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  2. until they are 18 and can decide for themselves
  3. Innocent kids just have to wait until they are old enough to act on their own as adults without being subject to "gay parents". The delay is just one of the consequences for having "gay parents".
  4. He was clearly wrong in some of his views. He believed a lot of bad things, and acted according to his bad beliefs. But maybe, just maybe, Hitler may someday discover that his bad beliefs were bad, and want to repent from acting on bad beliefs, and accept good beliefs instead of his bad/false/evil beliefs. So that God may bless him with as much good stuff as God us able to give. I hope so, and believe it is possible with God's help.
  5. So Hitler qualifies for God's blessings of baptism...but not innocent kids with gay parents? You just proved my point...
  6. Maybe this has been answered, and I missed it, but . . . How do we (any of us) know that temple work done for Jews wasn't done by authentic LDS descendants of their ancestors? It seems to me that people are losing their minds about the mere thought of work done for Jews/Holocaust victims, without considering whether the work was legitimately done (in the Church's eyes). I'm not even sure how we could even determine that, one way or another. When do these rounds of leaks date from? It is not physically possible (now, and for quite some time now) to print out and do the work for anyone but one's own ancestors. I know, because my kids and my wife and I try to get and do as many ancestors as possible, and it can be really tough panning for gold. If we got seized by the "let's do Holocaust victims!" fever, we wouldn't be able to do it. So my question is: just who is it who is doing it? Or, again, is this really, really, really old news?
  7. Do you agree that Hitler needs to accept all of the ordinances offered in the temple to be able to receive all of the blessings God is able to give him, if God so desires in his grace to bless him that much? Or are you just a wee bit miffed that someone who did as much evil as Hitler did might somehow qualify for God's grace and all of his blessings? Not that Hitler will necessarily accept all of God's grace and help but I do believe God is the ultimate good person who desires to bless everybody with as much good as they will accept.
  8. Because Hitler can get baptized by mistake or intentionally; however, innocent kids with gay parents are not allowed baptism. I have several Jewish friends, so I really don't need to explain why this is exactly embarrassing do I? Or I think you get my point...
  9. According to Teachings of Presidents of the Church - Joseph Smith, page 573 - "Gods, those who are exalted will be, 52, 221–22, 481, 531" Grand Council - According to Joseph Smith, this was the place where “in the beginning, the head of the Gods called a council of the Gods; and they came together and concocted a plan to create the world and people it” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 349). Jim
  10. I understand you request for a time date for the altar but what I do not understand is that is how if the temple of the NHM site was used previous to Lehi's arrival, why that's a problem for showeing the altar being used at the time Lehi and company arrived.
  11. Aren't you assuming that they traveled every single day?
  12. This is just "fake" news, right? Sounds way too familiar for some reason...
  13. AS mentioned above, this is not a leak but very old news. A Trib journalist investigated the Hitler ordinance submission, and discovered that the submitter gave a fake name. It was such ordinances that caused the church to tighten down the security protocols to go thru familysearch for submissions. Other submissions included fictional characters such as Mickey Mouse. Eventually several individuals were denied permission to submit names because of abuse.. This was clearly an an attempt to embarrass the church.
  14. What I find disheartening about this is: - Hitler can get baptized somehow in the temple, get his endowments, get sealed to his wife and parents (by mistake or not). - An innocent kid with gay parents is not allowed to be baptized because of something way outside of his/her control. - And then some people say we shouldn't judge and everybody is entitled to forgiveness...but this is Hitler we are talking about! - No workers in the temple had the idea to protest or question the name "Adolf Hitler died 1945 in Berlin, Germany?" Plus, if he was sealed to his wife, wouldn't that mean that a man and woman were proxy for "Adolf Hitler" and "Eva Braun?" This is a huge embarrassment to the church -- nobody in the temple could catch this, if it was a mistake?! - If it wasn't a mistake, then how do you justify Hitler being worthy of baptism, endowments and eternal marriage?
  15. If you wish to make that your point of focus, go ahead. My point is that if Hitler's temple work was done after 1991 then that isn't or would not be a violation of what the Church said it would not do, as long as the work was done by one of Hitler's relatives. And that I am not embarrassed that it was done. And the same goes for whoever has their temple work done. I am not embarrassed by any of it.
  16. Some people have a talent of making some amazing noises with their mouth. Perhaps he simulated the rustling of leaves. He does have a tongue and mouth you know. I think we on the precipice of something really really big, here.
  17. My earlier post answered this question and includes a link to the article where it's discussed. An individual member Got in trouble for baptizing Holocaust victims. The church removed the person's ability to access their genealogical records permanently. There have probably been more than just that person. When it comes to the church's attention they seem to take it seriously.
  18. I proposed this test, but have not done it myself. I just make a note that, to my knowledge, it is the only theory that is testable.
  19. So is this thread an example of Goodwin's Law in reverse?
  20. No one has answered if the leaks show the baptisms continued after the leaders agreed to stop. Those may be old records (the leaks). That's what needs to be looked at here.
  21. Today
  22. No, not liars. There was a change made in regards to who could submit the preparatory records, from anyone in the Church to only the people's descendents. Only those who don't correctly understand what the Church actually said should be embarrassed.
  23. This is a good point and your theory is possible, and this is why critical thinking and scholarship are so important. We shouldn't just assume that Joseph is thinking about theological constructs years before they are made explicit unless we can find evidence for this happening. I would agree with you that earlier ideas might later evolve into more concrete and explicit practices, but this doesn't presuppose some kind of conscious intent on Joseph's part, I think this is how many things naturally happen for each of us. I also wouldn't want to rule out the possibility that your explanation could explain some of what we see Joseph doing, I just also see a lot of other examples where he's contradicting earlier teachings and personally I see Joseph's theology all over the place on many topics, he seems to me to be extracting ideas from his experiences and environment and incorporating those ideas in a very haphazard way. You make some other good points about the Bible and Hebrews, it would be interesting to see someone explore these concepts further. Thanks for the conversation!
  24. Are you seriously calling the church a liar Jeanne? You're accusing the church of purposefully deceiving people?
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