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  2. The Changing of the Guard; how did it go in your meeting?

    President is a high priest former young men’s president. 1 counselor elder former elders quorum president. 2 counselor is a high priest former 2nd high priest group assistant.
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  4. By that same reasoning how could modern medicine ever be needed if people of other faiths receive healing without it? Priesthood power is one tool in the tool box.
  5. The unraveling for now is that I never said that God gets credit for everything yet you continually respond as though I have. You are welcome to be here. It's a discussion board so things get discussed. People can respond to me and I can respond to them. Me responding to you is not the same as saying that you can't state how you feel. A lot of people come from your angle. That's nothing new to me. All I'm saying is that you seem to expect that eventually at some point some "TBM" (not my favorite term) may possibly present some intellectual argument for the Church that is so convincing that maybe then you will finally believe but that nobody seems to have done so yet. But I'm saying that that is not how God has set up the system. It's not set up so that your belief will come because some other less-than-perfect mortal uses all their powers of persuasion to finally spur belief to dawn upon you. If someone here mentions that some loved one of theirs was healed by a priesthood blessing we all pretty much already know that someone else can just as easily come along and say, "Well, maybe they would have just been healed anyways!" At least nobody here should be surprised by that occurring.
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  7. Did the family say that the blessing said he would live?
  8. I respect your thoughts on this and am mindful of other stories ...I guess after all is said and done...even at the end of this thread, we will never know the real reasons and why fores.
  9. Whoa...there are these kinds of miracles that are tended my angels!!
  10. church-owned businesses pay tithing?

    I do not understand this question. Do any businesses pay a tithe to the Church? I always thought tithes were expected of members of the Church as part of our covenants with God. A business is simply a legal entity, hence not a member of the Church, hence not obligated to tithe. Am I missing something? Thanks, -Smac
  11. Church Statement on Medical Marijuana

    A church acquaintance of mine who tends to be very libertarian politically (and thereby frequently annoys some of the more conservative members of his ward) used to be pro-legalization of MJ. Now that Washington state made it legal he's not so sure. His business is landscaping, and he has had difficulties finding employees who won't come to work stoned on the stuff. Not all his employees of course, but it happens enough that he really has his doubts now about the practicality of the new law. I was one of those who voted to legalize it in Washington, as was my wife. And a few other LDS of our acquaintance (including the aforementioned). I am living in the UK now, but before I came here I didn't see any significant problems in Washington from legalized pot. And it avoids having law enforcement waste resources trying to enforce the unenforceable.
  12. India Temple

    I may be wrong, but in the past there was probably a location picked out and a rough time frame, so the idea of "announcing" a temple came with a kind of plan for building it that would assure the members that it was going to happen within the near future. The announcements for Russia and India seem to be more along the lines of "we'd like to build a Temple somewhere, but we don't know where or when." It will take some adjustment, just as the building of the Temples in Hong Kong and New York city (where they are part of high-rise complexes) required us to adjust what, exactly a "Temple" was supposed to look like. And the time frame between announcing the Temple and building can be years, decades, or (in the case of the Missouri sites) centuries.
  13. India Temple

    You think it doesn't? There was an interesting story from my mission that one of my companions told me. Previous to serving with me in Wuppertal, Germany, he had been assigned to another city in our mission. The branch president (or bishop, I don't recall exactly) was an ordinary working stiff in post-war Germany who didn't own a car (the German economy even in the early 70's made it difficult for many to own a car). He was advised by the Mission President to buy a car. He thought that he couldn't really afford one, but in the end decided to sustain his church leader, and went ahead with the purchase of a vehicle that he was worried he could not really afford. It worked out well in the end because his experience in budgeting for tithing enabled him to find a way to budget for the car. In addition, he decided to go back to school, taking night courses, to improve his job performance, so he could better afford the car. The improvements were noted by his employer, and he began getting promotions. In a year or so he was advised by the same mission president to upgrade to a better car, so he bought a Mercedes. The effort that this entailed led to further improvement in his situation, and by the time they created a stake in his area he had become an executive in his company and could definitely afford the car. His improving leadership skills also led to his being called to be the bishop in his ward. This was not my companion's observation, but what the man himself told about his life. Just think, paying tithing ended this one man's poverty -- not by some magic, but by the effort needed to organize himself to be able to pay it. But of course, you certainly wouldn't attribute that to tithing. Have you ever heard of the concept of "unintended consequences"? Well, that should encourage you, actually. Just think, when it doesn't occur you can then feel all the schadenfreude you clearly wish to.
  14. church-owned businesses pay tithing?

