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  2. Big Bang not the Beginning

    Math is God's language.
  3. Big Bang not the Beginning

    That which is not forbidden is compulsory. OK, not a great argument but at least one we can't dismiss out of hand.
  4. The Church is growing so fast...

    The 90s Book of Mormon Institute manual dropped, iirc, to about a fourth of the size. I gave mine (I had donated it to our ward library, but no one checked it out) to a guy that was just disgusted with the newer one and happened to see my copy when visiting our ward and begged it off of me. By then I was using online stuff (which was why it was in the ward library) more, so I passed it on. If we are talking about including Institute manuals for polygamy, I can check the one used prior to the Church History in the Fullness of Times (used in 70s and 80s). Let me know.
  5. Big Bang not the Beginning

    The only evidence for the multiverse is that it is mathematically possible. There are some people who will believe anything, if only the math supports it somehow.
  6. Ah ha! I guess I have something to learn about the board software. On the other hand, it won't let me update my profile, beyond changing my avatar.
  7. Big Bang not the Beginning

    He's a physicist, but so too is Physics Guy. So your reply is a bit odd. I'm not sure he has that fantastic of credentials. He seems primarily known due to his blogging not his papers. He's a professor at Lewis & Clark College which isn't exactly great in the reputation for theoretical physics. If he was at Berkeley, Harvard, UT Austin or some place like that I think you'd have more of a point. Not that it matters in this case since he's just explaining fairly well known things. But pointing to credentialism can be as problematic as ad hominem. For more fun get at Woit or Motl's posts on the subjects. Again, not true just because they say it, but at least they have some credential respect.
  8. I would hope for this also, I so wanted to visit when my husband and I went to Nauvoo one year, but it wasn't in the cards.
  9. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    I only like extra spicy ginger beer these days. For everything else, sugar overwhelms all other flavors and the 'burn' which is why I like pop in the first place is only strong enough for the first gulp or two drinking out of the can/bottle. I can't abide the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. It is as bad as salad dressing instead of mayonnaise in recipes. Every now and then I get one I think works and then a few seconds later, it's yech, yech, yech.
  10. A Prophet of God

    Funny. Because I have. Elder Rasband gave an excellent talk on the matter last conference
  11. If the Church bought the Kirtland Temple

    I think the CoC has pretty well abandoned Joseph Smith. They are just another Protestant church at this point. If we were to buy the Kirkland Temple keep it just as a museum of early Church History.
  12. A Prophet of God

    What? Stop trying to sound fancy. First, the "modern" guys do not at all resemble the biblical examples. They were very transparent about the epistemological nature of their spiritual experiences. Specifics about what they experienced, when, where, and how. Second, you don't have a clue what Christ would or wouldn't do. You've got a 38th hand perspective on what some completely unknown party thinks. One thing I've never understood is how the bible can a treated as so errant and yet literal at the same time.
  13. Big Bang not the Beginning

    I allow for a multiverse. I just don't have a clue as to how it would work.
  14. CNN article on Mormon dating issues

    Uhhh....no. I think they mean more like people looking for explicit hook-ups or that are creepers. Tinder is full of them. There's still a range of mormon on the app. But I've never gotten people who've posted inappropriate pics or something, for example. Online app dating can be like picking through the trash pile.
  15. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

  16. Big Bang not the Beginning

    No, he's a trained cosmologist with more credentials likely than any here (even myself). Ad hominem rejection, while it has its place, is foolish here. Moreover, he argues as you do, that inflation solves many problems and has observational evidence. It is me who thinks the paradigm is insufficient and entereing territory where a more complete understanding of the univere's composition will be necessary.
  17. I was hearing on the radio that there are people considering vacationing in the Carribean soecifically to help these people. Some to actually come physically help. Others coming to spend money there to help the economy. My brother lives in FL. He was helping with Helping Hands from the church. After tearing down the drywall, throwing out all her furniture one woman broke down and cried because she just couldn't handle giving up the table that was her parents. My brother offered to fix the table and refinished is it for her. She hugged him and cried again. He has been doing that as a hobby/side job so it was a blessing to have him working in that group "coincidentally" when he was supposed to be in another group.
  18. The Church is growing so fast...

