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  2. This is likely answered elsewhere, but from what I've read here, I would imagine that since maintaining relationships is a common denominator between families, job, and children, that if one has relationship anxiety and turns to some other means as a quick fix, that it only gets worse.
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  4. The irony in the comparison is that even if these hearsays against John are all true, the documented claims against Joseph are still worse. This is why I encourage people like Calm and Juliann and anyone else to examine an organisation based on the standards of its founder. The reality of a person using power and influence to exploit others and deceive is damning indeed. Once seen, the nature of good and evil, even God perhaps, might be better understood. This is one reason honest and open dealings are so important. People are never perfect, and if we depend upon the assumption that a person can act with God's authority, and that person will never be permitted to mislead, then we will tend to deify that person's sins, and that helps noone.
  5. I remember sitting around the campfire telling stories about events in our lives. After a while it became obvious to me that some of the stories were of other peoples experiences and not of the individual speaking. I even found myself telling of an event that happened to a person that had told me about it, as if it had happened to me personally. Some of the stories were true, others were REALLY true , if you know what I mean.
  6. Kinda like MormonLeaks. What? Oh. Sorry. Don't mind me. Carry on! P.S.: And I freaking swear ... I'm gonna punch the next person who says anything about punching anybody in the face, in the face.
  7. Triplicate?
  8. Duncan's a meatatarian.
  9. Another duplicate.
  10. Duplicate.
  11. As I've expressed multiple times on this board, if people have experienced in the Church what I've experienced and then they walk away from it, they're either a) really stupid or b) evil. I sincerely don't believe that most people are that stupid, and I sincerely hope that most people aren't that evil, so I have to assume they simply haven't experienced what I've experienced. That's my way of assuming the best.
  12. Let me be clear...as though I'm being too subtle. Christians, today, are the possessed swine Jesus cast away. They possess no moral high ground no matter how hard they try. They are as much the very sin they wish to castigate. This may, illogically speaking, be a bandwagon fallacy but the empirical evidence is clear.
  13. Yes. We have two children who left the Church, Temple marriages, their own children and estranged their parents and siblings due to the effects of pornography. They rely on the BYU and similar studies to prove they are not addicts. Another "proof" is that when they left the Church, their pornography use went way down. They have now replaced it with another obsession, attacking the Church, Church history and Church leaders. Speaking with them is toxic. They constantly take offense at innocuous comments. They are paranoid. Does religiosity heighten the awareness that pornography is a sin? Probably. Does the religious taboo increase activity? Possibly. My point would be that, addiction or not, pornography destroys relationships, faith, self esteem and testimony. It chases away the Holy Ghost. We watched their homes, relationships, faith and jobs crumble to nothing. One can't hold down a job or relationship. The other, a college grad, just lost his job. I think it's a mistake to minimize the many effects of pornography on those who view it, and those who love them.
  14. There is no sanctity in any of this. There's no sanctity in anything "Christianism" followers do. Where religion is concerned there is only self aggrandizement, narcissism and arrogance.
  15. It will be what people make it to be, it will all depend on who is there. According to Joseph, not nice people. When I watch the Good Place TV show it makes me think of the telestial
  16. So he changed the narrative to make it sound more true and believable? How did that make you feel? Did you feel you could trust what the guy said? Did you walk away from his organization wanting nothing to do with it? I think it is important for all people on both sides of this story to realize that people react differently and evaluate credibility differently.
  17. Probably written by McConkie and Fielding Smith, neither endorsed evolution or thought much of using science to understand the creative periods (even though the periods sort of line up by scientific standards). See Sagan's Dragons of Eden (great read)
  18. Peaked in numbers, maybe (births will continue and keep it just above death rates). I do think it has peaked in influence, no Olympics or Mitt Romney. Once you leave heavily Mormon areas, the Church has very, very little influence on anything and is a speck of a church. For most people it is a little afterthought.
  19. So, to rephrase, you may pray about it and feel good about it or like it, but regardless of how you feel or think, the only acceptable path is to follow the prophet and other leaders. Your only out is for God to remove them, otherwise, you are accountable to whether you obey. And if indeed a leader seems to be straying, your job is to follow and obey until God removes them, right?
  20. Thanks, that sounds pretty close to what I mean. I think the membership should be privy to councils on doctrine and policy. The law of common consent should involve actual consent and choice. Imagine if church membership could learn from the apostles how to council in righteousness by seeing how they council in righteousness, and how and why policies come about and doctrines revealed.
  21. It was probably a licensing agency. Most states use non-profit licensing agencies to handle paperwork and training of foster parents. They also do inspections. Many of them have religious affiliations like Baptist or general Christian. Some are picky about who they accept in for services. Luckily there are lots of organizations to choose from. When I looked into a Baptist one (their training schedule worked better for me), they told me they didn't think I would be a good fit, and mentioned that it might go against "temple teachings." They said that is all they know, I have a feeling it has to do with affiliating with an organization with contrary teaching (recommend question). No big deal, find a different group. They are fairly competitive since they get their funding based on getting people to sign up.
  22. Why then does the Bible dictionary say: "Latter-day revelation teaches..." It's latter-day revelation, but at the same time not an official endorsement? So I take it you agree that no death before the fall is pure nonsense?
  23. So how then are humans killing each other around 10,000 B.C., when the Fall occurred around 4,000 B.C., but before the fall there was no death? Let the mental gymnastics begin...
  24. What if you merely *hope* they're wrong, for personal and/or team gain? The same methods apply. It can be one means of circling the wagons. In other words, "If you make us question a few things, we're gonna see what happens when you doubt everything." That said, I can't pretend to be a mindreader. I honestly don't know *why* some people do the things they do...especially when some of the most perplexing people decline to explain.
  25. Maybe there was a period of time when there was no death on the earth preceding the fall. And that this period of no death was preceded by a time in which there was death. My theory is that there was death on the earth during the long six-period creation process and was transformed into a paradisiacal state when completed.
  26. The thing is, if Dehlin's ideologies aligned with what you wanted and/or believed, then you probably wouldn't make such jokey comments or have a desire to punch him in the face in the first place. BTW, I won't hold my breath, I doubt you have ever been in a real fight or actually punched someone (which is a good thing). 😀
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