    As a sole-proprietorship business owner, I pay tithing on the money that I take out for personal use.
  15. India Temple

    I think that is a fine idea! I'm pretty sure there will be a temple in Mecca after the Millenium kicks in.
  16. I'm sorry for what this family went through, and, by extension, what you went through, but I'm hesitant to accept your gloss on this without knowing more of the details, what promises might have been made, and so on. If the sort of promise you imply was made was actually made, the failure of that promise to come to pass means that ... God is in charge, and the faithful know that already. See also: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2010/04/healing-the-sick?lang=eng.
  17. I've bolded the part of your question where its own answer is contained, Marginal Gains. You're welcome. Glad I could help.
  18. We got a new Eqp today. He is an elder and was my home teachee. One of the counselors is a high priest and I don't know who the third is
  19. You’re right, that should not have been possible. Wow.
  20. ? There’s not a scratch on him...
  21. Ugh..I hope he will be okay..Keep us posted. My prayers for quick recovery and no infection issues...
  22. My little brother, who is probably 10 times the better man than I, with two kids and a wife, was cutting wood yesteday. He was a good 2 miles from the truck, and then a good 30 miles from the nearest hospital. No cell signal. The chainsaw kicked back on him into his leg. Google “chainsaw leg injuries” to see how catastrophic they are. He said he could feel the weight on his leg as the chain was running, and he just knew he was in huge trouble—there would be a good chance he’d bleed out if the right artery was cut. This is the picture he texted me last night: I’ve had chainsaws kick back on me, and I was only saved because I was wearing chaps. This isn’t possible. Call it extremely lucky, but it’s more than that for me and my family.
  23. We are all just guessing but I don't see God physically around and I don't think you have him over for dinner (I think all know what I mean so no need to claim he is in our hearts, etc.). So, given we are out of his presence, it seems to me that we are well out of the sandbox and on to more adult type pursuits. There is no need to remain infantilized, longing for a parent to tell us what to do.
  24. May Issue of Ensign is available on lds.org! https://www.lds.org/ensign/2018/05?lang=eng Yes, it includes towards the end of the issue, outlines of what is to be taught in: First Sunday of RS & Priesthood https://www.lds.org/ensign/2018/05/come-follow-me-for-elders-quorum-and-relief-society/first-sunday-council-meetings?lang=eng Second & Third https://www.lds.org/ensign/2018/05/come-follow-me-for-elders-quorum-and-relief-society/second-and-third-sunday-meetings?lang=eng and Fourth https://www.lds.org/ensign/2018/05/come-follow-me-for-elders-quorum-and-relief-society/fourth-sunday-meetings?lang=eng
  25. The Changing of the Guard; how did it go in your meeting?

    Meh. To quote my granddaughter ... What EVER !
  26. How can the Priesthood be a factor when people of other faiths receive healing without it?
  27. Many years ago...I was still in my late teens, a little boy in our ward was going in for his 2nd heart surgery. It was a wonderful surprised to this family that President Benson was in the hospital at this time..in a chance visit with someone else. The father of this child met him and this little boy got a blessing from the prophet..Quiet..no chaos..and more faith in this family that could shake stick at. He died. So ...no matter what anyone says about the priesthood to me...it is just blank page.
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