    Apparently archive.org actually has scans of many old priesthood manuals from the 70's and 80's. I've not successfully been able to download one yet though. Still trying.
  19. While I'm certainly less reactionary to the opinion piece, I do get why people could have some serious problems with it. I have problems with it. For one, this article and articles like it have this tendency to airbrush history. The problems of these eras get an honorable mention while the positives are over glorified. They remind me of fluffy historical romances, where some person is transported to some more "chivalrous" time, finds the one man who's chivalry also allowed her some leeway and recognized personhood, and brushes over the disease factors, maternal death rate, and the inherent dangers of that era. The image that's being painted in essence is part fantasy. The airbrushing also proscribes this as a practical fix-all to all social woahs of our time. This to me is an oversimplification of the problems facing today. It also doesn't go over the inherent weaknesses of the cultural system it is suggesting. And there are problems. For example, staying married "for the kids" can lead to maintaining dysfunctional family systems for the sake of an image. It also means that a lot of familial problems are driven underground or left unacknowledged as problems in the first place. I am not saying that the world they're painting wouldn't be nice or have positive results. 2-parent households of an equitable partnership are great for raising children. Waiting till marriage to have said kids is also particularly helpful. But there are problems and the culture that overly promotes this can end up leaving those problems at times poorly addressed. The way that it suggests promoting said culture also means that anyone who doesn't fit that mold gets the shaft. I have found myself feeling particularly bad for my clients who were raised in areas with this "bourgeois" culture (or upper-middle mormon utah culture to be exact) but didn't fit it themselves. The contrast could lead to weird complexes, exacerbating some of their problems to an extreme that didn't need to be there. Even for myself this bourgeois culture had its difficulties. Though having a "bourgeois" culture in my later teens gave space for healing and realizing there was a different possibility out there for me....it also left me feeling extremely different and unrelatable to those around me for years. I sometimes still feel that way. Their final suggestion means that a large chunk of the american experience and peoples would suddenly feel alienated or find little connection to the stories found in media, arts, and other avenues of expression. Because they weren't leave-it-to-beaver enough. That leads me to my last problem. Most families and households simply can't rewind to a 1950's family structure and approach to living. It's just not possible. Even if all the single-parent households married, that wouldn't lead to a 2-parent household...it would lead to a blended family with more parents and possibly children to work into the structure. You can't un-have kids, undo time, and revert to an era that simply doesn't belong in this one. Not even the church can promote its ideal in the same way it did in the 50's/60's....because doing so can alienate people from the gospel. I've watched it happen before. I've felt it in my own life. Our message is finding ways to be more inclusive or to better acknowledge that many won't fit a mold. This article doesn't give the possibility. What it proscribes to me feels like crippling homogeneity. A world that I simply can't fit into....even though I plan to have that 2 parent household, kids conceived in marriage, got the education for my current employment, don't do drugs etc. But some of it I don't want to fit. I have seen several of these values taken to an extreme that doesn't allow for much civil disobedience, acknowledging severe fault in leaders, inability to critique or critically look into situations/ideas, suppress creativity and innovation, find value outside the box, etc. The world she paints is not the LDS lifestyle I currently live. It fits a specific type of LDS lifestyle...one bred more out of culture than doctrine. With luv, BD
  20. Big Bang not the Beginning

    All excellent points. Plus, for doubters, the only issues with the big bang really come very, very early on. But even by 1 second the universe is so radically different so as to make the places where decades ago there were debates kind of moot. Tons of evidence for the big bang with, as you note, just nuance that was debated about. The multiverse really has zero evidence for it despite claims popping up at times. I vaguely recall several PBS documentaries claiming there was weak evidence for it but I think that was misrepresenting what constitutes evidence. That said, I think there is a certain elegance to the multiverse even ignoring the Mormon theological need for such a thing. Ignoring theology, it would seem rather odd if this universe was all there was.
  21. Regional Priesthood Leadership Conference

    Good point, but priesthood quorums are not auxiliaries.
  22. BYU Caffeine is APPROVED - Breaking news!

    Yep, artificial sweeteners do that. Fortunately I have a severe medical condition that seems to offset much of that potential weight gain. After acclimation, one actually finds sugar pop too … saccharine (ironic use of word noted ☺.
  23. Baptism - Doctrinal Evolution

    Yeah baptism in the 19th century Utah period is particularly interesting as it parallels much closer the Jewish mikvah rather than my perceptions of Protestant baptism. I don't know if anyone has done comparisons with other movements in the US. I suspect it was more widespread than just Mormons. However I found it fascinating when I first learned about it. The other thing I find interesting is how the line between anointing and washing blurs both in the ANE but even in early America. When you stop and think about the semiotics it makes a lot of sense why the meanings would shift and flow like that. Still I find it pretty fascinating. That said, despite that semiotic drift as different associations ebb and flow, the key meanings have remained fairly stable over time. (For obvious reasons given the fixed texts of the NT, D&C, and BoM)
  24. From his original comment: "or an elder's quorum president"
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