ are very much a HUGE part of our theology and doctrine, but we still choose to focus on the resurrected Christ. We understand that a symbol doesn't have to represent the whole faith in order to be used, yet we still choose not to use the symbol of the cross in our worship. I understand your argument, I just don't find it convincing or relevant to Hinckley's point or our beliefs as members of the church. We see things differently and I'm o.k. with that.
  6. Precisely. How does one know anything, right? What do these questions tell you about the strength of you faith? Are you saying that feelings that are easily manipulated by the group are somehow superior? You are simply following the group and defining your feelings as an answer to something because that is what the group tells you is an answer. You read the book of mormon and are directed to believe by the group that the feelings you got after being in the company of nice people were from God. How do you know you weren't simply being manipulated by a religious system? How do you know you aren't being manipulated now? I would take a public visitation over feelings any day. Also, a real God wouldn't command that his children worship him. That seems like something an untrustworthy dictator would do. I don't think he would demand tangible time and money in exchange for nebulous future-world promises. He would certainly give us a better way to find out the truth other than easily manipulated feelings. He also would probably be fine with whatever order his leaders left the room or how they sat in a meeting, etc. My guess is that he wouldn't care if his church members stood or not when one of his precious leaders entered the room. I don't think God would care about such things. Now, you may ask how do I know these things? Good question. How is my knowing any better than yours? Well, shouldn't we determine the answer to this question prior to trying to convince the world that we have something when we really don't know anything? Taking the widdow's mite demands more.
  7. Christians aren't the only ones with claim on the Cross, as an idea and concept it goes back thousands of years. The idea of the Sun Wheel (Sonnenrad) easily predates Christianity, a symbol of the ever eternal cyclical nature of existence. If you get into the study of Guido von List, you'll delve into the study of the Germanics during the migration period, when the Vedas and the Eddas. I've always liked the sunwheel, while I like the Northern European take on the cross, the crucifix always made me throw up a little inside, I get the symbolism but still, eww.... If I want to see someone hanging from a piece of wood I'll defer to Odin the Allfather hanging himself on the world tree for the Runes of power, which he freely gave to all men. Oh, here's a real good one (Saved the best for last). Like this one about as much as the sunwheel, the Rose Croix. Rose Croix https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_Cross
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  9. It's interesting to watch some latter day saints here using the arguments to the o/p that we aren't near the end, there isn't a finite number of spirits assigned to this earth, and things will continue as they always have. I feel much better reading posts from those who are using the correct gospel principle of wise stewardship to address the o/p question of man made extinction.
  10. It is really very simple. The calling of Church Historian and Recorder is to keep the records of the Church. That's it, that's all. To ensure what is happening is being recorded for posterity so there can be a record worthy of acceptance. Any idea of it being a position of academia or scholarship simply misunderstands the calling. If they are maintaining the records and ensuring new events are added they are doing their duty. Arrington being a professional historian who wrote on Church History is an exception, not a requirement for the calling.
  11. Is an lds member who buys decorative merchandise from Deseret Book to hang on their walls more righteous than one who does not? We are so subconsciously driven in so many ways. Or at least, I am. Just wondering why we still intend on chopping the end off the roast.
  12. To emphasize life is not to deny death, any more than to emphasize death does not deny life. It simply places more of a focus on the one or the other--not entirely unlike focusing more on the rose doesn't deny the thorns, or vice versa. To each their own. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  13. All I know is my best friend loves chorizo. He tried to get me to eat some, and I almost did until I read the two main ingredients. YIkes. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  14. There you go. There's a whole lot right there in that piece.
  15. So a public appearance by God would be sufficient. Public so there would be other witnesses to verify what happened? How would you know it was God? Would you question what you witnessed? Would you tell others about your experience? How would they know you are telling the truth?
  16. Not what I asked. If Church leadership wanted continued publication of the almanac, it has the resources and authority to make it happen. Do you disagree? You can make the argument that Church leadership never cared. That the Church News division of DN was the group that wanted it and so they made the unilateral decision to seek out the data from the church and publish the almanac. To me, that seems like an odd level of both separation and coordination: Church News operating independently enough to be making their own decisions about the publication of detailed data on church membership. Meanwhile, Church leaders who apparently don’t care if it’s published are providing access to all of the data needed to create the almanac.
  17. God appearing on TV or some public place. We are always required to "trust" that some questionable person saw God in secret. Wait a minute ..... I just saw God and he said Mormonism is a waste of time .... do you believe me? I have a good feeling about it. Maybe if I can get enough people to believe in my "revelation" it will become true for my group, for the world? If anyone disagrees it is religious persecution and my little group can then rally together based on the perceived opposition.
  18. Hmmm, I'll just suggest that the boundaries of the categories you mentioned aren't quite as neat and tidy as your statement implies.
  19. The Church leadership does not micromanage the Deseret News to the extent you apparently think it does.
  20. So is your position that Church leadership wanted the Almanac to be published but DN made the decision to cease publication or not allocate sufficient funding?
  21. That’s a bit simplistic of a rendition. The Deseret News is a commercial property owned by the Church, one of a number of such properties, but the Church itself is not a commercial entity. More to the point, your supposition regarding why publication of the almanac was suspended is rather off the mark.
  22. Yes, it was published by the Deseret News which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Church.
  23. What would be acceptable as actual proof?
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